MiamiValley Genealogical Index

Name Key Year Src Book Page Relevant Co


Mooma, Henry |fc |1850 |Cen | |092 |BethelTownship |Ck

Mooma, Jacob |fc |1880 |Cen | |084B |Franklin Twp |Dk

Mooman, Zoomora |fc |1880 |Cen | |342 |Silver Creek |Gr

Moomaw, Elias |fc |1880 |Cen | |191B |Newberry Twp. |Mi

Moomaw, Jacob |M |1821 |Marr | | |Omit, Elizabeth |Ck

Muma, Amos |fc |1880 |Cen | |452C |Springfield Ward 9 |Ck

Muma, Christ. |fc |1850 |Cen | |252 |MoorefieldTownship |Ck

Muma, Christ. |fc |1850 |Cen | |261 |MoorefieldTownship |Ck

Muma, Emma |fc |1880 |Cen | |472D |German Twp |Mt

Muma, I. K. |fc |1880 |Cen | |504A |Harrison Twp |Mt

Muma, Jacob |fc |1850 |Cen | |252 |MoorefieldTownship |Ck

Muma, Lee |fc |1880 |Cen | |277C |Springfield Ward 2 |Ck

Muma, Margaret |M |1865 |Marr | | |Hall, Nehemiah |Ck

Mumah, Elias |fc |1880 |Cen | |373B |Washington Twp |Dk

Mumah, John |fc |1880 |Cen | |367B |Washington Twp |Dk

Mumah, John |fc |1880 |Cen | |392D |Dayton/Ward 9 |Mt

Muman, Alice |D |1899 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age33 B:Ohio |Mi

Muman, Andrew |fc |1880 |Cen | |009B |Bethel Twp |Ck

Muman, John |fc |1840 |Cen | |140 |Town of Middletown |Bu

Muman, John |fc |1850 |Cen | |199 |SpringfieldTownship |Ck

Mumaugh, Eli |fc |1880 |Cen | |534A |Union |Mr

Mumaugh, Henry |fc |1830 |Cen | |178 |Dayton Twp |Mt

Mumaugh, Jacob |fc |1830 |Cen | |179 |Dayton Twp |Mt

Mumaw, Andrew |fc |1880 |Cen | |344D |VanBuren Twp |Dk

Mumaw, Bessie |D |1907 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age11 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Bruce |D |1955 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age78 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Elias |D |1903 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age31 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Jane Mrs. |D |1923 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age83 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Jos. |fc |1880 |Cen | |384A |Wayne Twp |Dk

Mumaw, Mary F. Mrs. |D |1975 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age79 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Mary Jane |D |1923 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age2 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Norman B. |D |1928 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age2 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Opal M. Mrs. |D |1982 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age74 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumaw, Raymond |fc |1880 |Cen | |071B |Dayton/Ward 1 |Mt

Mumaw, Viola S. Mrs. |D |1952 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age74 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumdlo, Benjamin L. |D |1981 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age75 B:Ohio |Mi

Mumer, Jacob H. |M |1835 |Marr | | |Brumbaugh, Susan |Mt

Mumert, David |Xr |1841 |Deeds |19 |488 |Staunton Twp. |Mi

Mumert, Elias |fc |1850 |Cen | |170 |SpringfieldTownship |Ck

Mumert, John |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |009 |Newberry Twp |Mi

Mumert, John |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |009 |Bethel Twp |Mi

Mumert, Susan |fc |1850 |Cen | |168 |SpringfieldTownship |Ck

Mumm, George |fc |1880 |Cen | |298B |Springfield Ward 3 |Ck

Mumm, Mary A. |M |1858 |Marr | |WPA |Howland, Albert |Mi

Mumma, Aaron |fc |1880 |Cen | |660D |Madison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Albert |fc |1880 |Cen | |444C |Springfield Ward 9 |Ck

Mumma, Amanda |fc |1880 |Cen | |643A |Madison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Arthur |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |009 |Union Twp |Mi

Mumma, Barbara |es |1895 |ProbCt|Case|09941|Estate |Mi

Mumma, Benjamin F. |M |1875 |Marr | | |Salenburg, Emma A. |Sh

Mumma, Benjamin F. |M |1875 |Marr | | |Solonburg, Emma A. |Sh

Mumma, C. B. |fc |1880 |Cen | |512B |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Catharine |M |1850 |Marr | | |Ullery, Stephen |Mt

Mumma, Charles |fc |1880 |Cen | |514B |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Christian |M |1844 |Marr | | |Reynolds, Margaret |Ck

Mumma, Daniel |fc |1850 |Cem | |342 |Town of Posttown |Bu

Mumma, David |fc |1850 |Cem | |342 |Town of Posttown |Bu

Mumma, David H. |fc |1880 |Cen | |219B |Goshen Twp |Ch

Mumma, David R. |B |1840 |Gene |B002|667 |M: Elizabeth Warner |

Mumma, David R. |B |1840 |Gene |B002|667 |s/Jacob H Mumma b1811 |

Mumma, Elizabeth |M |1833 |Marr | | |Wingery, Samuel |Mt

Mumma, Elizabeth |M |1844 |Marr | | |Rohrer, Daniel |Ck

Mumma, Frank S. |fc |1880 |Cen | |219D |Springfield Twp |Ck

Mumma, Fred |fc |1880 |Cen | |024A |Bethel Twp |Ck

Mumma, G. R. |fc |1880 |Cen | |515D |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Geo. W. |fc |1880 |Cen | |660D |Madison Twp |Mt

Mumma, George R. |fc |1850 |Cen | |279 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, George W. |B |1846 |Gene |B002|667 |M: Rosa Shick |

Mumma, George W. |B |1846 |Gene |B002|667 |s/Jacob H Mumma b1811 |

Mumma, H. C. |fc |1880 |Cen | |518A |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Harry C. |M |1893 | |Lic#|19988|Arnold, Rosa |Mi

Mumma, Henry |M |1840 |Marr | | |Burns, Magadelene |Ck

Mumma, Henry |fc |1850 |Cen | |279 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Henry |M |1852 |Marr | | |Shupp, Eleanora |Ck

Mumma, Henry |fc |1880 |Cen | |634D |MadRiver Twp |Mt

Mumma, Henry |fc |1880 |Cen | |658D |Madison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Henry |fc |1880 |Cen | |156C |Moorefield Twp |Ck

Mumma, Henry -and family |mi |1827 |Gene |B002|667 |MD to Montg.Co.OH |

Mumma, Henry Clay |B |1838 |Gene |B002|667 |M: Ann, d/Thomas Black|

Mumma, Henry Clay |B |1838 |Gene |B002|667 |s/Jacob H Mumma b1811 |

Mumma, J. B. |fc |1880 |Cen | |514B |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, J. H. W. |fc |1880 |Cen | |517C |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, J. P. |fc |1880 |Cen | |143C |Dayton/Ward 3 |Mt

Mumma, Jacob |M |1850 |Marr | | |Hempleman, Maria |Ck

Mumma, Jacob |fc |1850 |Cen | |279 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Jacob |fc |1880 |Cen | |153A |Moorefield Twp |Ck

Mumma, Jacob |fc |1880 |Cen | |285C |Springfield Ward 3 |Ck

Mumma, Jacob H. |B |1811 |Gene |B002|667 |M:Susannah Brumbaugh |

Mumma, Jacob H. |B |1811 |Gene |B002|667 |MD s/Henry Mumma |

Mumma, Jacob H. |fc |1880 |Cen | |518A |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Jacob H. |M |1881 |Marr |Lic#|15102|Hess, Barbara |Mi

Mumma, Jacob H. |es |1889 |ProbCt|Case|08502|Estate |Mi

Mumma, John |M |1834 |Marr |001 |290 |Blunt, Mary Ann |Pr

Mumma, John |M |1850 |Marr | | |Shupp, Frances |Ck

Mumma, John |fc |1880 |Cen | |160B |Dayton/Ward 4 |Mt

Mumma, John J. |fc |1880 |Cen | |235C |Goshen Twp |Ch

Mumma, John P. |M |1843 |Marr | | |Dice, Mary Jane |Mt

Mumma, John T. |M |1854 |Marr | | |Donovon, Agnes E. |Ck

Mumma, Joseph |M |1840 |Marr | | |Tyler, Mary Jane |Mt

Mumma, Joseph |fc |1850 |Cen | |280 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Joseph |fc |1850 |Cen | |282 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Joseph |fc |1880 |Cen | |215B |Goshen Twp |Ch

Mumma, Joseph B. |M |1843 |Marr | | |Sollenberger, Elizabet|Mt

Mumma, Joseph F. |fc |1880 |Cen | |215B |Goshen Twp |Ch

Mumma, Luvicia |fc |1880 |Cen | |634C |MadRiver Twp |Mt

Mumma, Lydia |M |1830 |Marr | | |Eubank, John |Mt

Mumma, Mary A. |fc |1850 |Cen | |283 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Mary Ann |M |1836 |Marr | | |Puterbaugh, John |Mt

Mumma, Mary Ellen |M |1849 |Marr | | |Ullery, Aaron |Mt

Mumma, Milton |fc |1880 |Cen | |153A |Moorefield Twp |Ck

Mumma, Minnie |fc |1880 |Cen | |110D |Dayton/Ward 2 |Mt

Mumma, S. M. |fc |1880 |Cen | |144A |Dayton/Ward 3 |Mt

Mumma, Serena M. |fc |1850 |Cen | |279 |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Simon S. |M |1882 |Marr |Lic#|15636|Studebaker, Nanie M. |Mi

Mumma, Theadrie |fc |1880 |Cen | |531D |Harrison Twp |Mt

Mumma, Theodore |fc |1880 |Cen | |450A |Union Twp |Ch

Mumma, Will H. |fc |1880 |Cen | |456B |Union Twp |Ch

Mumma, William |fc |1880 |Cen | |662D |Madison Twp |Mt

Mumma, William |fc |1880 |Cen | |070A |Green Twp |Ck

Mumma, William H. |M |1888 |Marr |Lic#|17827|Weaver, Maggie |Mi

Mumma, William M. |B |1836 |Gene |B002|667 |M: Mary A.Bowser |

Mumma, William M. |B |1836 |Gene |B002|667 |s/Jacob H Mumma b1811 |

Mummaw, Elias |M |1898 | |Lic#|21607|Richardson, Alice |Mi

Mummcy, Samuel J. |M |1839 |Marr | | |Pennel, Mary Ann |Mt

Mummunt, Aaron |fc |1880 |Cen | |749A |Randolph Twp |Mt

Mumo, John |fc |1850 |Cen | |420 |Madison Twp |Mt

Abbreviations used in the Miami Valley Ohio Genealogical Index

?Record was hard to read. Best guess was made.

"Greater-than-sign" Used with the year to indicate "after"

"Lesser-than-sign" Used with the year to indicate "before"

---Dashes in place of name, year, or etc indicate it was not readable

adAdministrator or administered


afGave his/her affidavit or deposition


aidAid of execution (court record)

akaAlso Known As. (example: Snider, aka Snyder)




atShows that the person named was "at" the location given during the year shown



b/bBuried beside - also see s/s (same stone)







BkBlack. Indicates the probability of African descent

cCirca. Used with the year to indicate "about"

caSame as above


CemRecCemetery record, such as a burial book or card file

cmChurch membership mentioned




coCounty office/officer




CPCTCommon Pleas Court Record

crCriminal or Criminal Court Case

cvCommercial venture/business

CCame to the area shown

CLCame and left the area


d/Daughter of (or: d/o)





eElected, appointed, or ran for office during the year

eiEarly incident

eoElected official (not necessarily during the year shown)

esEstate or pertaining to an estate

exExecutor of an estate

fcFederal Census

ffFamily from


fpSlave Freedom papers


FWFather's will

GARGrand Army of the Republic (Civil War US Army)

GPTGreenVille Peace Treaty of 1795


gmGrist Mill


GIGovernment Issue/US Armed Service. Used to identify persons who were in a war.

GvStGravestone. The dates, places etc came from the stone.

iaThe person was in the area during the year mentioned

insinsane, idiocy, etc

hcHabeas Corpus

HWHusband's will

imIntinerant Minister

irInvention Recorded

IImmigrant, one country to another

IGIInternational Genealogical Index (an LDS record system)

jServed on a jury during the year given

JPJustice of the Peace

kKilled by accident

kiKilled by Indians


kwKilled in war

liLicense issued. such as a license to run a tavern, etc

LLeft the area shown. Migrated to another place.

LDSLatter Day Saints (Mormon Church)

LgLodge or club membership

LwLand Warrant or Patent. Most often from the US to the grantee.


menMention made of the person named


miMigrated from one place to another

MWMother's will




MDMedical Doctor

MGMinister of the Gospel



MMMonthly Meeting (Quaker/Friends Meeting)



MuMulatto. Indicates the person was of black/white race mixture.




niIntent of naturalization

ncname change (likely a court record)

npNewspaper publisher or worker

nrNon-resident of area shown, a land speculator, or just passing through the area

OIOhio Infantry

opOverseer of the poor

orOhio State Representative

osOhio State Senator

OVIOhio Volunteer Infantry

pProfession of the person mentioned. Sometimes added to another letter such as: Cp = Doctor Smith came to this area

paPower of Attorney



pnPension. Most often for service in the war of 1776 or 1812

poProperty owned at the place listed



ProbCtProbate Court

psPurchased goods at a sale


RRange. Likely with a number, that is R5 (Range 5)

rResident of area shown

rdRelinquished right as administrator of estate

rpRevolution War Pension

rrRailroad employee or incorporator

SSection. Likely with a number, that is: S23 (Section 23)




s/Son of (or: s/o)

s/oSon of (or: s/)

s/sSame stone. Used when two or more names on same gravestone.

scState Census

sdSchool Director, board member, etc

seSurname Exchange (eg: Coon = Koon)

smSaw Mill

stSchool Teacher


tmTemperance movement

toTownship Officer


txTax Record

TTownship. Likely with a number, that is: T12 (Township 12)


vcVictim of a crime

W/Wife of (or: w/ or: w/o)


WrMentioned or inherited in a will

wid/Widow of (or: wid/o)

wsWhiskey Still

WPAWork Project Administration{ Fedreal Program during the 1930}



WLast Will and Testament



HISTORY BOOKS (400 numbers)

401 History of Miami Co., Ohio (Beers, 1880)

402 History of Darke Co., Ohio (Beers, 1880)

403-1 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 1 (Beers, 1882)

403-2 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 2 (Beers, 1882)

403-3 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 3 (Beers, 1882)

404 Wilson, Frazer, History of Darke Co., Ohio (Wilson, 1914)

405 Brethren Encyclopedia (3 vol.) (Brethren Encyc, 1983-1984)

406 Edger, John F., Pioneer life in Dayton and vicinity (U.B. Pub., 1986)

407 Powell, Esther Weygandt, Early Ohio tax records (Powell, 1985)

408 Brentlinger, Dora, Beside the Stillwater (Brentlinger, 1973)

409 Rayner, John A., First century of Piqua (Rayner, 1916)

410 Wheeler, Thomas B., Troy, the nineteenth century (Wheeler, 1975)

411 Ohio. Adjutant General, Roster of Ohio soldiers...War of 1812 (1916)

412 Biographical history of Darke Co., Ohio (Lewis, 1900)

GENEALOGIES/MANUSCRIPTS (500 numbers or letters)

500 Unpublished records/research of Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington, OH

501 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley, Ohio pioneers index (Mayhill, 1970)

502 Brien, Lindsay M., MiamiValley genealogies, v. 1

503 Brien, Lindsay M., MiamiValley genealogies, v. 2

504 Brien, Lindsay M., MiamiValley genealogies, v. 3

505 Brien, Lindsay M., MiamiValley genealogies, v. 4

506 Records of Mrs. Nancy Bohlander McCorkle Wall, Pleasant Hill, OH

507 Records of Gale Edwin Spitler Honeyman (b. 1938), Laura, OH

B002 Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus, Brumbaugh families (1913)

D001 Honeyman, Gale E. S., Deeter family outline (1993)

E001 Hamilton, Von Gail, Eicher name in America (1976) Park City, UT

F001 Wilcox, Charlene Finfrock, Finfrock/Funfrock (1986) Troy, OH

F002 Furnas, Fanzey, Furnas family (1897)

H001 Rasor, Arlene Wick, Hahn family group sheets (1990)

H002 Houser families by Roney ; John Houser descendants by Jebel

H003 Freas, Margery H., Huston, letters/research (1993) Felton, PA

I001 Iddings, Joanne, Iddings family (at Troy Hist. Soc. Archives)

J001 Jenkins, Rick & Geary, Connie Jo, Jenkins family (1993)

K005 Kessler, John W., Kessler manuscript (1919)

M001 Johnson, Patricia Givens, "Elder" Jacob Miller 1735-1815 (1977)

N001 Child of David A. Netzley, Netzley family tree (1951)

P001 Pearson, Geo. M., Benj. & Esther (Furnas) Pearson descendants (1941)

S001 Staley, Carol Jean Marker, Staley family history (1987) Casstown, OH

S002 Stutzman, John Hale, Jacob Stutzman d. 1775... (1982)

S003 Simes family research & files of Mrs. Nancy Wall, Pleasant Hill, OH

S004 Studebaker family in America (1976)

T001 Jonathan Toms family (at Troy Hist. Soc. Archives)

T002 Thompson, Glenda, Sylvester Thompson (1979)

T002 Lindenberger, Elsie H., Abraham Thomas family (1965)

W001 Pumphrey, Mrs. Elger G., Henry Warner family (1946)

W002 Johnson, Janis, Gottlieb Wagner family (1987) Greenville, OH