Physical Science Geology

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Earth Science Unit: Webquest and Googlequest Project


1.  List the names, thicknesses and composition of the different layers of the Earth. (Answer + Picture)

2.  What are tectonic plates? (Answer + picture + Google Earth)

You need to know what the plates look like before you attempt to go to Google Earth.


3.  What is Continental drift? (Answer + Animation)

4.  What is Pangaea? (Answer + Picture)

5.  Describe 2 pieces of fossil evidence supporting continental drift? (Answer + Pictures)

6.  How does the location of coal deposits support the theory of continental drift?

7.  How does paleoglaciation support the theory of continental drift?

8.  What are magnetic reversals and magnetic striping? (Answer + Animation)

9.  How does magnetic striping support the theory of continental drift?

10. What is an epicenter? (Answer + picture)

11. What do the locations of earthquake epicenters tell us about tectonic plates? (Answer + Picture)

12. Describe the differences between the types of earthquake waves (S, P). (Answer + animations) or

13. Describe a tsunami and how it forms. (Answer + animation)

14. Describe how liquefaction of soils occurs and find a location where liquefaction in an earthquake is a legitimate threat

15. What is a volcano?

16. Describe a shield volcano? (Answer + Google Earth)

17. Describe a stratus volcano? (Answer + Google Earth)

18. Describe a composite volcano? (Answer + Google Earth)

19. Describe a rift volcano? (Answer + Google Earth)

20. Describe a hot spot volcano? (Answer + Google Earth)

21. What is the difference between lava and magma?

23.  Describe each of the following volcanic hazards: Ash cloud, pyroclastic flow, lava flow, lahar, landslide, pyroclastics. (Answers + Pictures)

24.  Find and describe the tectonic mapping symbols that show the movement of tectonic plates. (Answers + Pictures)

25.  What is a divergent plate boundary? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

26.  What is a convergent plate boundary? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

27.  What is a transform fault? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

28.  What is slab pull? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

29.  What is subduction? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

30.  What is an oceanic ridge? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)

31.  What is an oceanic trench? (Answers + Picture + Google Earth)