(Chinese) New Year Edition

Issue 3 7/2/11

Overcoming apathy:

Why we should be bothered

This year, don’t set yourself goals you’ll never attain. Just concentrate on one in particular – one that could change not only your life, but that of others too. Laziness is a sin which might not be deadly – unless of course you’re a lollipop man – but it’s a vice which creeps up on you like the price of chocolate bars.

The recent election for college president demonstrated the role apathy can play in a democracy. If just one more person had voted the other way, we’d have had a tie and the chairperson would have had the burden of choosing the victor. Equally, if one more person had voted in favour of the ultimate winner, Matthew Woodhams, his victory would have been that bit more comfortable. Either way, we can never know. Certainly, many people intended to vote but didn’t, and their apathy potentially influenced the outcome.

Our lives hinge on small decisions, of our own making and others. So let’s fight apathy, laziness, shyness – anything that prevents us being our proactive best. Let’s never again blame essays as a reason to prevent us from going out. You never know who you might have met. Equally, when walking back from a lecture behind someone you vaguely know, don’t walk meekly behind listening to your iPod – start a conversation!

In these long, dark winter months, we must do what we can to make each other feel a little better. Or at the very least, we must hold onto the fact that one day, just around the corner, we’ll walk out of a 5:15 lecture and there’ll still be daylight…

Note from the Editor

Hello and welcome to Hild Bede’s very own college magazine – the only companion you’ll need this Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to get involved send us an email. We’re particularly keen to hear from you if you’ve spotted someone famous, overheard a great conversation in college, or know a dead ringer. As we begin to complete a backlog of sport fixtures, delayed since the end of last term, any masseuses should also get in touch….

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The Fight to Reform the DSU 2

2011 – Year of the Rabbit 3

Where Next for England’s National Side? 4

Club Reports 5

HB Sauce’s Side Serving of Satire 7

The Fight to Reform the DSU

By Michael King

Many people think that the ongoing college elections have a more direct impact on our daily lives than the election of the DSU president – someone you are unlikely to have met nor know anything about their role. Nevertheless, the job is hugely important.

This year we have an unprecedented tuition fee hike, an unacceptable £80,000 DSU deficit and Revolver bordering on extinction. This begs the question, what does a stereotypical Durham student get from their DSU? Very little. Demand better!

Three examples show the poor communication within the DSU. Firstly, the financial report was only published one hour before the finance AGM in January and consequently it could not be fully understood before the meeting. Secondly, the DSU executive has not had a meeting in the last two terms, nor explained why the organisation loses so much money every year. Finally, no explanation has been given as to why there will be no college open day in Easter 2012. We need answers!

Hild Bede’s Michael King wants changes and will be standing for DSU president in the elections 20-24th February.

2011 – Year of the Rabbit

By Flo Stockley


2010 was Year of the Tiger and 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon, so it’s pretty pathetic in comparison...the year of the meek, fluffy rabbit. They’re pretty cute I guess, but still I would rather be in the Year of the Dragon, that will be an AWESOME year. Anyway I’m rambling.

I hope you all had a good drunken and relaxing festive period and are ready for some serious work again...that is unless you do languages. I kind of got thinking over the holiday about the point of New Year’s resolutions and where it came from? I mean I guess I see the logic of the fresh year, fresh start thing, but if you really wanted to change you’d just do it, right?

It all started with the Romans, as everything does, with some guy called Janus who could look back on past events and forward to the future, so he became the ancient symbol for resolutions and many Romans looked for forgiveness from their enemies and also exchanged gifts before the beginning of each year. Yes I totally just ripped that from the Internet.

The thing is, there’s always the really optimistic first week of a New Year, where people think that they can make all these big changes, yet it seems completely unrealistic to me. I mean fair play to people who have the will power to make the changes, but surely they should just change whenever they have the realisation. Personally I always find it disappointing, just like the World Cup when everyone thinks “do you know what, we’ll definitely do it this time” then a few weeks pass and they’re like “OH YEAH I forgot” – it never does happen. Ok it happened once. Stop being so pedantic.

It’s this obsession we all have with trying to be a perfect version of ourselves, but what if we already are? Surely if we really wanted to do or be something, then we would without having to consciously force ourselves to do it? It would be more fun to start a new revolution of completely ludicrous resolutions to spice up your year. Like the first day of every month why not lick the face of a complete stranger? Wait a minute... because that’s weird. Mmm...ok, it’s quite hard to think of an example. Maybe something tame like wearing odd socks for the rest of the year? Pretty much do that anyway. Wear pyjamas for at least one whole day a week? Jeez I don’t know, don’t judge, if you have a better one just do it! Start the revolution, kids.

Cue cheesy ending: Rebel against the norm, accept yourself, have fun.

Now that’s a resolution.


Where Next for England’s National Side?

By HB Sauce’s Resident Sports Reporter Adam McGuinness


England’s football team are regarded as a national failure and, barring the run up to major tournaments, when we place the team on a pedestal, they have been regarded as such for as long as I can remember.

Critics often cite our country’s inability to produce quality players, yet a far greater weakness is the failure to establish a winning mentality in the national side. Although we have players who are the envy of the world in the likes of Rooney and Gerrard, the national side struggles to gain momentum and forge a winning mentality that many of England’s players (with the obvious exception of Gerrard!) enjoy at club level. Football clubs play so often that the focus rapidly turns to the next game and together the squad collectively learn how to respond to setbacks. International squads don’t have this luxury, with the lack of regular matches allowing journalists to analyse every error, thereby putting further pressure on the players. Therefore whilst clubs can grow quickly through shared experiences, international squads don’t get that chance – all the England team receives is a hounding in the media.

Furthermore, too much diversity in the Premier League has led to a lack of diversity within the English squad. For example, Manchester United have four people in their squad who could be said to be first team regulars (Ferdinand, Scholes, Carrick, Rooney); Chelsea have three (A. Cole, Terry, Lampard); and Arsenal have two (Walcott, Wilshere). The lack of English players at the top clubs is frightening and other English players are being pushed down the league to lower stature teams and into the Championship.

I believe the top international teams fall into two categories. On one hand are nations who keep the majority of their young players in their national league, thus creating a similar style of play throughout the division. Germany, Spain and Italy are prime examples of this approach. The other category is illustrated by nations such as Holland, Brazil and Argentina, who coach young players, but export them at an early age where they often go on to enhance their ability. The first approach ensures a succinct style of play that enables players in the national league to step seamlessly into the national team. The second category produces a diversity of players, from lithe, skilful wingers to powerful strikers. England meanwhile, exports a tiny proportion of players, yet at the same time doesn’t promote the players we do have as their progress is blocked by the foreign stars club owners have imported. This must change before we expect England to stand a chance of winning a major tournament again.


Club Reports


Boat Club

HBBC had a quiet start to the academic year due to the atrocious weather, but are now hitting the ground running with all squads starting the build-up to race season. The senior men’s squad are looking towards Chester Head and then the regatta season, whilst the senior women, who already have a solid performance at York Head under their belt, are gunning for the Women’s Head of the River at the end of this term. This year’s neophyte rowers are looking promising for the highly anticipated Novice Cup next weekend – make sure you’re there to support them from the riverbank!


Last week HBNC’s A team took on Castle A. Following a strong season last year, we anticipated a close game. However, after the first quarter it was clear Castle's best players had graduated last year and their side was lacking in talent, experience and unity. Hild Bede played a fantastic four quarters, producing some of our best netball of the season. At half-time the goal difference was 15 and by the end we managed to secure a 48-7 victory, with both shooters having a blinder. All in all, it was avery successful day which put Hild Bede A at the top of the Netball Premiership.

Hild Bede C started slowly in their match against Trevs B, and it was only in the fourth quarter that Hild Bede showed their determination to succeed, ultimately winning 19-13. Katie Wadham played fantastically throughout the match and greatly contributed to boosting team spirit.


This term is shaping up to be a great one for DUCK. We have DUCK week from 14th – 20th February with events such as Pee in a Pot, the DUCK formal and Mr and Mrs Bede to look forward to. There's a daytrip to York for anyone who wants to shake a bucket for Barnardo's and what’s more, Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be returning to Hild Bede along with Barnardo's roses for Valentine’s day. Get involved!


Club Reports



Men’s Football

Though the snow hasn’t returned, the 2s have still seen three league matches postponed since Christmas, leaving us with a busy period of rearranged games to come. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about the cup anymore – a 3-0 defeat to Collingwood A (though hardly reflecting how well we played and including a harsh red card) nicely freeing up some space in our schedule.

The 4s started the year with a 7-0 away defeat against Stephenson B. The following day, we played Grey A in the cup. At 2-1 things were going well for the 4s until captain Mike Tilcock replicated Luis Suarez – twice – defending his goal line. Following his controversial dismissal, Grey A went on to score 5 more ‘dubious’ goals. Just as well we had a cracking social on Wednesday…

The 5s put in a promising performance against Stephenson C last weekend, ultimately going down to a 4-2 defeat. The team continues to develop, but from now the lessons we’ve learnt will only be put in practice in the league, as we lost 11-3 to Ustinov B in the cup on a boggy pitch that failed to suit our Brazilian style of play.

The 6s search for the elusive 3 points has gone unrewarded thus far in 2011. Having played no competitive fixtures since mid November, the team is looking forward to a packed schedule this term.


Even at this stage of the season, the Mooses have yet to play a match. Nevertheless, we are confident and each team is well placed in the league.

A congested fixture list will give us a chance to blow away the cob webs in our brand spanking new kit. We also have tour to look forward to in Cologne…

Table Tennis

The 1s enjoyed a walkover against Ustinov and now have only one game remaining - the winner takes all title decider against Grey A. Last year Grey won, but we’re determined to knock them off the top spot this year…