To get great results, make sure you are doing these things with every client.

If you are not getting as good of results as you want – make sure you are doing these with every client.

First, even before numbers – what are great results

5% in 3 weeks or 10% in 6 weeks.

It is not actually inches lost, but a percentage of inches they have lost.

When you do stomach, and there are 40 inches, you will lose about 4 inches in 6 weeks per measurement spot around the stomach. Average. More if they do more, less if they do less.

Arms have less total number, so inches lost will be less.

1.Make sure the small paddles are being placed where they should be over the lymphatic nodes (groin below the diaphragm – armpits above, and sub clavicle for neck or chin) Send me pics of how you place them if you want.

2.Make sure the clients are standing on the WBV for at least 10 min – some clients take themselves off early – because they don’t see the point, are busy, or whatever.

3.Make sure everyone is doing the homeopathic detox program that I recommend at a minimum (Standard Process and Solutions 4 are even better,but must do one)

4.Give out the food journal to everyone, and make sure they are following the food program – as per my little food journal book on the computer Data DVD. Get these printed at your local printer, or mine can do it and mail them to you.

5. Are you having them measured every visit – how are you measuring them – as I teach? This is their direct feedback to show them how their life is working. Vevazz works every time.

6.Make sure you show people how they should eat like the food journal says – based on the results of the tape measure each visit. The tape measure doesn’t lie.

7.Make sure the client is doing 500 calories worth of activity within 24 hours of each session. This is helpful to burn off the extra fat being released – so it doesn’t come back.

8.Make sure they are drinking more pure water – ideally half their bodyweight in ounces

9.Make sure they are not eating 1 hour before and 2 hours after each session.

10. Make sure they are doing the neuro change technology each session they come in.

If they don’t do any of this – they will see results – but on the low end of the scale 3 inches total in 9 treatments over 3 weeks. Which in my opinion, is really good considering they didn’t do anything other than lay on a table.

11. ALWAYS take before pictures, so if at any point, someone isn’t happy, snap a now picture, and show them, compared against the before picture. This often turns unhappy people to happy people.

Make sure to follow the protocols in procedure manual for taking photos, so they are always the same view for every patient.

If someone is not happy

-Sorry, apologize, take responsibility

-what will it take to make you happy?

Then do it!

12. Avoid plateaus

Do the food journal every visit when inches are not lost

Measure every visit

Contact me immediately