IS 201
Computer Applications, Online Course

Semester: Fall 2011

Instructor: Cathy Valdez

Office: HTC 131

Office Hours: Tues. 9-11, Wed. 9-11, Thurs. 9-10

Phone: 775-753-2288

E-mail: catherinev(a)

Credits: 3

Instructor accepts email, phone calls, or appointments. I will return e-mails within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Textbook: New Perspectives on Microsoft® Office 2010, First Course, 1st Edition


Internet Assignments:

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Vital Questions

What if I am absent? / The due dates are absolute. If you are gone, you need to make sure the assignments are in on time.
Can I turn in late assignments? / Yes. Each week an assignment is late, its worth drops 5 points. Since most assignments are worth 20 points, this means after 3 weeks late, the assignment won't be worth enough to bother turning in. The late assignment is graded and the result reduced the 5, 10 or 15 points. Any last, late assignments must be turned in no later than Dec. 7.
Where are the tests? / The traditional class tests are replaced with projects. The midterm is replaced by two projects worked on by a small group of students. The final project will be an individual effort.
When are assignments due? / Assignments are always due on the day specified in the class calendar. Since in an online class, assignments can be turned in any hour of the day or night, it is necessary to have a time due. Messages placed inside WebCampus and containing assignments can have a time stamp of 11:59:59 pm. as long as the date is the due date. A message containing a time stamp of 00:00:01 and a date showing the next day will be considered late. The moral of this is finish up the assignment and send it during the day it is due.
Can I do extra credit to improve my grade? / Yes, if your average is below a C and if you have turned in all assignments. It does no good to do extra credit if you are not turning in regular assignments.
How do I get help with my work? / Do not expect much help from the lab aides. This is too advanced a subject for them to know. Come in and see the instructor, is the best. Communicate with the instructor through e-mail, and telephone calls. Talk to other students, form study groups.
When can I see my composite grade? / Periodically, about three times a semester, I will figure average grades and show them to the class.
What software is covered in this class? / You must have access to MS Office 2010, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access to take this class. The easiest way is to have the software on your home computer. Be aware that only MS Office 2010 Professional includes MS Access. Check your MS Office 2007 to be sure yours includes MS Access. If you don't have Access, you can go to one of GBC's computer labs and use theirs.
What should I know as I begin this class? / This is a beginning course. No prior knowledge is expected. You need to have good skills working with files and folders. You will need to quickly learn how to deal with an online class.

Course Description:
Computer Applications teaches the most popular, integrated software used in the business world. Microsoft Office contains the tools most needed in business. There will be extensive hands-on activities. Keyboarding skills are a definite help during the class. The software used will be MS Office 2010.
Catalog Description:
IS 201 Computer Applications (3) An introduction to the most commonly used microcomputer business software with emphasis on operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentation software, and software integration. Substantial hands-on work provides practical experience using this software. Recommended co requisite: IS 101 (if working toward a COT degree). (Formerly COT 203, Microcomputers in Business).

Course Outcomes:
At the end of the course, each student should be able to:
1. Use Word to produce letters, reports, etc.. /a,b
2. Use Power Point to produce presentations. /a,b
3. Use Excel to build spreadsheets and charts. /a,b
4. Use Access to build and search databases and producereports. /a,b
5. Integrate data between the different office software. /a,b
These goals will be measured using a combination of:

a. Turn in completed documents, workbooks, databases and slide shows solving business-oriented problems.
b. Take hands-on subject tests.

Student Evaluations:
The four course tests may be composed of multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank or short answer questions, but are mainly hands-on problems. Each test will be graded on a points system.
This is a full semester class requiring considerable time spent on the computer each and every of the 15 weeks. If you are not prepared to work this schedule, do not continue with this class.
Instructional Methods:
The class will be taught using explanations and demonstrations from lessons, videos, discussions and the textbook. Following this, assignments will be given using these new commands and concepts.

The assignments will consist of exercises from the instructor, from the Internet and the textbook. Each assignment will be graded on a points system. The assignments have very definite due dates and times.
Each student must complete his/her assignments, individually. If two or more students turn in the same hard copy assignment or collaborate on a test, punitive measures as described in the Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University Community will be enforced. See the General Catalog, P. 115, Section 6.3.

Cumulative grades will be determined as follows:
100-98 A+
97-93 A
92-90 A- Worth:
89-88 B+ Assignments: 80%
87-83 B Tests: 20%
82-80 B-
79-78 C+
77-73 C
72-70 C-
69-68 D+
67-63 D
62-60 D-
<60 F
A. Cumulative grades will use + and -.
B. Some times, and for very good reasons, a student is not able to finish a class, and needs to withdraw from the class.
1. Through week 12:
a. A grade of W (withdrawn) will be recorded for anyone who formally withdraws by meeting with the instructor and
filling out a withdraw form.
b. A grade of F will be recorded for anyone who simply does not come to class any more.
c. It is important to realize that for any one withdrawing from the class, the difference between earning an F and a
W on the official class recording is the process of meeting with the instructor.
2. After week 12:
a. Anyone withdrawing will receive a grade based on all semester assignments, including those missed.
C. Extra credit may be earned if your grade is currently a D or below.
D. Before doing anything regarding this class, please consult with me. It is my job to assist you in making class decisions.
During the class, your completed work may be displayed for the benefit of the entire class. If this bothers you, please notify me during the first week of class.
ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Great Basin College is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to qualified students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. A qualified student must furnish current verification of disability. The Director of Services for Students with Disabilities will assist qualified students with disabilities in securing the appropriate and reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids and services. For more information or further assistance, please call (775) 753-2271.

Study Tips:
Be prepared to spend the time needed on the computer. Do not allow yourself to get behind. If something is not understood, ask for help. Use the text book as a resource.

Schedule for IS 201 Online, Fall , 2011

Week Starting / Reading for this week / Assignments Due on This Tuesday by Midnight
Week 1 / Manage Your Files
Getting Started with MS Office 2007
Word Tutorial 1
Week 2 / Word Tutorial 2 / Word1
Week 3 / Word Tutorial 3 / Word2
Week 4 / Word Tutorial 4 / Word3
Week 5 / Excel Tutorial 1 / Word4
Word Test
Week 6 / Excel Tutorial 2 / Excel1
Week 7 / Excel Tutorial 3 / Excel2
Week 8 / Excel Tutorial 4 / Excel3
Week 9 / Powerpoint tutorial 1 / Excel4
Excel Test
Week 10 / Powerpoint tutorial 2 / Powerpoint1
Week 11 / Powerpoint2
Week 12 / Access tutorial 1 / Powerpoint Test
Student Presentation
Week 13 / Access tutorial 2 / Access1
Week 14 / Access tutorial 3 / Access2
Week 15 / Access tutorial 4 / Access3
Week 16 / Access4
Access Test