In 1998 it was approved to be used to treat skin conditions related to leprosy in a controversial move four decades after it was first marketed in West Germany for insomnia and its best known use. In 1961 under the trade name Kevadon it was reported to have caused women to give birth to children with missing and malformed limbs. In 1999 a New England Journal of Medicine study reported its use in treating multiple myeloma. For ten points, name this sedative-hypnotic drug.


It was not found free in nature until the 18th century, it was noted for its use in steel alloys. In its pure form it is silvery white and was discovered as a separate element by Carl Wilhelm Scheele and isolated by Peter Jacob Hjelm. Since 2000 it has been noted for its massive price increase, which peaked at over $103,000 U.S. per tonne in 2005 before a steep drop in late 2008. For ten points, name this transition metal with chemical symbol Mo.


The namesake of Belgrade International Airport, he posthumously received a radio patent. Standing 6’6”, he was a rival of Thomas Edison, who tried to show the dangers of his idea by electrocuting dogs and horses. He received over 700 patents, including for wireless remote control and spark plugs and he did early work with pulsars. For ten points, name this inventor who discovered alternating current and who is the namesake of the SI unit for magnetic induction.

Nikola Tesla

Since the mid-1990s, Sure-Path and Thin-Prep have been used to preserve cells from this screening. Prior to its introduction between the 1920s and 1940s, carcinoma of the cervix was a leading cause of death in women. It is done with a tool that gathers cells from the outer opening of the cervix and then examined under microscope for abnormalities. For ten points, name this medical test named for a Greek doctor that can detect pre-cancerous changes in women.

The Papanicolaou test, or Pap smear, or cervical smear, or smear test

Elected in Saint-Laurent—Saint-Georges at age 32, he would lose the race to lead his party six years later before going on to oversee hate propaganda being added to the criminal code in 1970. He served as Minister of Finance in the Trudeau minority government and his 1974 budget was defeated, forcing an election. After the election he returned as Minister of Finance. In 1976 he quit politics to work at McMillan, Binch in Toronto. Eight years later he returned to politics but appeared lost in the past, notably patting Iono Campagnolo’s bottom. For eighty days he would serve as Prime Minister while not holding a seat in Parliament. For ten points, name this Prime Minister who was soundly defeated by Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives in the 1984 Canadian election.

John N. Turner

Arising out of an 1859 dispute over the boundary running east of San Juan Island, it escalated from a series of minor events caused by a deadlocked boundary commission. It escalated when a disgruntled American miner shot an animal that got through his fence. That led to garrisons from both the British and American sides occupying the island. It was finally resolved through arbitration in 1872 the German emperor who ruled in favour of the U.S. For ten points, name this border skirmish that determined the marine boundary between North America and Vancouver Island.

Pig War

The founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, he is noted for his slogan “black is beautiful.” He was jailed four times due to his activism with the South African Students’ Association. In 1977, it was falsely reported he died of a hunger strike. For ten points, name this anti-apartheid activist whose death was caused at the hands of security police.

Steve Bantu Biko

Stations on Pianosa off the Italian mainland, this Amerian-American B-25 bombardier is the only sane person amongst a world of crazy people. He claims to have recurring liver problems and he poisons the 256th squadron in efforts to avoid combat. He keeps being sent on missions by his superiors until he finally deserts for Sweden. For ten points, name this protagonist of Closing Time and Catch-22 based on Joseph Heller.

Capt. John Joseph Yossarian

Set in Pittsburgh’s Hill District in 1997, this is the story of Harmond Wilks and Roosevelt Hicks, two upwardly mobile African-American entrepreneurs. They are planning to develop a high-rise filled with chain stores and Wilks has ambitions to be the city’s first black mayor. However, the blighted area they plan to demolish has a history. For ten points, name this final work of The Pittsburgh Cycle by August Wilson.

Radio Golf

The story of a single father and his three unrelated children Anna, Claire and Coop, it won the 2007 Governor General’s Award winner for English language fiction. The family’s story closely parallels the life of French poet Lucien Segura, whom Anna moves to France to research. Prior to that, she has a sexual relationship with Coop, who the family took in as an orphan but treated like hired help. For ten points, name this fifth novel by Michael Ondaatje.


First performed at the Vancouver Playhouse in November 1967, this story of an aboriginal woman who leaves the reserve for Vancouver is a tale of white oppression. Its debut performance featured a cast that included Robert Clothier, Frances Hyland, and Chief Dan George. In 1969 it opened the National Arts Centre, a venue it revisited during the 2009 season. For ten points, name this George Riga play in which the titular woman dies in the big city.

The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

Married to Leonard, the man who first published Sigmund Freud in England at Hogarth Press, she was ambivalent about celebrity and the public self and suffered from repeated nervous breakdowns. She was closely associated with Lytton Strachey, E.M. Forster, and John Maynard Keynes in the Bloomsbery Group. For ten points, name this feminist writer who was the author of Mrs. Dalloway and the essay A Room of One’s Own.

Virginia Woolf

The smallest of three islands located in the centre of the Kennedy Channel off Nares trait, its geographic coordinates were determined during a 1972-73 an Arctic border treaty although no agreement was reached. In 1984 it received its first publicity when a story about it was picked up internationally. This led to Tom Høyem, Danish minister for Greenland, to visit it. A conflict again arose in 2004-05, led by Bill Graham, Canada’s minister of defence visiting it. In 2007 Canada recognizes the border running through the island rather than to the east of it. For ten points, name this 1.3-square km island claimed both by Canada and Denmark.

Hans Island

Rising in Mongolia, it follows an northerly course to its namesake gulf in the Kara Sea. Its system includes the Angara, Selenga, and Ider rivers. Its middle section is covered by a series of hydroelectric dams built by gulag labour in the mid-20th century, it powers a significant portion of Russian industry. For ten points, name this Asian river, part of the greatest river system flowing into the Arctic Ocean.

Yenisei River

Aminata Diallo travels as a child from West Africa to South Africa to become a slave in this novel. After serving the British in the Revolutionary War, she relocates as a Loyalist to Nova Scotia. After experiencing new oppression she returns to Sierra Leone as slave ships travel west. In March 2009, it won Canada Reads. For ten points, name this Lawrence Hill book defended by Avi Lewis.

The Book of Negroes, or Someone Knows My Name

At age 17, he lost part of his middle finger in a meat slice at Arby’s. He was offered a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet. He was the basis for Josh Lyman, while his brother is the basis for Ari Gold. He was earlier noted for his work with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006 and his book that year, co-authored by Bruce Reed, The Plan: Big Ideas for America. For ten points, name this former Illinois congressman now best known as chief of staff to Barack Obama.

Rahm Emanuel

In June 2009, Caroline Flint resigned from his cabinet citing his poor treatment of women. Earlier in the year his government was rocked by an expense scandal that intrigued tabloid and broadsheet papers alike. Questions of his resignation increased after his Labour Party was soundly defeated in local and European elections but instead he shuffled his cabinet, a necessary measure after several resignations. For ten points, name this British Prime Minister who has been in office since June 2007.

Gordon Brown

In 1968, this Ernest Flagg designed building became the tallest building ever demolished. It was designed in a style that stacked traditional six-storey buildings on top of one another as it was built atop two pre-existing buildings. Its narrow tower had a setback design. For ten points, name this skyscraper that once stood at the site of One Liberty Plaza in New York City.

Singer Building

Originally meant to depict Dante in front of the Gates of Hell, the first-bronze cast was finished more than two decades after the initial plaster version was made around 1880. Its popularity has led to it often representing philosophy and is often depicted satirically with a lightbulb above it. A subscription organized by admirers of its creator made it the property of the City of Paris. In 1922 it was relocated from the Panthéon to the Hôtel Biron. For ten points, name this Auguste Rodin bronze sculpture of a man with his hand on his chin.

The Thinker or Le Penseur

This current building is the third church built on this site on a river`s edge. Originally constructed with a centralized plan between 532 and 537, it once housed a 50 foot silver iconostasis. Nearly a millennia later its bells and alter were removed along with other signs of Christianity, including murals being covered with plaster. Nearly 500 years later, it was converted into a museum. For ten points, name this Istanbul site commissioned by Justian I which is noted for its size and its dome.

Hagia Sophia, or Ayasofya (accept Church of the Holy Wisdom of God, or Sancta Sophia, or Sancta Sapientia, or Santa Sophia until “millennia”)

This post-modernist argued the Persian Gulf did not take place because it was more a media event than a war. A decade later, he wrote one of his final works, The Spirit of Terrorism: And Requiem for the Twin Towers. He first came to prominence in 1968 with The Object System. In The Matrix, Simulacra and Simulation appear only as a simulation of a book. He is noted for arguing all of our values are simulated, notably the simulation of freedom. For ten points, name this French sociologist and philosopher.

Jean Baudrillard

John Jenkins was to coach this team in 2006, but in April of that year it ceased operations. Founded in 2002, seven years after the last team ceased operation in its city, its only coach was Joe Paopao. During its four years of existence its star player was quarterback Kerry Joseph. For ten points, name this short lived Canadian Football League team that played home games in Frank Clair Stadium.

Ottawa Renegades

This 1989 film features Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis as the elders of Bed-Stuy on a summer day. Danny Aiello plays the boss while his sons Pino and Vito are played by Richard Edson and John Turturro. The Public Enemy song “Fight the Power” is featured in this story about police brutality. For ten points, name this third Spike Lee feature which sees Lee play pizza delivery boy Mookie.

Do the Right Thing

He wears a red t-shirt with the letters R.F. in yellow on it. Created by California designer Ed “Big Daddy” Roth out of hatred for Mickey Mouse, he quickly became associated with message t-shirts and hot rod culture. For ten points, name this fringe fad of the 1950s and 1960s, a green rodent with a big mouth and yellow teeth.

Rat Fink

Developed in 1957 by the Neue Haas Grotesk, it is used by Harley-Davidson, BMW, and American Airlines, this Swiss design icon is noted for its use in newspapers, on street signs, and in e-mail. After Arial it is the second most widely distributed typeface in the world and was one of the original 11 Apple typefaces. For ten points, name this sans-serif typeface


In 1998 its annual summit was relocated to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, from Vancouver, B.C., after Premier Glen Clark cancelled the summit due to the Salmon War with with Washington state. In 2008, Saskatchewan joined the organization as the ninth member. It was created in 1991 by uniform legislation passed in each of the member jurisdictions. For ten points, name this regional organization of five states, three provinces and the Yukon Territory that held its annual summit in 2009 in Boise, Idaho.

Pacific Northwest Economic Region, or PNWER


For 10 points each, answer these questions about polio vaccines:

a)  In 1955, Jonas Salk announced he had developed the inactivated poliovirus vaccine that was delivered by this method.


b)  The oral polio vaccine developed by this American medical research overtook the Salk vaccine in usage in industrialized countries.

Albert Sabin

c)  In 1960, contamination concerns over the tumor causing Simian Virus-40 became an issue in the use of polio vaccines because the vaccines used the kidney cells of this type of monkey.

Rhesus monkeys

Answer these questions about the Nobel Prize for 10 points each:

a)  In 2006, he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on DNA to RNA eukaryotic transcription.

Roger Kornberg

b)  Kornberg’s Nobel winning research used this type of eukaryotic microorganisms during his decade of research into how genes specify what proteins a cell produces.


c)  Kornberg’s father Arthur won the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research into the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of this nucleic acid.