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  • Identifies final inspection as an activity on original schedule.
  • Confirms inspection date two weeks prior to the final inspection request.
  • Notifies Construction Coordinator in writing that the Project is complete and ready for final inspection. (See division 1, Section 01400 for details.)
  • Coordinates Consultant pre-inspection review to ensure project is ready for inspection.
  • NOTE: If the area does not appear to be ready, as determined by the Architect/Engineer:
  • A brief list of major items will be identified by the Architect/Engineer and forwarded to the Contractor for correction.
  • Once the Contractor has corrected the deficiencies listed, they may again request a final inspection.
  • Schedules final inspection of each area in concert with the Contractor
  • NOTE: Inspection schedule should allow sufficient time for correction of work and subsequent re-inspection.
  • Coordinates inspection of project for compliance with contract documents and approved shop drawings.
  • Includes necessary parties in inspection.
  • Reviews all punch lists with Consultant and Project Manager as required to confirm contractual responsibility
  • Informs Client Department, Project Manager, and others, of any item requested that is not in construction contract.
  • Consolidates individual punch lists into a master list with discrete item reference numbers.
  • NOTE: Although it is not always possible to have a single punch list, an effort should be made to complete and consolidate as much as possible.
  • Includes all contract requirement deficiencies such as functional test problems, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, as-builts,” etc.
  • Accepts list and/or negotiates alternative to correction
  • Completes correction of all deficiencies
  • Advises Owner’s Representative/Construction Coordinator when work is complete and requests re-inspection
  • Submits Owner’s original Punch List with certification that all items have been corrected by signing and dating correction of each item.
  • Confirms that each item on master list is completed, records dates and inspector’s initials
  • Informs Contractor that re-inspection is complete or that the process has been terminated because the items have not been sufficiently corrected
  • Informs Contractor in writing of the items that are outstanding and why the process has been terminated and establishes a time limit for correction and re-inspection
  • May request reimbursement from Contractor if more than one re-inspection is required
  • Sends copy of completed punch list record to originator
  • Advises Manager when that phase of work is completed and ready for Substantial Completion.

CPO Policies and Procedures

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