Eucharistic Ministry Schedule for August 2016

Aug.6-7: 5 PM: Joe Wolf ( EM 1 ), Carol Davis, Meghan Haller, Jessica Haller, Jim Sasiadek,

Rose Fitzpatrick, Paul Macik and Mike Hoyle

9 AM: Nancy Whitmore ( EM 1 ), Mark Acierno, Rosemary Brew, Mary Chandler,

Denise Daly, Francine Kasende, Larry Keeley and Mike Smith

11 AM: Deacon Kevin, Theresa Patcha, Alex Reniers, Vic White, Cheri Gainor,

Kathy Collins, Mimi Lima and Tom Gill

Aug.13-14: 5 PM: Deacon Tim, Mara Ambrose, Dolan & Cathy Smeak, Mary Wilson,

Richard Duthoy, Peggy Nathan and Rose Fitzpatrick

9 AM: Deacon Tim, Joe & Allison Catalani, Suzanne Banach, LuAnne Colin,

Kim Johnson, Connie Phillips and Leslie Nuse

11 AM: Deacon Tim, Michael Moore, Kevin Moore, Dave & Maryann Baldwin,

Eugenie Tossah and Fred & Lauren Burton

Aug.20-21: 5 PM: Deacon Tim, Karen Roebuck, Bill & Peg Hefley, Laura Ulmer, Jessica Haller,

Meghan Haller and Jim Sasiadek

9 AM: Deacon Jeff, Hope Bennett, Kathy Dengler, Barbara Lavery, Sarah Williams,

George & Betty Ludwig and Jonathan Papillo

11 AM: Joe Wolf ( EM 1 ), Pat Warholic, Kathleen Gouker, Vic White, Steve Lynch,

Marianne Dacey, Meghan Harrington-Patton & Brian Patton

Aug.27-28: 5 PM: Deacon Jeff, Mara Ambrose, Rose Fitzpatrick, Richard Duthoy, Laura Ulmer,

Mary Wilson and Dolan & Cathy Smeak

9 AM: Deacon Jeff, Ed Makuch, Peggy Waxter, Larry Wolford, Nancy Whitmore,

Mary Chandler, Larry Keeley and Mark Acierno

11 AM: Deacon Jeff, Julie Keyser, Eugenie Tossah, Bruce Kottke, Lauren Most,

Alex Reniers, Brittany Antolick and Chris Nearey

Sept. 3-4: 5 PM: Deacon Jeff. Bill & Peg Hefley, Meghan Haller, Jessica Haller, Paul Macik,

Carol Davis and Rose Fitzpatrick

9 AM: Deacon Kevin, Suzanne Banach, Rosemary Brew, Hope Bennett, Denise Daly,

Kathy Dengler and Joe & Allison Catalani

11 AM: Deacon Tim, Fred & Lauren Burton, Marianne Dacey, Kathy Collins, Tom Gill,

Mimi Lima and Cheri Gainor

Sept. 10-11: 5 PM: Deacon Tim, Karen Roebuck, Dolan & Cathy Smeak, Peggy Nathan,

Mara Ambrose, Mike Hoyle and Carol Davis

9 AM: Deacon Jeff. LuAnne Colin, Kim Johnson, Francine Kasende, Leslie Nuse,

Larry Keeley, Barbara Lavery and Ed Makuch

11 AM: Deacon Kevin, Dave & Maryann Baldwin, Eugenie Tossah, Pat Warholic,

Steve Lynch, Lauren Most and Brittany Antolick

Sept. 17-18: 5 PM: Deacon Kevin, Richard Duthoy, Edi Stewart, Jim Sasiadek, Mary Wilson,

Laura Ulmer, Meghan Haller and Jessica Haller

9 AM: Deacon Tim, George & Betty Ludwig, Connie Phillips, Mark Acierno,

Jonathan Papillo, Mike Smith and Sarah Williams

11 AM: Deacon Jeff, Theresa Patcha, Eugenie Tossah, Maryann Baldwin,

Julie Keyser, Kathleen Gouker, Meghan Harrington-Patton & Brian Patton

Sept. 24-25: 5 PM: Deacon Jeff, Mara Ambrose, Karen Roebuck, Dolan & Cathy Smeak,

Bill & Peg Hefley and Rose Fitzpatrick

9 AM: Deacon Kevin, Peggy Waxter, Nancy Whitmore, Peggy Nathan,

Mary Chandler, Kim Johnson and Ed Makuch

11 AM: Deacon Tim, Michael Moore, Kevin Moore, Alex Reniers, Vic White,

Chris Nearey, Bruce Kottke and Marianne Dacey

Important Dates: Sept.3-4 – Labor Day Weekend

Sept. 17-18 – Ministry Fair after all Masses