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I. Agency Info

a. Agency name

Optimum Advertising

b. Agency philosophy / beliefs

At Optimum Advertising, your business becomes our business. In a good way. Our small little shop allows us to prioritize your hopes and dreams in not-so-small proportions. Our mission is to communicate the pride that you have in your business and, ultimately, connect you to the people through memorable and successful advertising. While staying true to the traditional means of advertising, we have also implemented innovative, digital strategies to help businesses like yours thrive. This strategic balance has guaranteed us client success time and time again.

Unlike other agencies, we see you for who you are. And that is NOT one of 400 other brands. You will NOT be speaking with one of our 100 representatives and you will NOT be one of 50 that we have to “get back to”. We guarantee that you will not get lost within our agency, literally and figuratively speaking. You will be made key priority and all of your advertising and marketing needs will be satisfied in a prompt and efficient manner.

c. Why you are perfect for the business? What will you bring that no other agency can?

We are perfect for the business in that we are a creative agency fit for your creative brand. We are eager to hear your ideas and will be more than happy to offer you some of our own. Our commitment to you is unbeatable. As an agency we treat our clients as direct cohorts, and work with you using our measurable interpersonal skills.

II. Market and Client Brand/Product landscape

a. Business Category information

All brands contributing to the paint industry must stay aware of the recent housing market crash and overall economic downturn. Fortunately, patterns are showing signs of stabilization. This could indicate a growth in paint purchases. Glidden has the opportunity to appeal to consumers by keeping in mind the “family on budget”. Creative advertising and promotional strategies could be used to relay the message that Glidden is a trusted, reliable brand that is priced to meet the needs of consumers who are trying to save money.

b. Client

i. Current Advertising/Marketing Communications

Today, Glidden is advertised (and sold) with the idea that painting is easy. It’s now portrayed as colorful and encouraging, promoting confidence through the most recent “Everyone Can Paint” campaign. This is a huge step forward from Glidden’s old advertising that, for example, in one commercial featured a typical woman painting her house while smiling for no reason. Glidden has also recently broadened to include interactive and social media advertising. In one such effort, Glidden invited painters to upload a photo of themselves to the brand’s home page for the chance to be one of 50 painters whose photo was featured on the Times Square Jumbotron last year.

According to PR Newswire, “the ‘Everyone Can Paint’ campaign (developed by DDB New York and its European partner ETCETERA) celebrates the reluctant or unexpected painter by demonstrating that with Glidden, anyone can paint and love the results.”


These “reluctant” or “unexpected” painters have been featured in, often humorous and feel-good commercials, as: nuns, cowboys, children, etc.

The Glidden products that communication should be focused on include:

- Glidden EZ Track Ceiling Paint (goes on pink, dries on white)

- Glidden Trim & Door Paint

- All Glidden 2 IN 1 and 3 IN 1 Paint Products

- Glidden Team Colors (during various athletic seasons)

c. Current Brand Positioning.

Glidden’s current message states that painting doesn’t have to be left only to the professionals. It can be fun and easy for everyone. Glidden provides all of the necessary tools, tips, and tricks for anyone to be able to pick up a paintbrush and “get going”. This message has, thus far, been successful amongst consumers. Glidden will soon need a new message or new advertising to uphold its status.

d. Current Brand Equity /Product SWOT.

The “Everyone Can Paint” campaign, while encouraging, may seem too much like grasping at ANYONE to buy the brand. This campaign makes it difficult to target a demographic, as everyone is the target demographic. This also makes the possibility of reaching everyone through advertising very challenging and costly.

Another communication problem is that consumers may find it difficult to differentiate Glidden from other DIY brands such as Valspar and Olympic.

Glidden is unique.

It has followed people through their painting journeys since 1875 and remains one of the top brands in the painting industry today. This is an advantage that Glidden has over competing brands and could potentially serve as the start of a new successful “timeline” campaign, in which different generations are shown painting with Glidden. This will set it apart from competitors and give it a new edge.

III. Competitive Analysis

Sherwin Williams:

Sherwin-Williams is the largest paint conglomerate in the United States. Sherwin-Williams has an edge on other paint companies since it's not only the most successful painting company nation wide, but it's also one of the biggest producers of product in the world. Sherwin-Williams has managed to remain relevant throughout it's entire run which extends over a hundred years. Sherwin-Williams uses marketing in order to implement new approaches to its brand image. This includes an extension to their product line called the Emerald Paint Collection. Emerald Paint Collection has a product line consisting of sophisticated acrylic latex paint. Sherwin-Williams reaches its audience through viral videos, television ads, print ads, and online marketing tools such as apps and color sequencers. Although Sherwin-Williams is synonymous with painting professionals, they are taking a different route at expanding to newer audiences. The company recently developed an app called Colorsnap for Iphone users which lets users implement color to a particular photo to see how it would look in a real life setting. This kind of innovation is what sets Sherwin-Williams apart from its competitors.


Valspar is a paint manufacturer that operates as a host for multiple brand extensions such as Plati-Kote, House of Kolor, Cabot Stain, and Barn and Fence. Something Glidden has to consider is that they're in the same price category as Valspar. Meaning, they have to differentiate themselves in order to be the prime choice when considering purchasing paint products. Most paint companies focus on the paint and what they have to offer. Valspar takes an unconventional approach by focusing more on aesthetic and abstract feel of the paint. Valspar has a very broad demographic and is typically the choice for artists and "self-doers". Valspar is commended for their vibrant and attention to detail in their paint.


Behr is one of the more recognizable painting manufacturers in the world. What makes this brand so appealing is that it's easy to find, and at a fixed rate that buyers agree with. This is troublesome to Glidden because the brands are very similar, and loyalty that might've gone to Glidden will go to Behr due to the closeness in features and rates for products. The main problem for Glidden and paint companies in general is that customers are typically not picky so unless a brand stands out it's fair game for any company. Behr has a very diverse product line with over 1800 colors in their versatile paints. Behr recently modified their brand image and introduced Behr's Premium Ultra, which is an easier application for interior and exterior surfaces. Behr takes a different approach to advertising in the form of print ads. Print ads aren't as noteworthy in today's rapid technological world. But to their credit Behr makes sure these ads are stylish, informative and insightful.

Painting alternatives:

These are things like vinyl decals and doing other home decorating as an alternative to painting. These things are seen as faster, easier, potentially cheaper and less permanent ways to decorate an interior space. These unique “solutions” are a big threat to a brand like Glidden because customers of Glidden are looking for these qualities when they make their buying decisions.

IV. Target Segmentation & Insight

a. Who is our core consumer (demographics, psychographics, brand attitude/usage)?

Glidden’s core consumer is the DIY-er. We will be targeting consumers from ages 18 to 45 who are in the lower to middle socioeconomic class. New families, couples and individuals who are homeowners, or first time home buyers are a great target market for a paint company that sells a lower priced paint.

Research shows that most first time home buyers age is averaged at 31 years old. Individuals and families under 35 years of age typically rent their homes. Renters are able to paint walls in their homes, which is why we are still targeting a younger consumer. A study completed in 2011 shows that the majority of consumers “undertook their own interior painting (84%) and interior/exterior staining (86%).”

The younger target market (millennials) is connected through social media, blogs, and their smartphones. Moms are also spending a lot of time on “mommy blogs” and social media websites.

b. Consumer “day in the life”

The target market is most likely a conscious spender when it comes to buying clothes, house products, etc with a DIY outlook on home projects. It’s highly possible they watch shows on networks such as HGTV which shows a lot of home improvement projects which could serve as inspiration to the consumer to paint their home. Additionally networks like Bravo and TLC are targeted towards women are also major channels the consumer would watch. The subcategory of the target market is millennials, who live in a world consumed by technology, therefore, they spend a lot of time on the internet looking at Pinterest and Tumblr as well as other blogs for ideas for their home. They also spend time interacting with and learning about brands through their websites.

c. Target Collage


d. What they say about our brand now?

Many consumers have positive reviews about Glidden products. Majority of people say that the paint provides good coverage and requires at most, only two coats.

Quote from Blog:

“Because of this experience, I can tell you with the utmost certainty that when Glidden says their DUO Paint + Primer can help you get great results while saving you time and money, they are telling you the truth.”

There are also consumers with negative reviews, saying that Glidden paint peels off the walls after a few days and has poor coverage.

e. What they could say and do about our brand if plan the advertising right.

A study conducted in 2010 that 7% of consumers who painted their home in the past 12 months used Glidden Paint. That same survey showed that 31% of consumers who painted their home in the past 12 months used Behr paint. With effective advertising, we can move Glidden from fourth place to be number 1. We need to make it easier for the customer to paint their homes. Glidden has provided a paint and primer in one, which most consumers say is great. Other Glidden cans need to provide clear instructions and warnings to use a proper priming technique to avoid issues such as peeling paint.

We want current and potential consumers to think that Glidden is a top of the line product that is more affordable than Glidden’s competitors. We want the consumers to think that Glidden is just as good as Behr and other brands in quality. We also want consumers to feel that Glidden cares about its customers and that it provides excellent customer service, to build customer relationships. We want consumers to associate Glidden as the number one preference when they want to paint their home.

f. What are the trends among our consumers outside the category that may affect our business?

For consumer’s above age 45, research shows that there is trend of hiring professional workers. Also, higher income families are more likely to hire professional workers to paint their homes, which affects Glidden’s ability to appeal to this market. A 2011 study shows that most singles 18+ years of age are more likely to hire a professional painter to paint their home.

g. How can Glidden satisfy emotional and/or rational needs of the target audience(s)?

Glidden can satisfy emotional needs of the target audiences through bringing awareness to consumers that:

1. Glidden cares to build relationships with customers. Glidden can provide and advertise that customer service will take responsibility for any negative experiences the customers incurl, rather than blaming the consumer.

2. Glidden can also bring awareness to consumers that it is a safe paint, which will not harm you or your family.

3. Glidden cares about the community and participates in bettering communities through certain actions, such as sponsoring AAF’s 2013 National Student Advertising Competition and creating the Paint Your Town sponsorship in Pittsburgh.

Glidden can satisfy the rational needs of the target audience through:

1. Lower pricing, which Glidden paint is currently sold at a lower price than its competitors.

2. Top quality, which Glidden paint has improved its paint over the years and currently consumers rate that Glidden has good coverage and is long lasting.

V. Messaging strategy and other proposals for our business

a. Communications opportunities

With new media, there are many new opportunities to reach our target. Social networks such as Pinterest and Facebook will help give leverage to the Glidden brand.

Because Social media has become such a crucial part of communication and advertising in our world today we have decided to spend much of our time and money communicating through this medium. We would like to use websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and perhaps get a little face time on some of the major blogging websites. The social media world will give us most of the success that we are looking to have.

b. Brand Positioning

We want Glidden to be the brand that isn’t just viewed as a paint. We want change, new beginnings, and new lives to be associated with Glidden. Glidden is the paint that people use to start their new lives.