Steel Pre-Hung Pedestrian Gate

Chain Link or Ornamental Filler Materials

With entry/exit & closer options



A.  This Section includes design, fabrication & installation criteria and detail for Pre-Hung Pedestrian Swing Gates: Ornamental or Chain Link


A.  ASTM F 900-05: Standard Specification for Industrial and Commercial Swing Gates. (2.02)

B.  ASTM F 1083-06: Specification for pipe, steel, hot-dipped zinc-coated (galvanized) welded, for fence structures. (2.02)

C.  ASTM F 2200-05: Standard Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction (2.02 F).

D.  U.L. 325: Safety Standards by Underwriters Laboratory. (2.02 F).

E.  AWS D1.1/D1.1M: American Welding Society Structural Welding Code. (1.03D & 2.01F)


A.  Changes in specifications may not be made after the published date of bid.

B.  Shop drawings of fences and gates with all dimensions, details, and finishes. Drawings must include post and cross-brace foundations.

C.  Product data: Manufacturer's catalog indicating materials and a letter certifying that all conditions of the specifications have been met.

D.  AWS welding procedure specifications. See 2.01G. (upon request)



A.  The gate shall be a Jamieson Series 8000 Pre-Hung Pedestrian Gate as manufactured by JAMIESON MANUFACTURING CO. 12300-A Amelia Drive, Houston, TX 77045; PH: (888) 286-3362

B.  Gate type is a fabricated single drive swing gate and post frame, fully assembled and wired with all access control features. Any and all specific design requirements must be included in detailed drawings.

C.  Substitution of products from other manufacturers who possess documented industry experience in the manufacturing of pre-hung swing gates will be considered by the architect as equal if they meet all specifications for fabrication, design, size, and gauge of all component parts.

D.  All requests for submittal of an approved equal must be made to and approved by the architect prior to the published scheduled bid date.

E.  Changes in specifications may not be made after the published date of bid.

F.  Upon written notification prior to weldment that gates require construction in a fabricating plant certified to AWS D1.1, Manufacturer’s fabricating plant shall provide proof of certification that:

1)  All welds conform to documented Welding Procedure Specification and Procedure Qualification Record to insure conformance to the AWS D1.2 welding Code.

2)  All welders employed for welding under this specification have successfully completed the qualification requirements using the procedures of the AWS D1.2 Code. Individual Certificates of Welder Qualification shall be provided upon request.

(ref: 1.02E and 1.03D)


A.  Gate Frames:

1.  Gates to be fabricated using galvanized steel members 2" Square weighing 4.32 lb/ft, welded at all corners.

2.  Welded joints to be ground smooth and coated in accordance with ASTM F 900 (ref 1.02A) and ASTM F1083 (ref 1.02B), employing a zinc-rich paint.

3.  Horizontal bracing in the gate frame shall be 1 5/8” Schedule 40 unless otherwise specified.

4.  Gates over 8' tall (or wide) shall be braced with a 2” square vertical (or horizontal) member weighing 2.164 lb/ft unless otherwise specified.

B.  Hinges (unless otherwise specified):

1.  One (1) set of hinges having 1000 lb. total capacity shall be used per gate leaf.

2.  Attachment shall be by welding unless otherwise indicated. Hinges shall be centered on the both posts & gate frame within 15” of the top/bottom of gate frame.

3.  Hinges shall have double ball bearings that pivot on a ¾” ground and tempered solid stainless steel shaft.

4.  Hinges are to be maintenance free and self-lubricating.

C.  Filler Materials:

1.  Chain link fabric filler:

a.  Shall match the fence section, if applicable. If not specified, the chain link shall be 2” x 9 gauge GAW with a knuckle-knuckle selvage.

b.  Fabric to be attached to the hinge and latch vertical frame members by means of 3/16” x 3/4” tension bars and bands.

c.  Fabric is attached to all internal horizontal or internal members by means of tie wires members.

d.  Tension bands and tie wires to be spaced a maximum of 15" (381mm) on center.

2.  Ornamental Picket Filler:

a.  Steel vertical pickets shall be attached to gate frame by means of center or face welding (as per customer requirements) to top and bottom of each rail at point of contact entire length of gate.

b.  Spacing of pickets not to exceed 4” on-centers. (ref 1.02C and 1.02D).

c.  Picket materials to be either:

i.  1” x 1” x 14 gage weighing no less than 1.035 lbs/ft., or

ii. ¾” x ¾” x 16 gage weighing no less than .605 lbs/ft.

d.  Internal rails for center welded pickets shall be 2” x 1” x 1/8” steel channel.

D.  All fittings to be galvanized unless specified otherwise (ref 1.02 B).

E.  Latch, locking device or other means of entry/exit shall be specified by the Architect/Engineer and installed and tested by the manufacturer prior to shipment unless otherwise specified.

1.  [optional] Access control systems include, but are not limited to:

Mechanical Fulcrum Latch / Combination locks
Single or double hole weld box / Magnetic locks with remote release
Mortise Locks / Solenoid Operated Electro-Mechanical Gate lock
Panic Bar Exit Device

2.  [optional] Means of preventing reach-through to actuate free exit devices such as security plates, pans or expanded steel or mesh filler shall be as specified by the Architect/Engineer.

a.  Horizontal rails or braces to support reach through materials shall be provided by the gate manufacturer and detailed in product drawing submittals.

F.  [optional] The gate assembly shall include a Yale Series 50 automatic hydraulic gate closer with cast aluminum housing, as manufactured by Yale Security Incorporated, Charlotte, North Carolina, or an approved equal. The hydraulic closer is to be pre-mounted per manufacturer’s instructions at the top of the gate frame and attached to the transom.

G.  Gate Finish: Choice of galvanized or Polymer Powder Coating to match fence color as specified and approved by the architect. (ref 1.02C)

H.  Gate post jamb assembly:

1.  Posts: unless otherwise specified, shall be based on filler material as follows:

a.  Chain link: 4” O.D. Schedule 40 pipe, ASTM F 1083, minimum yield strength of 25,000 psi, hot-dipped galvanized with a minimum average 1.8 oz. per square foot of zinc coated surface.

b.  Ornamental: 4” square x 3/16” wall steel tubing. Galvanized as per ASTM A123-09 (ref 1.02C) or polyester powder coated as specified and approved by the architect (ref 1.02C)

2.  Transom bracing shall be 2” Square material weighing 2.164 lb/ft unless otherwise specified. Transom height to be no less than 7’ above grade.

3.  Lower post horizontal cross-brace shall be 1 5/8” Schedule 40 unless otherwise specified.


A.  Concrete: Minimum 28 day compressive strength 3000 psi (20 MPa)



A.  Excavate footings 4 times the diameter and 6" deeper than the posts. Trench for bottom cross brace section between posts a minimum of 12” wide.

B.  Set gate assembly in excavation. Brace plumb and level.

C.  If applicable, ensure that all wiring is accessible from the conduit coupling at bottom of post as shown on drawings.

D.  Pour concrete. Crown to shed water.

E.  If applicable, make any necessary adjustments to gates, hinges and locking device to ensure proper operation of gate.


A. Clean up debris and remove from the site.

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