CTR Board Meeting Summary

CTR Board Meeting Summary

CTR Board Meeting Summary


January 25, 2013

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Intercity Transit

536 Pattison Street SE

Olympia, WA 98501

Board Members: Brian Lagerberg (Chair), Ted Horobiowski (Vice-Chair),Joyce Phillips, Kristina Walker, Jamie Cheney, Matt Hansen, Karen Parkhurst, Lynn Frosch, Brent Stavig, Bob Throckmorton, Mike Harbour, and Robin Rettew

Board Members by Phone:Page Scott and Aurora Crooks

WSDOT Staff: Kathy Johnston, Alexandra DeMoss, Lise Goss, Keith Cotton, and Kathy Leotta

Audience: Margaret Hill (Department of Ecology),Sharon Stockwell (Pierce Transit),Mathew Coomes (Everett Transit), Debbie Germer (Pierce County)

Audience by Phone: Amber Nguyen and Brian Curtin (YVCOG)

Board Business:

Brian discussed Paula’s presentation regarding the State of Transportation. WSDOT is internally discussing implementing Moving Washington. Paula’s presentation compares the past state of transportation with what will be needed in the future. The presentation closes with sustainable transportation and transportation demand management. Brian noted that this is the first time that partnerships have been identified as critical for success.

Brian shared the CTR Board’s objectives in supporting the principles of Moving Washington should be a top priority. The work of the CTR program should be performance-based.

Jamie asked how the new governor will influence Moving Washington. Paula has yet to be reappointed as the Secretary of Transportation; Public/Private partnerships and Public Transportation are the most important divisions within WSDOT in regards to the new governor’s interests.

Kristina asked how the department was looking at land use. Brian stated that Paula does make the connection with land use.

Brent suggested that telework be broadened to a statewide level. Brian shared the pilot work that WSDOT has been working on internally and noted that Paula would like to see more state agencies working together.

Action Item: Brian was asked to prepare a white paper to explain Moving WA.

Legislative Tax Committee

Matt Hansen recommended that the board ask the legislature to renewthe tax credit. The sub – committee would meet with Senator Eide and find a sponsor. Matt recommended that the tax credit continue as it is today for a 4-year period. Changes to the tax credit are not suggested at this time due to the deadline. The 2013 legislative report should include recommended changes.

CTR TAX CREDIT: MOTIONReach out to Senator Eide and Representative Clibbornto request a 4-year extensionof the existing CTR Tax Credit. The board will include recommendations for change in the 2013 legislative report.Hansen/Phillips. Motion carried unanimously.

The legislative sub-committee is led by Matt Hansen. Matt suggested that the board decide who will act as a liaison for the board to the legislative representatives. Matt would like to see an open-ended planning effort creating a status report to the legislature. Matt requested assistance with the legislative discussions. Jamie Cheney and Karen Parkhurst volunteered to work with him on legislative outreach discussions.

Matt is creating a CTR project list for the board with legislative items that are important to CTR. Robin Rettew said that now is a great time to provide information to the legislature as lists and packages are being created now for the transportation package.

Ted suggested that the board take on Bill 1456,an act relating to pretax payroll deductions for qualified transit and parking benefits; and amending RCW 41.04.230.Karen would like to see the revised language sent out to the committees.

Kathy Johnston will set up a Doodle poll to respond to the list. Brian requested a rough draft of the project list from Matt H.

Model Policy

Brian challenged Aurora to find a solution to the problem of jurisdictions that want to implement but without state authorization. Board members have an obligation to seek out solutions to help partner with WSDOT and tohelp WSDOT be successful.

CTR Board workplan/timeline/structure proposal

Kathy Johnston proposed that the next CTR Board meeting be a workshop rather than a traditional board meeting. The purpose of the workshop would be to engage a broader range of people in discussions that will help form and frame the Board’s work. The structure proposal included the formation of three Board committees to focus on thenear term work tasks. The committees, made up of both Board members and interested/engaged parties, would be structured around the following areas: Design, Legislative, and Performance. To facilitate dividing the Board members into committees, each Board member will identify their preferred committee prior to the February workshop. This process will help staff to ensure Board member balance between the committees. The workshop will serve to kick off the new three committee structure of the Board.

Matt asked WSDOT staff to prepare an issue paper on the proposed structure; outlining the proposed work tasks and objectives of the committees. This issue paper would form the basis of the recommendation on the new structure and will be approved or amended at the February meeting. Brian asked that the issue paper be available to the board a week before the next scheduled board meeting. Brian suggested that the issue paper provideclarity on the required Board work tasks and when those are due; a strategy to get through the required pieces, the decisions that the board needs to make, and the vision for Moving Washington.

Jamie requested that a timeline – with due dates – are available at every meeting to keep the board on track. Jamie would like to see a “macro” large scale timeline and a more narrowed “micro”, short term timeline.

Meeting Wrap Up

  • WSDOT staff to prepare an issue paper – engaging with board members – to address the vision of Moving Washington and frame up the work before the board in the near term (12 months or less) using the three committee proposed structure and the questions that need to be considered.
  • Provide CTR Board members with a timeline – complete with due dates.
  • A doodle poll will be sent by Kathy J. to board members regarding legislative issues.
  • Matt will provide Brian a draft of a proposed CTR/TDM project list.
  • Karen will share pretax information with committees.
  • Kathy will prepare an agenda for a workshop.
  • The application for committee assignments will be sent out by staff to board members.
  • Brian will talk to facilities staff at WSDOT about scheduling a different meeting room that can be recorded.