What IS that WORD??

Developed by

Kellie Clarkson



§  Academic - Students review content vocabulary (geography terms) by naming the definition and choosing a picture to represent it from the Clip Art file.

§  Technological – Students practice skills in constructing a Power Point presentation (including inserting headings & photos and deciding on backgrounds & transitions)

Timeline: The students will need two 30 – 45 min. sessions, depending on their comfort with the geography terms and experience with Power Point presentations.

Teachers will need to print out the Student Worksheet (2 pages).

Content Area: Social Studies (Geography Terms) / Grade Level: 3
PowerPoint Template; worksheet; computer lab
If students do not have a good working knowledge of geographical vocabulary, charts, atlases, etc. may be used. / Technology Focus:
Subject Area –§113.5.4A
Technology Applications - §126.3.2(B,C,D); §126.3.3A; §126.3.7A


1.  Students open the PowerPoint template.

2.  Students insert their name on slide one.

3.  Students use word list to help pick the best geography vocabulary word for the remaining slides, and then use that word to insert clip art.

4.  Students may modify their slide show with transitions & backgrounds.

5.  Students save their slide show.

6.  Students print out their slide show in handout form, 6 slides per page.


The picture and word should match the given geographical definition on student handouts.

§  students may work as partners
§  students may have definitions and word lists read to them
§  definitions may be simplified vocabulary
§  students may choose a smaller number of words to complete
§  this exercise is helpful for ELL students who benefit from having a visual to learn vocabulary
§  teachers may use this idea with any vocabulary list that can either be drawn (ex. geometric shapes) or found in clip art, teacher created files, etc.
§  student work can be shown as class presentation to review whole class
§  student presentations can be linked to a teacher’s website