FNSRTS308 Balance cash holdings

Semester 1 2016Friday 9.45am – 2.15pm Room A123

Lesson /


/ Assessment
1 / 11/3 / Introduction
Cash transactions and cash handling
-Deposits and withdrawals
-Process and balance
2 / 18/3 / Customer Service
-Greeting and goodbye
Role play practice
3 / 1/4 / Role play practice
Assessment / 1. Role Play

** Note: The above is a provisional schedule only. The timing and sequence of topics may vary during the

course of the semester. It is your responsibility to find out if any changes were made if you miss a class.

Teacher: Alicia Evans

Room: B114


Student Assessment Guide - Unit

Unit Code: FNSRTS308

Unit name: Balance cash holdings

Unit Purpose: This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to clear registers, count money, calculate non-cash transactions and reconcile takings and balance cash holdings.
No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.

Reporting of assessment outcomes
Your result will be recorded and reported to you as Competent or Not yet Competent.

To obtain a graded / competent outcome

The learners result is based on the evidence provided to meet the criteria for competence as specified in the unit of competency and grading criteria.

The learner is able to satisfactorily apply all elements, the performance criteria, the essential knowledge & skills & the critical aspects of assessment specific to the unit in a range of situations. The learner uses known information in relevant situations.

To obtain a not yet competent grade
The learner has not provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate achievement of all elements, performance criteria, the essential knowledge & skills & the critical aspects of assessment specific to the unit.

If you are unable or do not provide sufficient evidence for this unit, the assessor will provide you with feedback and guidance on what you will need to do before you can attempt to achieve this unit of competency again.

Requirements to successfully complete this unit of competency
Competent result required in the following assessments:

  • Assessment 1- Role play

What student will need
Access to Granville Banking Wiki to source class materials

Recognition and credit
Credit may be applicable for previous study. You may be eligible to apply for recognition for previous learning, experience and skills. Talk to your teacher to discuss what credit or recognition you can apply for. Additional recognition information is available on the TAFE NSW- SWSi internet site .

More about assessment
"Every Student's Guide to Assessment in TAFE NSW"provides information you need to know about assessment including information about the kinds of assessment, how you will be accessed and a checklist to confirm that you have all the information to support your study. Every student studying in TAFE NSW can access a copy of Every Student's Guide to Assessment on SWSi Internet or . Copies are provided by your teacher when you receive your assessment guides.

Student support and services
You will receive a copy of the institute Student service guide A-Z on enrolment. The guide and links to the following support services are all available on the SWSI internet

  • Aboriginal student support
  • Counselling and career advice
  • Disability services
  • International student services
  • Library services
  • Multicultural education
  • Student association

Student acknowledgement – receipt of assessment information
Once you commence study you will be required to sign or acknowledge that you have received
the student assessment guidelines for the course and units of competency in which you have enrolled.

Feedback/results notification:

Feedback/results for all assessments will be provided within 3 weeks after the date held. At the end of the semester it is TAFE policy to post your result notices to you approximately four weeks after the end of semester classes. Alternatively you can check your results as they are approved on student e-services. Teachers will not advise your final results as they are not final until they have undertaken a final review and approval. As such it is only the online record of results which is official. The student services guide provides information on requesting a review of your result.

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