October Sky Questions Day 1

  1. Where does the movie take place? (City, State)
  1. What sport does Homer’s brother play?
  1. What does Homer’s father’s occupation?
  1. What is the name of the Soviet Satellite that inspires Homer?
  1. Who does Homer write to throughout the movie? Hint: Dr. ____
  1. What does Quentin say is the “most important part of the rocket?”
  1. What is the name of the boys’ first rocket?
  1. Where does Homer’s dad believe the rocket equipment “belong”
  1. What do the boys name their launch site?
  1. What is the name of Homer’s teacher?
  1. How does Homer and company plan on making the money for the better metal?
  1. What did Homer and Quentin find out when they threw the powder in the sink in science class?
  1. What did the boys find out about the nozzle of their First Rocket?
  1. What was Mrs. Riley’s purpose when she told Homer that he couldn’t dream himself out of Coalwood?

October Sky Questions Day 2

  1. After launching the AUK VII, Ms. Riley convinces Homer to do what?
  1. What does Homer receive as a birthday present from his “grandma?”
  1. What does Ms. Riley give Homer for his birthday?
  1. Where does Homer’s brother receive a scholarship offer to play football?
  1. Why are Homer and the boys thrown in jail?
  1. Who died in the mine accident?
  1. How was Homer’s father hurt?
  1. Why does Homer decide to work in the mine?
  1. Why does Homer’s mom get so upset at the dinner table?
  1. When given the option between staying in the mine and working in the shop, Mr. Sarkovsky chose what?
  1. How does Homer impress the boys after working in the mines for a while?

October Sky Questions Day Three

  1. What disease did Ms. Riley become sick with?
  1. What inspires Homer to test whether the rocket that caused the fire was his?
  1. After calculating, what does Homer discover?
  1. What does Homer say “wouldn’t make a difference” to the others to Quentin?
  1. Homer tells his dad, “NO” to what?
  1. Where is the National Science Fair held?
  1. What does Homer’s mom threaten she’ll do if Homer’s dad doesn’t help him?
  1. Whose hand did Homer shake and didn’t even realize it?
  1. Who pushes the button to launch the last rocket?
  1. Is there a reason Homer’s dad was so hard on him?
  1. List 2 Life Lessons demonstrated in this movie.

Ex: Never Give Up---Don’t use this one