Delivery specifications

Catalogues MAIN 2017

Cover program

If you want your black logo printed (if you want a coloured logo, it will be taken as a Custom Cover) on one of the covers offered via the cover program, please deliver your files according to these guidelines:

Logo: As Illustrator document (.ai or .eps) or a high resolution (min. 300 dpi) Photoshop document PDF in vector format

Important Notice: only deliver the logo in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Text, like name, address or phone number, will appear less sharp in printing when being delivered in Illustrator or Photoshop when delivered as bitmap.

Text: Name, address and phone number, etc. to be delivered in a Word document.

Only Microsoft office fonts can be used if you don’t provide your own fonts.

Proof: Please deliver a print showing the exact position of your logo and address.

All imprints of this program will only be in black!

A PDF proof will be provided to you for check and approval; please be informed that text (author) corrections cannot be made.

We only accept digital files.

Custom cover

If you want to deliver artwork for your custom cover please deliver artwork according to these guidelines. We only accept digital artwork complete with the used letter fonts, logos, images, etc.

Also deliver a printed contract proof and color separated prints of the artwork showing the exact position of the logo or brand name.

Fonts Provide your artwork with all the fonts, printer and screen fonts.

Don’t make text bold or italic via the style menu; use the right font to avoid problems.

Images Have to be Hi-res with a minimum of 300dpi, not to be enlarged more than 130% and

not to be reduced smaller than 20%, as TIFF or EPS in CMYK or RGB.

Color proof Irisproof, Digital Cromalin, Epson proof and Kodak Approval proofs are contract

proofs and will be used as reference proof for printing.Proofs and artwork should have the same date!

A PDF proof will be provided to you for check and approval.





Delivery specifications

Delivery procedure

Material can ONLY be delivered via FTP site. We will NOT accept artwork delivered via email, it will not be taken into production.

Using FTP in Windows Explorer
Open Windows Explorer by right clicking the start button in the left bottom of your screen (it has a picture of a small waving windows flag) and clicking Windows Explorer. Note: If you use an older version of windows, the instructions are the same but the buttons may look a bit different.

In the address bar, type the ftp address ( ) and press enter

You will now be requested to provide a username and password.

Type in username: catalogue and password coverprogram (no capitals).

Then click on the Log On button:

After login, you will see an overview of folders. Browse through the folders to the folder of your choice. You can now copy paste folders to the desired folder. This will start the upload process immediate.

FTP Client
You can also use special FTP clients like FileZilla or Cyberduck (free of charge) with the credential mentioned above.

Deadline delivery of artwork + order sheet

October 14th is the deadline for delivery of all artwork. All artwork must be uploaded.

After October 14th the subscription is CLOSED, no cover orders can be made after this date!

If you have any questions please contact me.

Best regards,

Hans van Driel

We only accept digital artwork or files according to our guidelines as shown above. A printed reference proof must be delivered with the custom cover artwork, Irisproof, Digital Cromalin, Epson proof and Kodak Approval are reference proofs. Black & white or colourprints from a regular office printer will not be accepted as reference proof. These prints do not match the printed quality and will not be

accepted as a reference in a discussion about quality after catalogues are being printed and delivered!