CI 563: Teacher As ResearcherName: Whitney

Group Task: Lead Class DiscussionMcManus

Worksheet/Scoring Guide

Summer 2010

This worksheet is to be completed by each individual in the group and uploaded to the wiki no later than 5 pm on the day after the group’s discussion.

Group members: Whitney, Doug, Sylvie, Rudy and Emily

Reading that discussion is based on: Chapter 6

Plan for equitable distribution of responsibilities across group members (who is doing what when?)


  • Intro/summary of chapter--> Whitney
  • Group division and distribution of numbers-->Rudy
  • Words with no context discussion leader-->Emily (both times)
  • Scenario 1 background: Doug
  • Scenario 1 actors: Doug and Whitney
  • Discussion of emotions/actions/consequences: Silvy
  • Observing/reporting of discussions of scenario 1: Rudy
  • Words with no context discussion leader-->Emily
  • Scenario 2 actors: Silvy and Rudy (no background necessary----it will be included in a brief monologue)
  • Discussion of emotions/actions/consequences: Doug
  • Observing/reporting of discussions of scenario 2: Whitney
  • Concluding: Emily

Materials needed:

  • Number cards 1-20--Doug
  • PFLAG poster:------Silvy
  • List of words for both scenarios---Emily
  • Worksheet/handout------Whitney
  • Props(?)------Rudy

Describe your role in the planning and implementation of the group task: I offered many ideas during our group brainstorming sessions; I gave input on what issues within the chapter we should focus on for the “role play” segment, and what terms within the chapter would be best to prompt thought and discussion during the presentation. I also wrote the chapter summary and made the group handout.

Dimension / Description / Comments / Points
GROUP RESPONSIBILITIES / Articulated a work plan / *
Prepared an informative handout and uploaded it to wiki / 5
Actively engaged the class in a discussion that invited class members to join / 5
Kept within the 40-minute timeframe / *
INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES / Contributed in a meaningful way to both the planning and implementation of the group discussion task / 5
TOTAL / 15

*The presence of these characteristics do not earn any point value; the absence of them detracts from the overall points