Protocol to secure the school admission of unaccompanied asylum seekers (UASC) 16 year within 20 days of coming into care

Good Practice

Where children were admitted in less 20 days the following aspects were common factors:

·  Social worker applied for place within a few days of child coming into care.

·  Paperwork clear and place available in school.

·  Good understanding by school of what risk constitutes and by social worker of information required.

·  Quick responses by school and other parties to communications about meetings.

·  Language assessed on admission.

·  Child referred on entry to care to the Orientation and Induction Programme.

·  Interim timetable allocated for early days with high levels of in class and peer support.

All references to officers are for the central area as this is where UASCs are admitted but protocol would apply to all three areas were a child to be placed in foster care in North or South.

After the implementation of this protocol students were admitted and on roll in schools almost universally in less than the 20 days required by law.

School working days. Figures in brackets show time available for each action / Action / Responsibility
Day 1 / Child taken into care. / Social Worker
Day 3
(4) / ·  CAP form completed clearly naming 3 schools in order of preference, with accurate spelling of child’s name and dates. Risk assessment attached.
·  Admissions officers now check and act on these applications twice weekly.
·  Standard email to Elishia Meade (Social Inclusion Officer) with name of child and date of coming into care. / Named CAFAT worker (this varies) completes form. Form sent off by Admin worker Katie Knutton or Belinda Harding.
Day 7
(4) / ·  Social Worker contacts The Children’s Society so the young person (if aged 14-19 years) can be admitted to the 4 week induction and orientation programme contracted by the Virtual School to provide for UASC 14-19.
·  Name and school passed to Elishia Meade (currently Darren Utonagan) who will refer the child to the In Year Fair Access Panel (IYFAP) and will credit the child to the designated school post hoc. Allocation of the child to the school will not in any circumstances be delayed by waiting for a meeting by the panel.
·  Risk Assessment, if appropriate to specified school and to The Children’s Society by social worker. / Admissions officers
The Oxford Academy – Monica Massias
Oxford Spires Academy
– Garry Hook
St Gregory the Great School – Gavin Wardley
And other officers as appropriate where other schools are involved
If all 3 requested schools already have 3 students in the vulnerable categories placed by IYFAP, including those in care, over number in the NCY appropriate to age, the case must be referred by the admissions officer to Elishia Meade, the SIO and facilitator to the IYFAP / Admissions officer
Day 8
(1) / If necessary an alternative school is named by the SIO who contacts social worker by standard email.
Social worker ensures that risk assessment is made available to school, if deemed appropriate. / Darren Utonagan
Social worker
Day 9
(1) / Social worker informs carers of allocation of alternative school. / Social worker
Day 20
(10) / ·  Interpreters appointed to join the admissions interview if appropriate.
·  Carers are kept fully informed.
·  If appropriate, medical information is sent to the school.
·  If available a language assessment is shared with the school. / Social worker
Day 20
(10) / ·  Allocation of NC year as per age on initial social services assessment or in line with school policy. If the child’s age is under dispute by the home office this will not at any point be a reason to delay admission.
·  Scheduling and completion of admission interview.
·  Allocation of induction programme and initial timetable.
·  Scheduling of language assessment, if this does not take place before admission it will take place within 5 days of admission.
·  Admit the child / The school. In all cases the overall responsibility for the admission belongs to the Designated Teacher for looked after children who will delegate aspects of the work as appropriate
Day 21
(1) / ·  If child is not on roll in a school and admitted, social worker will immediately notify DU.
·  DU will place the child on roll / Social Worker
Darren Utonagan

·  During reorganisation of the city the Diocese agreed to follow Oxfordshire Local Authority Admissions policies

Titles and contacts

Neil Darlington / Service Manger for admissions / 01865 815844
Main number for admissions / 01865 815175
Darren Utonagan / Social Inclusion Officer,
North (currently central) / 01865 815138
Elishia Meade
(currently absent) / Social Inclusion Officer, Central / 01865 810658
Rachel Busby / Social Inclusion Officer, South / 01865 323480
Jackie Lewis / Senior Practitioner Social Care / 01865 323063
Caroline Dod / Senior Practitioner LAC and Leaving Care Team / 01865 323223
Lucy Wawrzyniak / Secondary Co-ordinator, The Virtual School for Looked After Children / 01865 256640

Version 3 following circulation 28/6/10 and further discussion with NL and RL 28/7/10V Mayman

Version 4 updated 1 December 2013