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May 2014

Included in this Bulletin:

  • Children Centre Brought Forward
  • New Budget Code for Children Centre Return

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Children’s Centre – Brought Forward Balances

Bulletin 200 advises schools to post the brought forward balances to budget code CCBF. This is incorrect.

The correct budget accounts are;

Grant brought forwardCC1GBF

Locally Generated brought forwardCC1OBF

Please note that this is updated advice. Apologies.

Children’s Centre – New Code

This year Children Centres will receive an additional one off grant payment. The income is for this year only and should be spent in this financial year on the core elements of running a children centre.

The additional grant line will be shown in the children centre return on its own under budget CC1ADD with a description of CC1 Additional one off payment.

To set the new budget up in RM Finance


In RM Finance > Records > Budget Accounts > New record

Budget AccountCC1ADD

DescriptionCC1 Additional One Off Grant

Budget HeadingXYI16 CC1

Budget GroupCC

Click on Ok

An example of budget accounts for the Children’s Centre is shown on the final page of this bulletin

The budget accounts and budget headings must be set up in exactly the same way

Posting the Operational Fee

When you post the operational fee you should post the income to the school as follows;

Income to I01 700205CCOPFEE

You should post the other side of the operational fee as

Income Adjust/Correct to I16 720725

to each of the budget accounts that make up the operational fee


Line ManagementCC1LIN


HR SupportCC1HRS

Payroll CostsCC1PAY

Staff insuranceCC1SIN

Financial servicesCC1FIN

IT SupportCC1ITS

The operational fee transactions in RM Finance can then be reconciled in the bank, the total will come to zero.

Processing the transactions in this way will ensure the following:-

  • The Children’s Centre Return will look correct.
  • The LMSFR3 will look as if the Children’s Centre Grant is reduced by the operational fee.
  • I01 will be increased by the operational fee

The CC Return Form 2013 2014 has been created with input from the Children Centre Team.

It must not have any other columns or lines added to it.

For system related queries please contact Financial Services for Schools.

For policy related queries please refer to the Budget Preparation for Children Centres.