Examples of framing that could be used in a training seminar or workshop.

Framing is in the eye of the beholder. Review the following labels used to describe the same


One Frame / Alternative Frame
Blaming others / Fixing responsibility
Kissing up / Developing working relationships
Apple polishing / Demonstrating loyalty
Passing the buck / Delegating authority
Covering your rear / Documenting decisions
Creating conflict / Encouraging change and innovation
Forming coalitions / Facilitating teamwork
Whistleblowing / Improving efficiency
Scheming / Planning ahead
Overachieving / Competent and capable
Ambitious / Careerminded
Opportunistic / Astute
Cunning / Practicalminded
Arrogant/Conceited / Confident
Perfectionist / Attentive to detail
Stubborn / Firm in convictions; tenacious; committed
Difficulty / Opportunity; challenge
Minimum wage / Living wage
Spendthrift / Generous
Aggressive / Assertive
Career / Passion
Job / Calling
Surrender / Compromise
Politicking / Networking; Building alliances
Obstinate / Strong willed
T.G.I.F.—time to party / T.G.I.F.—can work two days without
Soft-headed / Kind
Opinionated / Well-informed
Manipulate / Influence
Afraid / Cautious; prudent
Pet / Family member
Debate / Partisan bickering
Manipulate / Orchestrate
Minority / Extremist; radical
Person who exaggerates / Alarmist
Truth / Propaganda
Perceptive / Opportunist
“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns.” / I am thankful thorns have roses.” -- Alphonese Karr (19th Century French author)
Transition / Change
Politically incorrect
--crazy; a nut job
--trailer park
--sex change
--white trash
--man’s job/woman’s work / Politically correct
--homeless person
--mental illness
--mobile home community
--gender re-assignment
--pathologically high-spirited
--economically disadvantaged area
--domestic engineer
--losers of European descent
--traditional gender work role
Lower our expectations / Be more realistic
Stanley Tookie Williams: innocent victim and man of peace who authored children’s books discouraging youngsters from joining gangs who was wrongly executed December 13, 2005 / Stanley Tookie Williams: death-row con artist and cofounder of the bloody Crips gang who was justly executed December 13, 2005
Wal-Mart: Greedy villain / Wal-Mart: Shopper’s best friend
Baby Boomers: often viewed as a problem to be dealt with (Tortorici, 2005)** / Baby Boomers: viewed as a great opportunity to be leveraged (Tortorici, 2005)
Losing season / Rebuilding year
Used jewelry / Estate jewelry
Transitional neighborhood / Slum
Gambling industry / Gaming industry
Craft messages; Wordsmithing: Framing / Spinning; Damage control
Consistent / Inflexible; Dogmatic
Special people / Individuals with impeded abilities
Drug; medicine / Medication
Prison / Rehabilitative correctional facility
Deaf / Hearing impaired
Spirits / Liquor
Customer of a bank / Member of a credit union