How to Style a Scarf

The ‘Suzanne clip by Suzanne Paul’ has been designed to help you create a successful wardrobe. You don’t need a lot of clothes to look ‘well dressed’ ….. just the right accessories. Using the ‘Suzanne clip’ you can turn a simple black dress into a stunning outfit…..or an old pair of shoes into the latest fashion.

Invent yourself a clip similar to the ‘Suzanne clip’ or look around at your local flea markets. I am sure you will find something. Then practice these ways to fold a scarf or invent your own fold. If you never folded a scarf before, these handy tips will get you going! Create a style that’s chic and elegant. All it takes is a little practice…..

Susan Barnes – Managing Director of Suzanne Paul

The Secrets in the Fold

Scarves come in many shapes and sizes and the square scarf is one of the most popular and versatile. If you're quite petite, then try using a small or medium square scarf instead of the larger size.

Folding your scarves the right way can completely change your outfit.

Simple Tie

If you have a plain outfit that needs a splash of colour to bring it to life, then try using your square scarf. Fold your square to a triangle. Fold the point side down to half. Roll the remaining scarf down. This gives you an oblong shape. Drape the scarf around your neck. Open the clip and insert the ends of the scarf down through a scarf ring. Slide the ring up to your neck.

Simple Bow

Fold your square to a rectangle and drape it around your neck with the folded edge at your neck. Pull the folded corners down through the ring. Close the clip and arrange the ends to form a bow. For a larger bow, open the clip and pull through all four corners. Close clip. Pull top edge of bow to tighten. Wear it straight or to the side for a more casual look.

The Basic Ascot

This is an easy one for beginners. Fold a square scarf into a triangle and drape it around the shoulders. Open the clip and push both ends through the heart shaped back. Make sure the design faces away from you. Slide the clip up to the top of the chest and close. Grasp the outer edges. Pull the scarf gently on either side of the clip, so that it slides up towards the neck.

From the Basic Ascot you can make the following styles.

The Side Ascot

Open the clip and take the style around to the side, loosening the scarf to fill in the neckline, and attach to the shoulder using the bar pin. This style looks particularly elegant with a plain sweater.

The Fill-in Collar

This is a style to wear underneath a jacket or coat, as you get a smooth finish at the back. And it not only looks smart, but stops you getting make-up on your collar as well.


A.  Fold a square scarf in half, then pick it up by opposite corners, so that you have a W shape, and drape it around the shoulders.

B.  Push both ends down through the heart-shaped back.

C.  Close clip, and pull the scarf on either side so that it fans out.

D.  It forms a neat, smooth finish at the back - so you can just pop your jacket on top!

The Side Collar

This is a favourites which works better with a small square scarf. This style looks fabulous over a plain sweater or dress. This style is the same as for the fill-in collar, but instead of leaving the style to the front, take it around to the side. You now have the clip to the side - the scarf has the same point at the front and the same point at the back. You can secure this style to your shoulder using the bar pin ... very smart!

The Smoke Ring

This style is absolutely stunning, when worn with a jacket, it shows how you can transform a simple scarf into a blouse front.


Fold a large square scarf into a triangle and tie ends A and B together. Pop this over your head with the knot at the back - and tuck the ends in. Take the material on either side of the clip and pull gently. The more material you pull through - the bigger the smoke ring. Pick up the scarf at point C - push about four inches of material through the clip back and close it.

The Head Wrap

Fold a large square scarf into a triangle, wrap around the head, then again around the neck. Pull the ends through the ring and close the clip. Pull to tighten.


The Dutch Bonnet

This is ideal for keeping your hairstyle in place when it's blowing a gale, and it looks smart too!

A ------B

Fold a square in half taking the bottom to the top. Now fold the top flat only down to the bottom edge. Pick up by the folded edges and turn over with folded edge A-B at the top. Bring down corners A and B to the centre to form a triangle. Roll up from the bottom edge to the required size.


Now lift up and place on your head. Now push the ends through the clip and snap down.

Using Your Bar Pin

You can use your bar pin to hold a style in place, no matter how active you are. Your clip makes a beautiful brooch at the neck of a blouse or ... attach the bar pin to the side of a dress or jacket, and slide the clip over the top.

A Perfect Bow Every Time

Use an oblong scarf to make a bow. It looks elegant yet so simple to make.

A.  Drape an oblong scarf around the shoulders, and level it up at the bottom.

B.  Pick up both sides (the inside edges) at the top of the chest.

C.  Push about two inches of material down through the back of the clip and close it.

D.  Separate the two puffs of material, one to either side and pull gently.

E.  Keep pulling until the bow is at the neck and wear with a buttoned up blouse.

F.  For evenings, try taking the style around to the side and secure to the shoulder with the bar pin.


The Low Bow

Make a bow, but instead of pulling the bow up towards the neck, push it down and wear loosely below the chest, this looks great with a Vneck blouse.

Princess Bow

This style uses the same technique as for a low bow but with a square scarf.

A.  Fold a square scarf into a triangle and drape around the shoulders. Grasp the inside edges at the top of the chest.

B.  Push both edges down through the clip back, about two inches - and close the clip.

C.  Separate the two puffs of material and pull the right edge to the right, and the left edge to the left.

D.  As you pull - the bow becomes larger, and the clip moves up towards the neck.

E.  Pulling the top of the bow takes it up to the neck. Pulling the bottom of the bow makes a shorter tail and larger bow.

More Styles with the Oblong Scarf

If you have an oblong scarf that is quite wide, try folding it in half (width ways). This will give a softer fuller bow. Try wrapping your oblong scarf once around the neck before making your bow. This will make a neater smaller bow with shorter ends. Fold your oblong scarf in half lengthways and drape around the shoulders. Pick up the bottom inside edges and push through the clip back about three inches, and close. Pull gently either side of the clip to form a bow. This makes a lovely neat collar, fabulous with a plain dress or underneath a jacket.

Easy Oblongs

Soft Drape

Place your scarf around the neck and thread both ends through the clip. Slide up halfway and close - attach to the shoulder using your bar pin.

Ruffle Bow

For this style you need a wide oblong scarf, drape it around the shoulders. Pick up both inside edges of the material at the top of the chest and push through the clip about two inches and close. This will give a large soft bow, with a ruffle underneath.

Knotted Drape

Make three knots at evenly spaced intervals along the scarf and drape around the neck. Hold the ends together, pull through the clip and close. Clip to your neck edge or use your bar pin.

The Long Tie

A.  Fold your oblong scarf in half to make it shorter.

B.  Place it around the neck and push the open ends through the fold.

C.  Insert the two ends down through the clip back and slide it right up to the throat and close it.

D.  This makes a simple tie which looks great with a plain blouse.

E.  Take this style around to the side and secure to the shoulder using your bar pin.

A Half Bow

Fold your scarf in half again as with the Long Tie but this time, push the folded edge, and the two ends through the clip. Slide the clip up to the neck and close. Wear to the side for an elegant sophisticated look!

The Equestrian

Use a small square scarf for this style, and wear with an open neck blouse. Make your scarf into a triangle and place around the front with the point at the front. Still holding onto the two ends, cross them over at the back and bring around to the front. Push both ends down through the clip and close. Fan out the edges to either side of the clip. Do the same procedure with a large square scarf, and let it hang loosely around the neck. This looks very chic over a plain dress.

The Shawl

The classic shawl. A large lightweight wool square that looks fabulous in the winter, worn over a jacket or coat, or for summer evenings to take the chill off. As with the Princess bow, pulling only a small amount of material through.



Wear to the Front Or to the Side

For evening use a light lacy shawl.

Be Daring ... take it all the way around to the back!

The Sarong

A very versatile item to take with you on holiday is the Sarong.

It can be worn during the day or "dressed up" for special evenings.

Wrap your Sarong around and hold the uppermost corners out in front with one hand. Grasp the upper edge midway with the other hand, and pull down through the ring of your clip. Close the clip and pull your top edge to a bow. You can also take this style round to the side for a different look. The skirt can either be worn with a swimsuit or bikini during the day ... or try wearing it to the side over a silky top. For hot nights! Fasten with your scarf clip and make a bow at the front. This style looks fabulous day or night, and is very easy to achieve. Hold the Sarong under the left arm, drape it across your body and under right arm, and bring the back over the left shoulder. Release the front corner and insert the corners of the fabric down through the clip and close.

Something Different

Turn a plain dress into a designer outfit with the bow or the long tie.

Use a scarf or a piece of material to make a headband, in the winter wear it over the ears to keep them warm! Add your clip to an evening dress to add a touch of glamour. If you wear a side fastening dress or skirt - use your clip to fasten.


Turn old Shoes into Elegant Shoes

Attach your clip onto a handbag. Make your hat match any outfit, for a day at the races! Wear a large T-Shirt over leggings, and thread the clip through at the side. Also looks fabulous over a swimsuit.