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(This is a complement to the document intended for the Bachelors in Communication: RESSOURCES AUDIO/VIDEO EN ANGLAIS AVEC TRANSCRIPTIONS)

TECHNOLOGY in general

  • BBC Technology news
  • The Economist

Subjects / Science and technology / Tech.view

Extremely clear British pronunciation. Downloadable mp3 + link to article (= transcript)

  • Scientific American videos (Technology)

I(C)T & CE (Information (and Communication) Technology & Consumer Electronics)

Transcripts available

  • Videojug: Computers

(Transcript: click on Text version)

  • BBC: subtitled version of the Click TV programme (very poor definition, bad sound)

(requires Internet Explorer) Watch out for the «Last updated » date: the latest episodes are not available in subtitled version yet.

Click programme without subtitles(esp. latest episodes) + links to articles:

! The latest episode can also be watched (much better definition) here (by clicking on the Click link on the right of the screen)

Video archive:

(don’t click on the Archive link on the Click home page: no details about programmes)

Webscapeseries (link on the Click home page) : «a weekly selection of the best sites on the World Wide Web». Full transcripts. Archive.

  • DL.TV

American. Details about the contents of each episode, including transcript of the questions asked - unfortunately no transcript of the answers.

  • PC 911 training videos

American. Not really up-to-date, but…

No transcript

  • Teach-ICT(a site for ICT teachers): video tutorials

British. Not all tutorials with sound. Word, Excel and PowerPoint tutorials with sound.

  • Teach-ICT : BBC video news reports

Links to lots of IT-related news reports - some links may not work. Dates not always mentioned.

  • BBC Technology news: Future directions in computing (Nov. 2007): links to several videos
  • The Guardian Tech Weekly podcast

British. Downloadable mp3 (+/- 30 min programmes). Click on the title link to read details about the programme.

  • VNUnet

British. Video programmes and (daily?) news podcast(presenter hesitates a lot) : bottom of the page, «Latest audio». Short episodes (< 5 min).

  • PRI (Public Radio International, Boston) + BBC World Service

American. Short audio programmes (< 5 min), most of them IT-related.

  • Special video features from PC Magazine

American. Links to several shows: Video Product Reviews (= +/- 3 min clips, recommended), DL.TV (see above), What’s new now, CrankyGeeks, Video Tech Tips… Archives: detailed summaries of episodes + links to articles in various magazines, incl. PC Magazine.

  • How Stuff Works computer videos

American. Links to several series: Science Channel (esp. It’s all geek to me), Lab Rats…

  • New York Times videos (Channels / Technology / David Pogue) - serious AND funny.
  • USA Today videos (Talking Tech tab)
  • BBC Radio Wales: Mousemat, «your weekly guide to technology», approx. 30 min.

You can listen again online on the BBC iPlayer radio for 7 days after each programme is broadcast.

  • BBC Digital Planet, weekly radio programme: «How digital technology affects our lives around the world». Downloadable podcast.
  • Try also…

(try various keywords: IT, computer, computer science, hardware, network, Intel, Wi-Fi…)

  • A list of IT and hardware podcasts (> 500! Good luck if you want to test them all…):

Commercial sites:

  • Intel

(esp. Chip-chat podcasts, +/- 5 min clips)

  • D-Link

(esp. Digital Home D.I.Y. videos, mainly about networking) etc….

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