ChairpersonLucille Furie welcomed all members and guests to the St. Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow for the 67th Annual General Meeting


Detailed as per the morning branch meeting


17 members signed the attendance book


10 members as per the attendance book. It was noted that Robin Nelson tendered his apologies for the AGM only.

5Minutes of Last Meeting

Proposed by Alan Copeland

Seconded by Ian Kearns

6Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

7Chairman’s Report

On various issues and also invited the members in attendance to also air their views/comments etc.

  • The issue of the Muslim community seeking dedicated Muslim burial ground provision
  • The issue of creating an area for the dispersal of cremated remains into the River Clyde.

This generated a good level of discussion by branch members.

  • ASDO – Alternative Service Delivery Options. Private partnership between Glasgow City Council and the private sector for operating and managing bereavement services under lease agreements. Again this subject good discussion and debate from members with several indicating that their own council was waiting in the wings watching what Glasgow would do and what the performance would be.

An open forum was then held by the Chair on various issues pertaining to bereavement services. As detailed as per branch meeting in the morning

8Secretary Report

As detailed as per branch meeting in the morning

The Secretary intimated that for the 2010 AGM, nominations would be required for the position of Chair and Secretary as he would not be standing for re-election as secretary.

9Election of Office Bearers

Nominations were sought for the position of Chairperson and there were 2 nominations: Lucille Furie and Alan Copeland.

  • On proceeding to the vote, votes were cast as follows:

Lucille Furie 8 votes

Alan Copeland 1 vote

Lucille Furie was unanimously re-elected as branch chair person.

Nominations were sought for the position of Vice-chair and there was 1 nomination: Frank McCool.

  • As there were no other nominations,

Frank McCool was elected branch vice-chair.

Nominations were sought for the position of Branch Secretary and there were 2 nominations: Neil Munro and David MacColl.

  • On proceeding to the vote, votes were cast as follows:

Neil Munro 7 votes

David MacColl 1 vote

Neil Munro was unanimously elected as branch secretary.

The following members therefore electedfor the period 2010-2012 :-

ChairpersonLucille Furie

Immediate Past ChairKen Forbes

Vice ChairFrank McCool

SecretaryNeil Munro

Executive Members

Alan CopelandHoward Dawson

Philip EwingMary Fairbairn

Ken ForbesLucille Furie

Brian JonesDavid MacColl

Frank McCoolElizabeth Murphy

Malcolm RossBill Stanley

The office bearers also hold position on the branch executive.

10Presidential Address – Mr Ken Dry

After an introduction by the branch chair, Mr Ken Dry thanked members for inviting Tim Morris and himself to attend the branch meeting and discuss Institute matters.

Ken spoke eloquently on where the Institute had come from and the problems that had caused issues in the past and that the current board members had carried out and the projected plans for the future.

He discussed the issues of diversity and the need to change the Articles of Association which were highlighted within the recent members review and praised the review panel for the work they had done on the preparation of the report for the board to take forward.

Commenting also on the role of secretaries and their importance in bringing members together and the role they will play in the future.

He spoke on the various training offered by the Institute and that all of the courses were supported by either City & Guilds, NPTC, BTEC and EDEXCEL which no other training organisation within our sector could offer. Detailing what issues the directors were working on for the benefit of members he also praised the work of the corporate committee and the major review of the Charter for the Bereaved and the Best Value Assessment Scheme.

Again praising the branch for the involvement they had in the Scottish Law review.

Ken closed his address by saying to members that they could contact him at any time via his contact details within the Journal.

The meeting closed at 2.00pm.