Proposed New Development at
High Street /Kirkstyle Lane, Neilston
Consultation Open Day Event: 4th July 2017

Proposed Housing

  • 14 flats of 2 and 3 storey construction
  • 11 x 1 bedroom flats (2 for older people)
  • 3 x 2 bedroomed accommodation
  • provision of car parking, bin storage, and drying area.


The Scottish Government have a target to achieve 50,000 new homes within this parliament; within this target 35,000 are for social rented housing.

East Renfrewshire Council are responsible for developing a programme for delivery of new affordable homes with partners, including Barrhead HA.

East Renfrewshire Council included Kirkstyle Lane within the Strategic Housing Investment Plan which was sent and agreed with the Scottish Government since 2016.

What’s the Need for Social Rented Housing In the Area?

There are approximately 248 applicants looking to be rehoused in Neilston

Of those, 15% live and want to remain in the area

An average of 133 need a 1 bedroom property

Over 55 applicants need a 2 bedroom property

Since 2009 thedevelopment of Kirkstyle Lane has been identified within the Neilston Charter.

Last October/November Barrhead Housing Association confirmed with the Neilston Development Trust that Kirkstyle Lane was the only site potentially viable for development from the original sites identified in the Charter.

Over the last 6-8 months Barrhead HA have been meeting with ERC senior staff, Roads & Planning Departmentsto check Title ownership and boundary issues; Scottish Water connections; the location of gas pipes; site investigations for building foundations; car park planning conditions.

It is only now that the project is considered a viable option that the Association may be able to take forward.

Local Issues - Why Can’t The Tree Remain? What About Parking?

Discussion has also taken place regarding local issues including the tree which is not subject to a Tree Preservation Order, and therefore cannot remain.

The existing Car Park will remain and will be redesigned.

The development will have 15 new car parking spaces.

What’s Ahead over the Coming Months?

Full approval of our Governing Board following tender of the works

Scottish Government approval

East Renfrewshire Council Cabinet approval

Local Consultation – a further event is being planned

Planning Application which will include full Wider Consultation in the Community

We are very interested in your views on the proposed site layout on display. Please take a moment or two to consider the questionnaire below as well as making any other comments you feel appropriate.

Contact details (mobile or email address):
Are you a local resident, or a prospective resident?
(Please state if you are currently on the waiting list for housing with East Renfrewshire Council or BarrheadHousing Association).
What do you think of the site position and house design?
Are there any particular areas which cause you concern?

The car park at the front of the site is to be retained and additional parking of 15 spaces will be provided within the development. Do you agree that the car parking provision as shown is adequate for this development?

Do you have any comment regarding the proposed road pattern, bin and drying areas?

Do you think that social rented housing is needed in the Neilston area with nearly 250 people waiting for a house in Neilston?
Do you feel the area for the proposed development is a safe and secure environment to live in?
If not, do you think there is anything we could add to this layout/ design that would help improve on this situation?
What do you like most about the proposals?
What do you like least about the proposals?
Any other comments would be welcomed:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire