Dir. by Ralph Lee the Cook Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Dir. by Ralph Lee the Cook Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Kim Gambino

AEA/SAG Eligible


The Peripherals Dir. by Ken Rus Schmoll Luscious Dixon Place
Imminence w/The Talking Band Faye Morph La Mama e.t.c.
Cry Pitch Carrols Mary Here Arts Center
Bug by Tracey Letts Agnes Bluebarn Theatre Omaha
3 by Modjeska by Sibyl Kempson #1 Gershwin Hotel
The Caucasian Chalk CircleThe Governess/Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors

Dir. by Ralph Lee The Cook Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Centaur Battle of San JacintoYellow RoseDixon Place

by Ruth Margraff

The Parrot Dir. by Paul ZimetRefrigerator LadyThe Flea Theatre
“A” The Scarlet Letter Dir. by T.Maner“O”The Ohio Theatre
Dark Halo Dir. by Bob KrakowerInezThe Shooting Gallery
Delicious Rivers by Ellen Maddow Lorraine Stone La Mama e.t.c.
Night Vision Composed by Fred Ho Vampire Rock Star Here Arts Center
The Starvation of Ruby NellisBuzzySanford Meisner Thr
Dir. by Tony Phelan
Still by David NeumannSueDowntown Thr Co
Singing in the Womb of AngelsBoucheronPlaywright’s Horizons Thr

by Carl Hancock Rux

Slovenly PeterLinzHarold Clurman Thr
Hot Mouth by Grisha Coleman Celia P.S.122
Blithedale: A Virtual UtopiaZenobia Here Arts Center
A Midsummer Night’s DreamTitaniaPurchase PAC
Hair Dir. by Johnny WorthySheilaEuropean Tour
The Incredible Feeling Show The GirlFirst ACT Theatre

by Liz Swados China Tour
TV & Film:

Law and Order Dir.by C. Makris Officer Larson NBC-TV
Laws of Gravity by Nick Gomez SusanIsland Pictures
When It’s Over KimPapa Films
Fedex Commercial
Bagelopolis Commercial New Yorker bagelopolis.com
Motherhood Mom ivillage.com
Numbo Jumbo AngelaJeff Rose Prods.
TB in the WorkplaceMartaNY Dept. of Health


Performing Arts High School NYC: Tony Abeson.
Purchase College (BFA Acting): Israel Hicks, George Morrison, Larry Kornfeld, Chuck Jones. Joan Potter, Elizabeth Himmelstein.
Recipient of the Dorothy Stickney Award for Excellence in Theatre Arts.
Dialects: New York, Hispanic, British, German, Jewish, Italian, Jamaican, Conversational Spanish & German, Voice: Alto,
Dance: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Meringue. Belly Dance, Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Yoga. Stage Combat.
Puppetry: Life sized, Small, Large and Object puppets. Ukulele.