Memorandum For All Cadets

Subject: JROTC Class Syllabus

  1. The MISSION of JROTC is to “Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens.” It is accomplished by classroom instruction and hands on leadership/followership training.
  2. As a JROTC cadet you will be expected to:
  1. Maintain an acceptable standard of academic achievement
  2. Maintain an acceptable standard of conduct in and out of the classroom
  3. Be prompt and have regular attendance at all classes/instruction
  4. Follow the instructions of the Senior Army Instructor (SAI), Army Instructor (AI), and the Coyote Battalion cadet leadership
  5. Take responsibility for your actions, and
  6. Adhere to the WFHS and Wichita FallsIndependentSchool District rules
  1. Your rewards will be:
  1. Personal satisfaction gained through individual effort and teamwork
  2. Academic success, promotions, awards, and FUN!
  1. You will have the opportunity to participate in numerous JROTC classroom and extracurricular activities. The only limitation to your involvement is YOU.
  2. Your total academic grade is determined as follows:
  1. Major Tests and Quizzes – 20%
  2. Participation in required JROTC activities – 20%
  3. SAI and AI Evaluation of your leadership/followership – 20%
  4. Uniform Wear – 40%
  • Wearing the JROTC uniform in an acceptable/proper manner is mandatory and nonnegotiable part of our JROTC program. Cadets must wear the JROTC uniform for the entire school day on required “Uniform Wear days.”
  • “Uniform Wear days” are listed on the training schedule posted on our JROTC Bulletin Board. In addition, “Uniform Wear days” are announced in class.
  • Failure to wear the JROTC uniform or failure to wear the uniform in an acceptable/proper manner more than twice during the 6-weeks grading period will result in a failing grade for that 6-weeks period. After an excused absence a cadet may receive full credit for wearing their uniform if they wear it an acceptable/proper manner the entire next day or next day that they are in class/school.
  • Cadets with unexcused absences and/or who fail to wear the JROTC uniform on “Uniform Wear day” will only be allowed to make up a uniform wear once during the six weeks.
  • Cadets assigned to On Campus Suspension (OCS) or Denver are not exempted from the requirements to wear their uniforms on “Uniform Wear Day.” OCS students will report to the SAI or AI before going to OCS and remain in uniform for the entire day; Denver students will be inspected by Denver personnel.
  1. Attendance at the JROTC Annual Formal Inspection (AFI) is mandatory. Unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for the six weeks.
  2. The WFHS JROTC program has an awards recognition and promotion program. A cadet’s academic accomplishments, JROTC performance and school-wide behavior/attitude are taken into consideration for all awards or promotions.
  3. Cadets are issued uniforms and books at no expense. Upon completion of the school year or upon demand of the Senior Army Instructor all uniforms will be cleaned /laundered and turned in. Shirts may be washed however pants and Class A jackets must be dry cleaned. Failure to do so will result of negligence will also result in charges for their repair and/or replacement. Police reports will be filed when uniforms are not returned or monetary compensation is not made.
  4. During the Spring semester all cadets (LET 1 – IV) are required to participate during the JROTC Cadet Challenge competition. Failure to do so will result in an automatic failure for the six weeks period. Cadet Challenge is a physical fitness activity that challenges cadets to do their very best in a series of events. Cadets who have physical injuries that prevent them from participating in Cadet Challenge must have a Doctor’s note before they can be excused from any activities. If a cadet has any physical limitations that prevent them from at least minimal participation then they must inform the Senior Army Instructor and receive permission to continue in the JROTC program.
  5. We are pleased to have you in the Corps of Cadets and look forward to your maximum participation in the WFHS JROTC program.

Saul Gonzalez

MAJ, IN (Retired)

Senior Army Instructor

I have read the JROTC course syllabus and discussed its contents with my child. We both understand the contents and that it is the student’s responsibility to abide by it.

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“To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens”