TENDER NO. EE / SNGR / TECH / TENDER No. T-02/2007-2008

NAME OF WORK :- Work of Transportation of 8/9 meter PSC Poles from

any pole factory to S/Dn. Store/site & 8/9 meter RSJ

poles/ steel section from MSEDCL store to S/Dn.

Store/site under SANGAMNER DIVSION.

Executing Agency

Executive Engineer

O&M Division



Copy No. :

Tender No. : EE /SNGR / TECH /T-02/2007-08

Estimated Cost : Rs. 5.00 lacks.

E.M.D. Payable : Rs. 5000/-

Description of Works :- Work of Transportation of 8/9 meter PSC Poles from

any pole factory to S/Dn. Store/site & 8/9 meter RSJ

poles/ steel section from MSEDCL store to S/Dn.

Store/site under Sangamner Division.

Due date of submission of Tender : 26 /10 / 2007 upto 13.00 Hrs.

Date & Time of opening of Tender : 26/ 10 / 2007 at 15.00 Hrs. if possible

Other wise will be opened on next working

Days at 13.00 Hrs.

Tender issued to :

Amount, Receipt No. & Date :

Date of issue :

Signature of issuing the Tender :

Dy . Exe. Engineer (Maint) D.A. ( C ) Executive Engineer

( O& M ) Divn . SNGR SNGR ( O& M ) Divn . SNGR


. Super scribed and sealed offers are invited for following works from registered and reputed firms / agencies/ Company subject to following terms and conditions

No. / Tender
No. / Particulars / Estimated
Cost Rs. In Lakhs / Tender Price in
1 / EE/ SNGR/
T-02/07-08 / Work of Transportation of 8/9 meter PSC Poles, from any pole factory to S/Dn stores/ site & 8/9 meter RSJ poles/steel section from MSEDCL store to s/dn. stores /site under Sangamner division / 5.00 / 1000/- + VAT(12.5%) Extra
2. / EE/ SNGR/
T-03/07-08 / Supply of copper Control Cable 2.5 Sq. mm. of 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 19 Core armoured multistrand as per specification in the tender / 5.00 / 1000/- + VAT(12.5%) Extra
3. / EE/ SNGR/
T-04/07-08 / supply, errection, testing & commissioning of 11KV line from AKOLE to WASHERE feeder, in S/Dn: AKOLE, under Sangamner Division / 10.00 / 1000/- + VAT(12.5%) Extra
4 / EE/ SNGR/
T-05/07-08 / Tender for PROVIDING & FIXING OF CABLE JOINTING KITS SUITABLE FOR 11 K.V. X.L.P.E. / PILC CABLE for under various sub Division under sangamner Division. / 5.00 / 1000/- + VAT(12.5%) Extra

TERMS & CONDITIONS:- 1. The EMD amount @1% of tender value will be accepted in form of DD ( or cash ) of any schedule /Nationalized Bank drawn in the name of Executive Engineer MSEDCL payable at Sangamner only. (2) The tender forms can be purchased only from the office of The Executive. Engineer, MSEDCL, O&M Division, 15, Vidhya Nagar , above LIC building, Sangamner. 422605. PH: 225556. from 22/10/07 to 26/10/07 during 11.00Hrs to 14.00Hrs on working days by paying the tender price by DD ( Or Cash at Division Office Sangamner only ). The last date of submission of tenders is 26/10/2007 up to 13.00 Hrs. (3) The Tenders are called on 2 bid system. (4) The following documents should be submitted in envelope No. 1. (a) Income tax returns filed during last 3 years. (b) Professional tax registration/upto date paid certificate. (c) Certificate showing experience of executing the order for such type of works amount limited to the tender value. (d) Bank solvency amounting to tender value issued by Nationalized /schedule Bank. (e) Sale tax registration under VAT tax / up to date paid copy (f) Registration under PF and Labour laws. (g) Service Tax registration certificate. (h) Valid Electrical contractor license for Tender No 3 &4, Transporter license for 1. In Envelope No. 2 the price bid should be quoted. If the document submitted in Envelope No. 1 are not found as per requirement of MSEDCL the Envelope No. 2 of such tenderer will not be opened. (5) The tenders will be opened on dt.26/10/2007 at 16.00 Hrs. if possible . (6) The offers without EMD amount will not be considered. (7) The under signed reserves the right to reject any or all offers without assigning any reason thereof. (8) The same tender notice and documents are also be available at our website www.mahadiscom .in

Executive Engineer, Sangamner


O&M Division Sangamner
Tender Document for Tender No- EE/SNGR/Tech/ T-02/2007-2008.

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. Invites sealed tenders from eligible Tenderder for the work mentioned in the schedule of work enclosed with Tender documents. The tender will be opened on dated 26/10/2007 at 15.00 Hrs if possible , otherwise will be opened on next working day at 13.00 Hrs at the office of Executive Engineer O & M Division office, 15 Vidhya nagar, Sangamner in presence of the Tenderer or his representative.


1.  The schedule of work & estimated cost as mentioned is purely tentative & may vary as per the actual requirement on side.

2.  Tender must be submitted in original and without making any addition, alteration & as per details given in other clause mentioned in Tender document. The requisite details should be filled in by the Tenderer wherever specified in the Tender Document.

3.  The Tenderer should quote the rates of each items mentioned in the schedule attached with the Tender with inclusive of all taxes, VAT, Service tax , etc . The rates quoted for extra item other than schedule enclosed by any tenderer will not be considered

4.  The rates shall be valid for 180 days period.

5.  All entries in the Tender should be in ink. Erasing & over writings are not permissible. All corrections & insertions should be initiated by the Tenderers.

6.  The tender should accompany with a list of contracts already executed by the contractor at the time of submission of tenders.

7.  The rates shall be quoted in figures as well as in words & figures and shall be signed by the person or persons duly authorized to sign on behalf of the tenderer. The person or persons signing the bid shall initial all pages of bid . If any discrepancy is observed between the amount in figures & in words, the amount whichever is lower will govern.

8.  The contractor who fails to starts the works with in the schedule time and date will be liable to forfeit of the earnest money deposit or security deposit paid in addition to the compensation to the MSEDCL as per the terms & conditions of the contract.

9.  If it is found that quality of works as well as performance is unsatisfactory, the contract is liable for termination without giving any notice and at the entire risk of the contractor. The security deposit paid in cash shall be forfeited.

10.  The contractor should not entrust the work on subcontract or transfer on assign the contract or any part thereof to any third party in case if it is not followed it will be treated as break of contract and will be terminated at contractor’s risk & cost.

11.  The entire work under this contract would be subject to general conditions of contract for work and terms and condition of contract stipulated therein would be binding on contractor.

12.  The contractor should have his own man power, tools and tackles required to carryout the job. The workers employed for the job should be conversant with the work. In case of any accident to his worker the total responsibility lies with the contractor.

13.  In case of damage to the MSEDCL’s material/theft inappropriate cost of the same will be recovered from the contractor.

14.  The work shall be carried as and when allotted by the concerned division. The completion period of ascertained work will be decided by the concerned Exe. Engineer.

15.  All the works shall be carried out as per the specification and as General method of construction approved and adopted by the MSEDCL.

16.  The contractor will have to start the work as per instruction of E.E. concerned or his authorized representative after getting the order from this office and completion of formalities.

17.  If any defects observed during the inspection the same is required to be rectified by the contractor at his own cost.

18.  In case the work is not fully carried out by the contractor the MSEDCL will get done the work through some other parties at high rates also and difference of rates should be recovered from the contractor’s bills who fail to execute the order or the E.M.D. /S.D. etc will be forfeited.

19.  The bills should be submitted through the concerned Dy. Ex. Engineer in triplicate for the payment after completion of complete work to this office. The bill will be paid by cheque only as early as possible after receipt of bill along with M.B. to this office, subject to availability of funds.

20.  The contractor shall not entitled to claim any interest, any arrears or upon and balance which may be found due to him at any time.

21.  The Income tax & work contract tax and Service Tax, if applicable as per prevailing rate will be deducted from the bills.

22.  Period of Contract: Initially the period of contract will be for one year or completion of order value whichever is earlier and subject to further extension up to 6 months on mutual consent.

23.  You are also deemed to be fully aware of Company’s General terms & conditions of

works contract, and any ignorance of these terms and conditions will be not be accepted

since sub-station area is declared as prohibited area by the Company it is necessary to

take the prior permission from the work In charge for entry etc. The safety of your

personnel executing the work shall be fully confirm prior to undertaking the work and

responsibility of safety for your staff /persons shall lay with you.

24.  You will be totally responsible for the safety of your persons while at work either at Sub-station or on HT/LT lines or on road and Company will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle, material/ manpower etc. during the contractual period of this order due to any type of accident/mishap.

25.  No accommodation will be provided to you or to your persons by Company.

26.  No T&P/labour, crane any other relevant equipments will be provided by the Company. Therefore, the same will be arranged by you.

27.  Amount/Amounts due on account of damage or transportation delay or default or breach of contract, the right to recover-retain or withheld the same is reserved by the Company. Any type of compensation/damage etc. to your labour or persons due to any accident etc. will have to be paid by you and Company will not be responsible for the same.

28.  All necessary precautions should be taken while carrying out the work so as to reach the material safely at S/Dn. Store/Site. In case of any damage to the MSEDCL’s material/theft inappropriate cost of the same will be recovered from the contractor.

29.  The contractor shall have to complete the work within 05 days from the intimation from this office or authorized representative of this office . If in case the contractor fail to carryout the work in stipulated time penalty @ ½ % per week for the delayed period will be charged maximum upto 10% of the value of the contract order.

30.  The contractor shall have to give account of the material issued to him from time to time. If any material found short utilized than issued it is required to be returned otherwise recovery will be made from his bills as per the MSEDCL’s rules.

31.  The contract or any parts thereof shall not subject to change without the permission of accepting authority or his authorized representative.

32.  Earnest Money Deposit:- The contractor will have to pay E.M.D. at the rate 1% of Tender value, as mentioned, to this office in the form of Cash or D.D. drawn of any schedule/ Nationalized bank in favour of Executive Engineer O&M Divsion MSEDCL, Sanganer payable at Sangamner. Tenders without payment of EMD shall not be considered.

33.  The Tenderer shall have to pay be security deposit amounting @ 5% of the value of the order within seven days from the date of receipt of the order and before starting the work in from of DD/B.G. . The same will be refunded after completion of guarantee period. Security Deposit will be interest free.

34.  Tender must be submitted in two envelopes which must be properly sealed by the Tenderer with their office seal. In envelop no-1 attested Xerox copies of following documents should be submitted.

a.  Income tax returns filed during last three years.

b.  Sale tax registration under VAT tax / up to date paid certificate .

c.  Bank solvency amounting to tender value from any Nationalized/schedule bank.

d.  Professional tax registration/ up to date paid certificate.

e.  Certificate from respective MSEDCL office/Organization for satisfactory completion of such type of works for showing experience of executing orders and amount limited to tender value during last two years.

f.  Registration under PF and labour laws.

g.  Service tax registration certificate.

h.  Documentary proof showing at least two heavy vehicles for transporting such type of material owned by Contractor,

i.  EMD paid details .

j.  Duly Filled proformas attached in Schedule B enclosed in tender document.

The price Tender should be submitted in envelop No-2 . If the documents submitted in envelope No-1 are not found as per MSEDCL’s requirement the price bid of such Tenderer will not be opened and will be rejected . However the decision of Exewcutive Engineer for accepting the document bid i.e. envelope No. 1 in respect of any tenderer will be final & binding to all tenderers.