Board of Directors

July 12, 2017

Yampa River State Park

Hayden, Colorado

Members Attending: Bob Grover, Lu Etta Loeber, Fred Wolf, Tom Soos, Michael Turner, Debbie Beckett, Julie Pearce, and by phone - Susie Baird

Members Excused:Dennis Kuntz, Terry Jost, Jeff Dockstader, and Beth Davison

Staff Present: Susan Mizen, Matt Morrill, and Tatum Heath

Call to Order

Bob Grover called the meeting to order.

Bob acknowledged Ginny Cannon’s death and our sadness. Horizons was well represented at the celebration of her life. We are planning ways to keep her memory alive starting with the ice cream social on August 25th at the Oak Street office. A tree will be planted in her memory.

He congratulated Meghan McNamara for being selected as one of Steamboat’s emerging leaders in the 20 Under 40 award.

Bob also spoke about concerns raised by proposed cuts and caps in the Senate’s health care plan. The current plan includes cuts to federal funding for Medicaid long term care services, like those Horizons provides. States would be in a position to make up the shortfall if they can afford to.

Julie Pearce was presented with a Horizons vest as a thank you gift for her board service.

Approval of Minutes

Motion: “To approve the board meeting minutes from June 14, 2017.”

First: Michael Turner

Second: Julie Pearce

The motion passed unanimously.

Director’s Report

Personnel: Ginny Cannon, the coordinator for our Milestones Day Program, passed away July 3rd. Ginny worked at Horizons for almost 20 years. There was a celebration of her life on Saturday, July 8th at Olympian Hall.

The Leadership Team attended Alliance’s Summit in June. It was a great opportunity to hear from national speakers and network with colleagues. Rep Bob Rankin was honored as Alliance’s legislator of the year. Susan will invite him to the board luncheon in August.

Horizons decided to act as an employer of record for students in job placements with DVR.

Our health insurance broker is researching partially self-insured plans. Our renewal date is 9/1/17.

All staff retraining day in Craig is July 13th.

Horizons changed carriers for auto insurance. The new carrier will cover drivers under 21 years old as long as they are the exception. The premium is less than last fiscal year.

Sylvia McFeaters attended refresher training for the Supports Intensity Scale. She is our only approved interviewer for this important process.

Program: We have a vacancy at the Soda Creek Apartments. One of the tenants moved into the new apartments on Elk River Road with a friend who is in the SLS program. Staff have recommended someone to fill the vacancy but the final decision has not been made.

The local Mile High Down Syndrome group is bringing Sarah Mann, a PT from Denver, back to Steamboat to work with school aged children. While she is here, she will do an evaluation for a man in our Steamboat adult program.

Dan Comstock will return to Steamboat the week of July 24th for more vocal workshops. His trip coincides with a sensory concert hosted by Strings in the Mountains on Tuesday, July 25th.

HCPF surveyed Horizons Case Management services at the end of June. Their sample was 57 adults which is equivalent to 70% of the adults in our program. Amy and our adult Case Managers were so organized that they left one day early. Their findings will include updates to our policies.

Both Craig and Steamboat hosted the Ability Experience cyclists. These college-aged men stop in Craig and Steamboat each summer as they bike across the country to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

Steamboat held two fire safety days with the fire department.

Wanda Ashbaugh and Cathy Barnhart are working on a training curriculum for medication administration. Our curriculum must be approved by the Colorado health department.

We continue to receive food from The Cabin as part of the Food Recovery Network.

Resource Development:A new Subaru was purchased for our staff in Meeker using funds from an $8000 USDA grant.

The procurement process with CDOT is underway to purchase a new wheelchair van.

Horizons’ three Moffat County Special Olympians were featured in the Craig Daily Press.

State News: Horizons submitted a letter requesting a rural exception to the conflict free case management rule. Board members were provided with a copy of the letter. The counties Horizons serves are designated as rural or frontier.

Many advocacy groups are educating their members about potential cuts to Medicaid long term care funding for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). Group homes and the SLS program are HCBS. Horizons has not taken a position as an agency but a number of our employees have chosen to take action to make sure our delegation in Washington DC is aware of the impact the cuts would have on vulnerable people.Alliance has taken a position against the current language in the draft.

Board News:Members received the current draft for Board of Directors Orientation and BOD Expectations. The board supports the new wording. No motion is necessary.

Susan reviewed plans for the board’s annual luncheon in August. The regular board meeting will be held in Craig followed by a luncheon at the Breeze Street Day Program at 626 Breeze Street. The luncheon will be catered by one of the Pick a Dish restaurants – Hatten Enterprises. Board members encouraged Susan to expand the guest list to include major businesses and service clubs.

The Bylaws may not need to be revised since they already support the requirements of the transparency bill. There are sections that are outdated due to references to the Department of Human Services and the old statute. The board does not see this as a priority right now.

The slate of officers is:

President: Bob Grover

Vice President: Terry Jost

Treasurer: Dennis Kuntz

Secretary:Lu Etta Loeber

Bob informed the board that he will evaluate his ability to remain in the presidency on a year by year basis. Terry Jost is prepared to assume the presidency when needed.

Fred encouraged all board members to think about people who could be recruited to serve on the board. Fred also asked Susan to research the wording in the bylaws that prohibits staff from being members of the board.

Susan handed out the most recent version of the Strategic Goal Tracking form.

Housing: The exterior painting at Oak Street is done. Pinnacol Painting did a great job.

The sewer line at Rose Street is done.

Tree trimming was done at several Craig facilities.

Moffat County has a handyman who is working on several projects including demolition of the gazebo at Rainbow and roof repairs at Breeze Street.

At the August board meeting, Lynne will give the board a preview of FY17-18 priorities.

Tom asked staff to consider a better cooling system at Breeze Street. Currently, they use one window air conditioner that has to be removed each night for security reasons. Staff was asked to do an inventory of cooling systems at facilities in Craig.

Finance Report

Matt reviewed the financials and noted that Horizons is in solid financial shape. We are currently $60,000 under budget on the revenue side and $142,000 under budget on the expense side. We spent $90,000 of the $100,000 in the capital budget.

Motion: “To approve the financials through April 30, 2017.”

First: Lu Etta Loeber

Second: Fred Wolf

The motion passed unanimously.

It was noted that our worker’s comp premium will increase over the next few years due to the number and cost of our worker’s comp claims in 2016. Tom told the board that the City of Craig received a grant for a regional ambulance service that could reduce the need for air ambulance from Steamboat or Craig to Denver or Grand Junction.

Program Presentation

Tatum gave the board a presentation about the Settings Rule. The health department did an onsite visit to assess our readiness for the new rule. He noted that while we are in complete agreement with the main elements of the rule, applying them could be problematic. The four main elements are:

  1. Rights and Autonomy
  2. Informed Choice
  3. Community Integration
  4. Institutional Characteristics

There are provisions for suspension of individual rights if a health and safety issue exists. The requirements for community integration could impact how day programs look.

The surveyors were very pleased with how integrated the people who live at Maple Street are in our community - so much so that they requested a tour of Milestones. Tatum told the board that one of the last things Ginny did was to meet with the surveyors to describe Milestones and all the things they do as part of day program. She did an amazing job and the surveyors were even more impressed.

Next steps in fully implementing the Settings Rule are to 1) create Program Transition Plans (PTPs) for each site, 2) update policies and procedures, and 3) continue our efforts to make our day programs as progressive, creative and integrated as possible.

The board thanked Tatum for his presentation.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.


Motion: “To adjourn the meeting,”

First: Fred Wolf

Second: Michael Turner

The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.