Home FellowshipManual for the week ofAugust 21,2016

(Based on Sermon by Reverend David Edosa)


Scripture Text:Psalm 1:3


What season am I in? We as a group can be in a particular season, but you as an individual can be in a different season. Even in our country, there are different seasons. Each of us must identify the season we are in because in every season we have to produce fruit. What am I producing in my season right now?

Points of Discussion

The fruit that we need to bring forth in whatever season we find ourselves in- Galatians 5:22

God wants us to produce the fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. (Read I Corinthians 13:4-8)

When God is talking about Fruit, He is talking about character. In our season, when tested, we must produce a character.

God created us in His image Genesis 1:27. In every season the enemy seeks to cause us to have a different image of ourselves.

God is the One writing our story – Hebrews 12:2- the question is what season and what chapter are you in.

God creates the character- Genesis 1:27

God knows the character- Jeremiah 1:5

The Writer is the One who determines the end of the character Proverbs 19:21

Things you need to know

No season is permanent- they always change.

Only God remains the same, therefore, we need to see ourselves in His image.

Always reclaim your image in God because our seasons cause us to question ourselves.

The fruit of the flesh always drives us away from the fruit of the Spirit. We must intentionally move towards the fruit of the Spirit.

Only God can turn things around and only He has the final say.

Everything you put in competition with God, dies, therefore, put Him in the center of your life and let everything revolve around Him.

The counsel of God will always stand.

God writes in chapters and in seasons

Man cannot finish your faith, because God is the Author and Finisher of your faith.


It is important to recognize the season we are in. God is the One who wrote the script of our life. We must read the Word of God to know the lines in our script (2 Timothy 2:15). Good actors, become the character in their script. As we read the Word, our character is formed by the word. God is the one who wrote and continues to write our script and our story is not done yet!

Better is the end of a matter than the beginning!