Geometry with Mr. Hayden: Fall 2009

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Welcome! / Introduction:
Welcome to Geometry – I am so happy to have you in this class! In this course, you will apply your Algebra skills to the study of logic, geometric proof, two-dimensional figures (like circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and lines), and three-dimensional figures (like prisms, cylinders, pyramids, and spheres). While studying Geometry, we will revisit topics from Algebra 1 to both strengthen your understanding of Geometry and to help you be successful in Algebra II next term/year. Expect algebra review problems in class and for homework every day.
Expectations / In this class, you are expected to:
  • Print class materials prior to class
  • Be on-time and in class everyday. If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy.
  • Turn off all electronic devices before the start of class
  • Take notes and bring course materials everyday
  • Ask questions and help to answer the questions of others
  • Complete 1-1.5 hours of homework for each math class period
  • Evaluate your work: check for accuracy, ask questions, and make corrections
  • Keep all your work and file it in an organized binder
  • If you are absent, you will make up missed homework, notes, and classwork

Rules and Consequences / Following these rules will help you and your classmates to be successful in Geometry.
Rules: Possible Consequences:
1. Be Punctual ● Warning
● Teacher/Student Conference
2. Be Prepared ● Parent Phone Call/Meeting
● Behavior Action Plan/Contract
3. Be Respectful ● Referral
● Brag phone calls and emails home
● Class time to work on homework
● Group work and fun projects
The CCA Tardy Policy will be strictly enforced. The tardy policy states:
  • 1st tardy = student warning
  • 2nd tardy = parent contact (email or phone)
  • 3rd tardy = 4 hour SaturdaySchool
  • 4th tardy = referral to the Assistant Principal
The San Dieguito Union High School Academic Honesty Policy will be strictly enforced. In accordance with this policy, copying, or any other form of cheating, will result in a zero for the assignment, a referral, and appropriate disciplinary action. This policy states that a second offense results in a drop from the course with no credit. Please do not give me reason to question your integrity!
Grades / Your grade in this course is based on tests, quizzes, projects, homework, class work, notebook and your midterm/final exam. Grades are accessible through our course website and will be updated at least once a week. Grades are calculated as follows:
Tests/Quizzes/Projects (70%)
Homework/Classwork/ Notebook (20%)
Final Exam (10%)
Overall letter grades are distributed as follows (your grade will round up when 0.5+):
97.5-100 A+ 87.5-89.4 B+ 77.5-79.4 C+ 67.5-69.4 D+ 0-59.4 F
94.5-97.4 A 84.5-87.4 B 74.5-77.4 C 64.5-67.4 D
89.5-94.4 A- 79.5-84.4 B- 69.5-74.4 C- 59.5-64.4 D-
Organization and Supplies / Please bring the following
to class daily:
  • 3-ringed notebook
  • Printed class materials
  • Lined paper
  • Pencils, pen, and eraser
/ Recommended Supplies (not required)
  • Ruler, protractor, compass
  • Calculator (scientific or graphing)

Periodically throughout the course, you will turn in completed notes for a grade and/or yourcomplete notebook for a notebook check. (A three-ring binder is required for this course, but it does not have to be used exclusively for math.) I will check that you have included all your work and all your notes. A student notebook, or a math section of a larger notebook, should be divided into the following sections:
Class Info, Notes, Classwork/Warm-Ups, Homework
You will be given a Binder Check Rubric Sheet a week prior toa binder check.
Homework / Homework is assigned and posted on-line daily, and must be completed in pencil. Each class period, you will check your homework for accuracy, ask/answer questions, and you will make corrections to your own paper in pen. Homework is then graded on completion, thorough work, accuracy, and format, with a maximum total of 10 points per assignment (see Homework Rubric for details). You may also be graded on
warm-up assignments and homework quizzes that may or may not be announced ahead of time. Late homework is only accepted under two circumstances:
1.) If you have an excused absence, you will have one day per excused absence to turn in complete and corrected work for full credit.
2.) If your complete and corrected late homeworkassignment is accompanied by a parent-signed late homework pass, then you can earn up to full credit for your work. You have two late homework passes for each semester. (If these passes are not used and you have turned in all of your homework assignments on-time, they may be turned in for 2 points of extra credit each!)
Attendance / 1.)Tardiness:We will be working in this class as soon as the bell rings; it is important that you are here on time and ready for class. Consequences for tardiness are set by school policy and will always be followed.
2.) Absences:You will only receive an extension on due dates if you have an excused absence. (Homework: one dayper excused absence, Tests/Quizzes:within one week of your excused absence). If you have an unexcused absence, then missed homework is due the day you return, and you must make up the missed test/quiz the day you return. Students who need to make-up a test or quiz may be given a test that is different than the original test.
Extra Help / There are many ways you can get extra help!
- Raise your hand in class - Email Mr. Hayden - Call a friend
- Ask a family member - Check out a math help website
- Attend CCA Tutoring hours - Make an appointment with Mr. Hayden
- Read the Math Help section of Mr. Hayden’s website.
Common Questions / 1.) Do you give partial credit on quizzes and tests?
Yes! You can earn partial credit when:
  • You set up a problem correctly, show all your work, and make a minor error (such as dropped a negative sign, or added instead of subtracted)
You will NOT earn partial credit when:
  • Answering multiple choice questions ● You did not show your work
  • I cannot read your handwriting ● You left the problem blank
2.) Can we use calculators?
  • Students will not be allowed to use calculators on most assessments and therefore should not need to use calculators on their homework assignments.
  • When given the opportunity to use calculators, students will be using scientific (non-graphing) calculators only.
3.) How often do we have exams?
  • Expect an assessment (test or quiz) once a week. Pop quizzes, homework quizzes, and/or exit slips may also be given out without warning.
  • Assessments will not leave this classroom. You can come in and review past exams by first making an appointment with Mr. Hayden.

Important Websites / CanyonCrestAcademy homepage
Keep track of school events and check your class websites
Mr. Hayden’s website
View your assignments; print class materials; check your grade in the class
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Please download the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader so that you can
view and print class materials. If this software is not compatible with your
home computer, be sure to allow time outside of class to print class materials at
Math help
There are many sources of math help available to you on-line. Web-searches
on your questions will yield many helpful results. Here are a few sites for you:
here you can browse math topics or submit questions
tips on study skills, math lessons
tips specific to your textbook and homework assignment

To help you with your questions and to start forming study groups, list the names and phone numbers of at three (3) study buddies:

1.) 2.)3.)

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