Technology in the Learning Spaces

Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2010

Attendees: CathyLeist, Vincent Bellina, Rae Helton, Mark Kasselhut, Laura Hardesty, Sande Johnson-Byers, Rhonda Dixon, Chris Weaver

March 29th meeting we will discuss

  • Benchmark survey results
  • Develop question for faculty and student focus groups
  • Faculty survey results

Gathering feedback from faculty

Laura sent faculty survey link to UofL Today on Friday, March 12.

Laura drafted a note for Priscilla and Gale to send to Deans on Friday, March 12 to solicit focus group participants.

Rae will take minutes at the faculty focus group at Belknap on April 5th at 2:00 p.m. in Bigelow Hall.

Delphi will take minutes at the faculty focus group at HSC on April 5th at 10:00 a.m. in the Abel 109.

Gathering feedback from students

Reviewed the student survey and the Educause survey to see if we wanted to change or include any additional questions. The team decided to include some form of questions, 8, 10 (make 2 questions from 10), 11, 17, 19 and 30.

Frank Mianzo will help us gather students for student focus groups at Belknap. Cathy and Rae will also help us gather students at Belknap. Tentative dates are the week of April 5th or April 12thfor 90 minutes with free food during lunch.

Cathy and Rae will facilitate student focus groups. IT will take minutes at the student focus groups.

Review benchmark survey results

Institutional benchmark survey results were handed out. We had seven institutional benchmarks complete the survey. We will discuss the results at the March 29th meeting.

TO DO’s:

Vincent will check with UPDC to see how many rooms are available that are not listed in Resource 25.

Sande will make changes to survey based on discussion in the meeting.

Sande will send an e-mail to Ruth Greenburgh and Kent Gardner to ask for help in gathering students at HSC for the focus groups. Delphi will also help get students at HSC for the focus group.

Laura will write an introduction for facilitators to hand out in the faculty and student focus groups.

Laura will add a salutation for survey and Mark will send to his Delphi distribution list.

Laura will draft a note for Cathy and Rae to send to students for participation in focus groups.

Rhonda will contact Temple and Wayne State to see why they did not complete the survey.