Job Description –SEND Coordinator

Post:Assistant Headteacher

Overview:The Assistant Headteacher will support in the leadership, and strategic development and strategic development of the provision for students with Special educational needs, disabilities and additional needs to secure the most positive outcomes for students at Olive Academy Thurrock and Olive Academy Havering.

Salary:Leadership- 6-8

Responsible to:The Director of Academy Improvement and Standards

Core Purpose

The Assistant Headteachershall carry out the professional duties as described in the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document.

To be responsible for the day-to-day operation and provision made by the School for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

To be a visible and effective advocate for all vulnerable students.

To be pro-active in providing professional guidance to departments across the school, to ensure that the best strategies are employed for SEND pupils to secure high quality teaching and learning.

To ensure the effective use of resources to improve standards of achievement for students.

To liaise with and co-ordinate appropriate external agencies in supporting SEND and vulnerable students.

The Assistant Headteacherwill work collegiately, as a key part of the Senior Leadership Team under the direction of the Headteacher to support, challenge and influence the key stakeholders to realise the strategic vision of OliveAcademies-Thurrock and Havering.

Qualities and Knowledge

  • Demonstrate the highest quality of teaching, learning and assessment through own practice.
  • Working with the leadership Team to develop the shared vision and strategic plan for his/her areas of responsibility.
  • To have a full and detailed knowledge of the SEND code of practice and ensure that the statutory obligations set out in this are met in Olive Academy Thurrock and Havering.
  • Articulate both strategic vision and the operational needswith conviction and clarity, so that the academy leadership teams, staff and students understand the direction of school improvement.
  • Sustain an impressive knowledge of developments in strategy, thinking and practice in SEND provision.
  • Take responsibility for his/her own professional development by actively engaging with and seeking opportunities for learning and development.
  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the impact of work within the key responsibilities.
  • Articulate the academy’s strategic development plan in a with clarity and conviction to outside audiences such as the Progress Board, LA representatives, DfE and OFSTED.
  • Maintain documents which track and evaluate progress

Students and staff

  • Support all staff in understanding the needs of SEN students
  • Devise and promote plans to ensure the needs of students with SEN are met and that they are reflected in the school improvement plan
  • Regularly monitor progress against targets for students with SEND, evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning by work analysis and use these analyses to guide future improvements
  • Analyse and interpret relevant school, local and national information relating to students with SEND and advise SLT on the level of resources required to maximise achievement
  • Liaise with staff, parents, external agencies and other schools to co-ordinate their contribution, provide maximum support and ensure continuity of educational provision for students with SEND
  • Develop partnerships with students, parents and carers to ensure that their views are considered and acted upon appropriately
  • Demand ambitious standards for Olive Academy students to positively improve their life chances.
  • Model creativity, integrity and resilience, with a mindful view of his/ her own wellbeing and that of those around them.
  • Provide CPD and coaching for staff around strategies for SEND students.
  • Ensure that EHCP plans are in place and effective, where needed.
  • Ensure that all students have access to the most appropriate Access Arrangements for internal and public examinations.

Systems and Process

To be accountable for promoting and safeguarding students’ welfare and personal development as part of a departmental and school approach

  • Work with key stakeholders to Implement well considered, efficient and effective systems and processes for SEND.
  • Ensure that all students with SEND have personal support plans in place.
  • Review the progress with students with SEND.
  • Quality Assure the teaching and learning offer for students.
  • Modelling effective leadership of key teams where appropriate and monitoring the performance of these teams.

Leading School Improvement

  • Work with the SEND-Cos in the mainstream setting to ensure effective handover of students.
  • Champion best practice in their given area and create opportunities for Olive Academies to work with other schools and organisations.
  • Inspire, challenge, motivate and empower others to attain ambitious outcomes.
  • Development of alternative courses for SEND students.
  • To identify and adopt the most effective interventions such as group/1:1 interventions for students with SEND and ensure the effective running of these, monitoring their impact.
  • Ensure robust tracking systems are in place to collect and interpret specific student level assessment data allowing the school to identify progress and intervention strategies.
  • Work closely with the AHT for PDBW to effect good attendance and behaviour for SEND students.
  • Work closely with the AHT for RII to effect positive referral, induction and Reintegration for SEND students. Set up systems for screening pupils at ‘point of entry’ identifying, assessing and reviewing provision for SEND children once identified.
  • Ensure the SEND register is up to date and all stake holders are fully informed about support programmes in place/planned.
  • Liaise with all relevant outside agencies to ensure that SEND students are receiving the best education possible.
  • To fulfil the statutory requirements in respect of students with special needs, about EHCP.
  • To understand and update stakeholders on Equality law and changes to the SEND Code of Practice, including implications of any changes for the school’s Access Arrangements, health and safety requirements and provision for students with special educational needs, medical needs or disabilities.


  • To take the role of Designated Safeguarding Officer for the academy and ensure that all due processes are adhered to in regards to Child Protection and looked After Children
  • Ensure that the Headteacher and Governors are informed of all safeguarding issues
  • Respond immediately to all safeguarding and child protection concerns brought to your attention
  • To support safeguarding issues relating to SEN students and ensure that the Designated Safeguarding Lead is informed of concerns


  • Under the guidance of the AHT PDBW, to act as a coach to a group of students
  • The duties above are neither exclusive nor exhaustive and the post holder may be required by the Headteacher to carry out appropriate duties within the context of the job, skills and grade.