Objective 5 – Motion, Forces, and Energy

Assessment Questions

1.  What is the net force exerted on a 90.0 kg race-car driver while the race car is accelerating from 0 to 44.7 m/s in 4.50 s?

F  9.8 N

G  20 N

H  201 N

J  894 N

2.  A 1-kilogram ball has a kinetic energy of 50 joules. The velocity of the ball is –

F  5 m/s

G  10 m/s

H  25 m/s

J  50 m/s

3.  Which bike rider has the greatest momentum?

A  A 40 kg person riding at 45 km/h

B  A 50 kg person riding at 35 km/h

C  A 60 kg person riding at 25 km/h

D  A 70 kg person riding at 15 km/h

4.  A mechanic used a hydraulic lift to raise a 12,054 N car 1.89 m above the floor of a garage. It took 4.75 s to raise the car. What was the power output of the lift?

A  489 W

B  1815 W

C  4796 W

D  30,294 W

5.  Which of these is the best description of the action-reaction pair when the space shuttle lifts off from the launchpad?

A  The ground pushes the rocket up while exhaust gases push down on the ground.

B  Exhaust gases push down on air while the air pushes up on the rocket.

C  The rocket pushes exhaust gases down while the exhaust gases push the rocket up.

D  Gravity pulls the rocket exhaust down while friction pushes up against the atmosphere.

6.  Which lever arrangement requires the least effort force to raise a 500 N resistance?

F  H

G  J

7.  Which illustration best demonstrates compression waves?

A  C

B  D

8.  A guitar player is seated next to a piano. The piano player strikes an E key on the piano. The guitarist reports that this causes the E string on his guitar to vibrate. What is the name of this phenomenon?

A  Polarization

B  Resonance

C  Reflection

D  Diffraction

9.  Which of the following is an example of solar energy being converted into chemical energy?

F  Plants producing sugar during the day

G  Water evaporating and condensing in the water cycle

H  The sun unevenly heating Earth’s surface

J  Lava erupting from volcanoes for many days

10.  What is the approximate difference in gravitational potential energy of the two shaded boxes?

F  19 J

G  39 J

H  59 J

J  79 J

11.  Heat convection occurs in gases and liquids. Heat convection does not occur in solids because solids are unable to

A  absorb heat by vibrating

B  transfer heat by fluid motion

C  emit radiation by reflecting light

D  exchange heat by direct contact

12.  A man who was sleeping wakes up because he hears the smoke alarm go off in his house. Before opening the bedroom door, the man feels the door to see whether it is warm. He is assuming that heat would be transferred through the door by –

A  conduction

B  convection

C  radiation

D  compression

10th Grade Only

13.  How much current is flowing through this circuit?

A  0.32 A

B  3.1 A

C  4.0 A

D  12.5 A

14.  Which circuit is built so that if one light bulb goes out, the other three light bulbs will continue to glow?

F  H

G  J

11th Grade Only

13.  In West Texas and Southern California, high winds drive turbines that generate electricity. One advantage that wind energy has over energy generated from solar cells is that wind energy

A  can be generated at night

B  is plentiful everywhere

C  produces cleaner energy

D  is free of environmental hazards

14.  Battery-powered cars produce less air pollution than gasoline-powered cars. However, one environmental concern of using battery-powered cars is that batteries

F  are heavier than gasoline engines

G  waste more energy than gasoline engines

H  contain toxic substances that are difficult to dispose of

J  produce direct current rather than alternating current