Authentications and

Simulations Workshops

November 6-8, 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada

Workshop Program

November 6 (Monday):

  • Dating Methods

Gerry LaPorte/USSS

November 7 (Tuesday morning):

  • The ABFDE Proficiency Pilot Test Program

Derek Hammond, ABFDE V.P.

November 8 (Wednesday morning):

 Autoforgery

Christine T. Cusack

Jan Seaman Kelly

November 8 (Tues./Wed. afternoons):

  • Making Your Own Duplicate Rubber Stamp

Jan Seaman Kelly

Registration Information

ABFDE Diplomates

$375 per person . Registration for workshop only.

Workshop and Daubert Seminar: $500 total cost.
***Savings of $325!!******

Non-Diplomates: $425 for workshop only

Workshop and Daubert Seminar: $575 total registration cost. ***Savings of $295!!***

Registration due by September 25th ($425 after Sept. 25, 2006)

Class size is limited to 70.

Check payable, in U.S. funds, to “ABFDE” or government voucher must accompany registration form.

Registration forms (see below) and payments should be mailed to:

Jan Seaman Kelly

c/o LVMPD Forensic Laboratory

5605 West Badura Ave. Ste. 120 B

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Phone:(702) 229-3963

Fax:(702) 259-0082


Cancellation Refund Policy

4 - weeks notice100%

2-4 weeks notice50%

2 weeks or less25%

*Substitutions must be approved.

Hotel Information

Hotel registration and transportation charges are the responsibility of the registrant.

The Orleans Hotel & Casino

4500 W. Tropicana Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Reservations: 1-800-675-3267

*Reservations must be made…

Mon-Fri 7AM-11PM Pacific Time or

Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM Pacific Time.

When making reservations you must identify yourself as an attendee of the ABFDE Seminar.

Room Rates: $60 Sun-Thur/ $110 Fri-Sat/night

**ABFDE reserves the right to cancel the workshop, with full refund, if there are an insufficient number of registrants.

**The workshop is open to ABFDE diplomates; members of ASQDE, SWAFDE, SAFDE, AAFS (QD-section), CSFS, MAAFS, and MAFS; Requests from applicants not meeting the listed requirements above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

**Late registrations made after October 15, 2006: Registrants

may not receive practical packets or workshop materials

until after the workshop (December 2006).

ABFDE QD Workshop

*Price does not include meals.

Workshop Description

Monday, November 6, 2006

The Authentication of Documents

Presented by Gerry LaPorte, United States Secret Service, Forensic Services Division

The objective of this workshop is to provide forensic document examiners (FDE) with an intensive overview of the various methods that can be used to authenticate and date questioned documents. The FDE will be exposed to a gamut of lecture material, adjudicated case examples, and practical exercises. A series of practical problems will be provided to all registrants prior to the workshop and fully discussed during the session. The material covered will include discussions and/or practical exercises pertaining to the following:

  1. Different techniques used in writing ink analysis including static (e.g. comparison with a library of standards, identification of chemical tags) and dynamic (e.g. analyzing components of the ink that change over time) methods;
  2. Limitations regarding ink examinations using a Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) when making conclusions regarding altered and/or obliterated entries;
  3. Sequence of strokes;
  4. The examination of paper including watermarks and the presence/absence of materials introduced after a certain date and;
  5. The feasibility of dating inkjet and color toner documents based on static methods.

Tuesday morning, November 7, 2006

The ABFDE Proficiency Pilot Test

Presented by: Derek Hammond, ABFDE Vice President

ABFDE Vice President Derek Hammond will discuss the pilot testing ABFDE is conducting to determine the viability of a voluntary skill assessment testing program that is under consideration. Mr. Hammond will provide attendees with a summary of the first pilot test administered by the ABFDE in June. The presentation will include illustrations of the subject matter from the initial study to include a detailed description of the test’s design, structure and possible limitations. In addition, each registered attendee will be provided with a newly designed pilot study in advance of the workshop. Attendees will not be asked to return any answers but will be encouraged during the workshop to comment on the test. During the workshop Mr. Hammond will release the known answers and provide a detailed description of the test’s design, structure and possible limitations. Feedback received from the first pilot study will also be discussed.

Wednesday morning, November 8, 2006


Presented by Christine T. Cusack, Private Practice, Boston, MA

Jan Seaman Kelly, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Laboratory

What is autoforgery? Does it exist and if so what are its characteristics? Does autoforgery significantly differ from disguised signatures and if so, in what ways? This workshop will delve into these questions and provide findings from ongoing research. Practical problems mailed to each registrant prior to the workshop will be discussed during this session.

Tuesday and Wednesday (afternoon sessions), November 8, 2006

Duplicate Stamps: The Manufacturing Process

Presented by Jan Seaman Kelly, LVMPD Forensic Laboratory

The significance of an impression produced by a duplicate stamp in an examination is the focus of this workshop. The manufacturing process and the characteristics observed in the impression produced by a duplicate stamp will be discussed. Registrants will have the opportunity of making a flat die stamp from an impression he/she submits (prior to the workshop; must be submitted by September 25, 2006)





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**** In addition to your workshop practical problems, please bring a magnifier to the workshop. Microscopes will not be available.****

ABFDE QD Workshop