COURSE: Geometry Honors

TEACHER: Ms. Alderson email:


TEXT:Geometry, Larson, McDougal Littel 2007

Textbook Website: Code:2500164-40

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will cover plane and solid Euclidean Geometry, and coordinate Geometry. This course is designed to be a rigorous college preparatory honors course. The purpose of this course is to instill in the student an overall appreciation of mathematics as a discipline and expose the student to the subtlety and variety of mathematics many facets: problems, ideas, methods, and solutions.

SUPPLIES: Students will need to come to class prepared everyday with a supply of paper, pens, pencils and their covered book. A compass will be required for many classroom activities. It will be useful for students to have their own calculator; a scientific calculator will suffice for this course. Colored pencils and scissors are very useful for many notes and activities. It is important that students know their computer and Zangle passwords at all times.


The following information can be found online on the WHS website

Class Policies, Course Description, chapter HW Schedules, test dates and reviews, worksheets, helpful documents and webpage links.


Homeworkis given daily and will be checked the following day. A homework quiz will be given at the end of each chapter. See for HW help. The password is conejo123.

Classwork is given daily and may be checked or collected at the end of the period. Classwork may consist of class notes, group work, or individual practice problems.

Quizzes are given very rarely and may contain multiple-choice, true/false, and free response type questions.

Tests are given at the end of each chapter and consist of mostly free response questions with a few multiple-choice or true/false questions. Test questions will be a mix of questions similar to those on homework, classwork, and worksheets as well as questions that cover the chapter topics but are new to the student. There will be about 6 tests during each semester.

Projects may be given several times during the semester. These may be individual, group, or partner projects and involve the use of computer programs.

Final The semester final will cover all topics covered during the semester.

Extra Credit There will be several opportunities for extra-credit assigned to the entire class. Students may also participate in Math Club for extra credit. No more than 10 points extra credit may be earned in one semester. If a student is unable to complete an extra-credit assignment for any reason no make-up assignments are given.

GRADES: Grades are based on overall points for the entire semester:

Grades can be checked at any time on I update them regularly. Students must maintain a B- by the first quarter and at all subsequent grading periods to remain in honors. Students not maintaining a B- by the grading periods indicated may be moved to a CP class. Please be aware that changing levels/classes depends on space availability in other classes across the curriculum and may require switching the order and teachers of the student’s classes.

  • Classwork and Homework: 1 pointeach
  • Homework Quizzes: 12 points
  • Tests: 100 points
  • Projects: 10-50 points
  • Final: 200 points

90%-100% A

80%-90% B

70%-80% C

60%-70% D

Below 60% F