Dog’s Full Name: Carlos von den Golan Hohen Titles: SchH/VPG3, BH, IPO3, Ztp, Abst

HIP Rating: HD Frei ED +/-

Date of Birth: 8/23/01

Registration Number#: ADRK: 105742 AKC: WS05146201 USRC: U1633

List all other Certification numbers: AKC DNA Profile #: V294235

Breeder: Adelheid Dittmar

Owner: Vincent Carrabba & William Alexander


Sire: Balou v. Silberblick

DT.VDH-CH, Bayern-SG'02, BH, AD, SchHIII, Gek, HD-, ED-

Dam: Quinta v.Wolpinghausen

SchHIII, Gekort

Stud Properties

Temperament Excellent

Toplines Excellent

Short Back Excellent

Eye Color Good

Mouth Pigment Good

Head Type Excellent

Jaw Lines Excellent

Eye Fill Excellent

Tight Eyes Excellent

Anglation Excellent

Chest Proportions Excellent

Feet Excellent

Carlos is big (66cm/54.5kg), dry, incredibly muscled (this dog is ripped), very compact, has incredible top skull width, excellent black mouth and dark eye, and an exceptional show/work temperament. Carlos is a pleasure to watch on the Schutzhund field as well as the show arena; Carlos not only brings the excellence of Balou but, the hard working, incredibly thick, blocky Quinta v. Wolpinghausen, whom has become a legend after achieving her Korung with the most awe inspiring routine.

Both parents are Gek.bis.EzA, giving Carlos even more status as a desirable stud. Carlos has been producing extreme pups; thick bone, tall, high drive temperaments, large heads with very broad cheeks and very pronounced stops, compact backs, nice angles and very dry. Carlos will be returning to Germany to pursue his Korung. No other Balou son is shown or worked as hard as Carlos.

If you are looking for an exceptional Balou son that has beauty, pigmentation, incredible working ability, temperament and one that can bring his type to a litter/breeding program, Carlos is the only one for your breeding program. He will undeniably be regarded as the best producing Balou son in North America. Johnny Bulk, Balou's owner is highly impressed with Carlos, wishing he never had left Germany. When Carlos is in Germany, he garners a large amount of ADRK judges and many top breeders to see this phenomenal dog work. Several top breeders in Germany even petitioned the ADRK to allow them to breed to Carlos. This is a male that can help any bitch improve on breed type. The Germans all agree; if Carlos was in Germany, he would be getting the maximum 40 breeding's per year. Carlos is without doubt one of the very top working show rotts in North America.

Carlos is line bred on the very proven combination of BS '85 Morris v Rauchfang SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, AD, Gek.bis.EzA (Balou side) and his exceptional brother Maro v Rauchfang SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, AD, Gek.bis.EzA (Quinta side).

Shows for Carlos


2007 Klub Show


2007 Holland Klub Show- Judge Gerard Oshea

V1 - Open

Holland Klub Show 2007

V1 - Open

8/18-19/2007 - ADRK 37th Klubsieger-Zuchtschau, Germany


4/19-22/2007 - National Sieger, BST & Protection Tournament, Kimberton, PA

V2 - Working Male

3/10-11/2007 - 2007 SouthWest Regional Sieger Show, Riverside, CA

V2 - Working Male

2006 Toronto Spring Sieger Show - Judge Alfredo Estrado

Working class – V2

2006 Old Dominion Rottweiler Club 2006 - Judge Helmutt Weiler

Working class – V

2006 ADRK Klub Show


2006 National Sieger Show - Judge Gerard O’Shea

Working - V2

2006 Southwest Regional - Judge Edgar Hellman

Working - V2

2005 Niagara Sieger Show – Judge Gerhard Apel

Working – V2

2005 Northwest Regional Sieger Show - Judge Antion Spindle

Working – V2

2004 ADRK Klub Show

Working class – V8

2003 Central Florida – Judge Edgar Hellman

Working – V4

2003 Sieger Show ARV – Judge Werner Walter

Open class - V1

2003 Kentucky - Judge Werner Walter

Open class - V1

2003 Southeast Regional Show Rochester – Judge Helmutt Weiler

Open - V1

2003 South Carolina Independent Show 2003

Open class - V1

2003 Niagara Sieger Show – Judge Edgar Hellman

Open class V1

Housatonie Rottweiler Club May 31, 2003 – Judge Helmutt Weiler

Youth class – SG2

USRC National 2003 0 Judge Paul Flayie

Youth class – SG3

Suncoast Rottweiler Club March 22, 2003 – Judge Peterman

SGI – select male