The BXAplus:
Automatic derinding with maximized yield increases your profit.

Derinding machines are standard equipment for pork cutting operations. However, upon closer examination, many automatic derinders prove to be inadequate in terms of cost effectiveness, as shown by the results of an analysis by MAJA. This inadequate cost effectiveness is the result of suboptimal derinding performance, for example when a large amount of rind residue can be seen on the derinded cuts of meat.

Cuts of meat are subject to natural variation with respect to shape, cut, fat distribution, rind thickness etc., in spite of all effoerts to standardization. A good derinder must be able to compensate for this variation in parameters in order to remove the rind as perfectly as possible from all cuts of meat.

Rind residues on the final product can be extremely costly for the facility: to correct the inadequate derinding results, additional work hours are required for the meticulous removal of rind residues by hand. Moreover, this process often removes not only the rind residues, but also revenue-generating meat and fat. Yield is reduced, and the final product is very often damaged by incisions and notches, which lower the quality. It is also important to remember that, every time a piece of meat is touched by an employee, product hygiene is affected and the contamination level, increased. MAJA set out to solve this common problem faced by the meat industry where tons of pork are derinded every day. Almost six decades of experience in the design of derinding machines were combined with state-of-the-art engineering “made in Germany”.

The result of this development work is the company’s new BXAplus generation of machines. Three machine types are available, offering cutting widths of 434, 554 and 754 mm (new!). They can be used for derinding of all fresh pork, such as belly, back fat, jowl, neck, flank, shoulder cap, ham cap, shoulder and ham without topside, all boneless.

The most exceptional features of the BXAplus series are its purely mechanical, automatic cut control in connection with a new, highly sophisticated technology for pressure fixation that requires no photoelectric barriers or compressed air and nevertheless guarantees maximum yield. When these machines are used under optimal conditions, standard cuts – such as pork belly, back fat, shoulder and jowl – can be dreinded with less than one percent rind residue.

For a smooth workflow, the height of the BXAplus pressure roller can be adjusted to a new product within seconds, for example when transitioning from the derinding of shoulder caps to the derinding of boneless shoulders.

The knife holder has a quick-locking device and does not require removal for cleaning or knife changing. Instead, it remains attached to the machine and must simply be moved into a raised position. This prevents accidental damage to this sensitive component and allows for consistently good derinding results.

Kehl-Goldscheuer, November 2014


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