Intel® Technology Provider FAQ

Q: How do I become an Intel Technology Provider?

A: Simply fill out the enrollment form at and accept the terms and conditions of the program

Q: What should I do if I have trouble filling out the enrollment form?

A: Please contact Intel Customer Support. Either call 1-866-655-6565 for help, or email them at .

Q: What benefits do Registered level Intel Technology Providers have access to?

A: A dedicated website to manage your program membership and learn about the latest from Intel; marketing and sales assets; priority technical support and online training. You also have the ability to earn points for your purchases, however point redemption is not available until you reach the Gold level.

Q: How do I move up from the Registered tier, to receive greater benefits from the program?

A: Completing 50 training credits from Intel will move you up to the Gold tier, where you will have access to additional benefits, like being able to redeem points you earn on Intel product purchases, access to a wide array of marketing and demand generation assets, invitations to exclusive training and more.

Q: What financial benefits I can expect to receive as an Intel Technology Provider?

A: You can earn points for your qualified purchases of Intel components or Intel-based devices from BlueStar or other Intel Authorized Distributors or Suppliers. In addition, most of our partners are able to grow faster by utilizing Intel resources, like solution guides in vertical segments, training on new products and technologies, and promotions offered by Intel. Partners are able to offer customers newer technologies at a higher ASP than non-partners.

Q: What vertical areas does Intel offer enhanced benefits to partners for?

A: Currently, Intel is offering enhanced benefits to partners who meet criteria in these specialty areas: IOT Retail Solutions, Education and Data Center HPC. Other specialties are being planned for the future. In addition, Intel offers in-depth training to partners interested in Healthcare, Mobile Field Worker and more.

Q: What should I do if I have questions about my membership, my benefits, or accessing the partner website?

A: Please contact Intel Customer Support. Either call 1-866-655-6565 for help, or email them at .

Q: What should I do if I have questions about my points, or if I believe I’m missing points for purchases I’ve made or promotions I’ve participated in?

A: For purchases, please make sure that your distributor has your Intel Technology Provider business ID and the correct/same addresses are on your account with your distributor(s) and Intel. If you still have problems, please contact Intel customer support at 1-866-655-6565 or email

Q: How much are my points worth and what can I use them for?

A: Points are valued at about 10 points to $1.00. You are able to redeem earned points for a variety of different products and services: Intel products, Intel-based PCs and devices, eVouchersredeemable as a credit on a distributor invoice, demonstration units, travel services and shopping and dining cards to reward your staff.

Q: Can anyone at my company redeem the points?

A: No, you must be a primary contact or designated points benefit administrator to redeem the points and to view your company’s points balance. If you have questions or need help, please contact Intel Customer Support (1-866-655-6565).

Q: Do my points expire?

A: Points do expire 4 quarters after they are awarded. You have the ability to load them on a VISA card in order to ‘keep them’ or just redeem them prior to expiration.

Q: How do I complete my training credit requirement?

A: Training requirements must be completed annually. The easiest way to earn them is to have multiple employees work on the requirement, either by completing online training (especially the quarterly training promotions) on the partner website, or by attending webinars or virtual conferences.