Dear Parents/Guardians and Scientists

Dear Parents/Guardians and Scientists

Dear Parents/Guardians and Scientists,

The following is information regarding this school year’s Science Fair Project. 5th grade projects will be an “at home” activity. The goal is for each student to produce a project aligned with our 5th grade science curriculum (Earth, Space, Environmental) in correlation with the ACACC scientific process that we use here in Franklin Township School District.

All projects are based on the ACAC2 model for scientific experimentation. ACAC2 science projects encourage a wide range of educational benefits: research, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and oral presentation.

Students will be required to:

“Ask a Question,” based on their topic with appropriate variables for conducting the experiment.

“Conduct an Experiment,” listing all procedures, creating data tables, having multiple trials, and taking pictures to document the experiment.

“Analyze the Data,” creating a graph based on the averages of the data from the multiple trials.

“Conclude the Results,” formulating all conclusions from the experiment.

“Communicate the Findings,” through making a display board and having an oral presentation.

Each student will be provided with ONE tri-fold display board. Upon completion of the projects, some will be selected to be displayed in the gymnasium. They will be on display for the SGS school-wide Science Fair on Friday, November 21st.

Your child’s completed science fair project is due on November 11th. In class presentations will begin on November 17th and continue on November 18th. Good luck and happy experimenting!!!

5th Grade SGS Science Fair 2014-2015

Please see attached Student Information Packet

Final Due Date: Tuesday, November 11th

Science Fair Day: Friday, November 21st (Open House 6-8pm)

Please have your son or daughter create and practice their short speech (he or she can use index cards) using the information they put on the presentation board. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.



Please sign and return this portion of the form no later than Friday, October 17th.

Your child needs to have their Topic approved by this date.

I understand that my child is responsible for completing this project at home, and that it is due on Tuesday, November 11th. This project will count as a test grade in Science.


Child’s Name Parent/Guardian’s Signature

Timeline for SGS Science Fair. MUST FOLLOW ACACC Scientific Method.

Final Project: Due November 11th

Part 1: ASK THE QUESTIONdue October 20th

  • Pick Project Topic
  • Write Question
  • Determine Variables
  • Independent
  • Dependent
  • Control

PART 2: CONDUCT THE EXPERIMENTcompleted by October 28th

  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Safety Considerations
  • Create Data Tables
  • Experiments 1, 2, 3 or more (multiple trials for each)
  • Take pictures (DOCUMENT EXPERIMENT)

PART 3: ANALYZE THE DATAcompleted by October 30th.

  • Create Graph (s)

PART 4: CONCLUDE THE RESULTS completed by November 3rd.

  • Formulate Conclusion (Answer the question)
  • Make Display
  • Prepare for Oral Presentation (index cards or notes)


  • Oral Presentation

Projects to Science Teacher:November 11th

Selected Projects to Gymnasium:November 11th

Science Fair: November 21st