COT 122 - Medical Typing and Transcription

COT 122 - Medical Typing and Transcription

COT 111Machine Transcription & Dictation

SPRING 2011, 3 Credits

Outlined Self Paced Course Syllabus

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Practice in transcribing information from audio CDs. The program emphasizes spelling, punctuation, capitalization, formatting and proofreading.

PREREQUISITES: COT 101 OR 30 wpm keyboarding skill.




TEXT: Machine Transcription and Dictation,Machine Transcription and Dictation,

South-Western, 5th edition, ISBN #0-538-43861-0

COURSE OBJECTIVES:Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to accurately format and key documents from CDs, using a word processing program in a variety of vocational fields. Improve English usage and proofreading skills, as well as, build competency in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Develop an awareness of various career opportunities available for those with strong clerical and transcription skills.

METHODS OF INSTRUCTION: Reading, hands on practice, and instructor assistance as needed are all utilized.

ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION:Students are required to complete and turn in assignments as scheduled in your syllabus at home or spend whatever time is necessary in the Academic Success Center (ASC) to complete the weekly assignments.

ASSIGNMENTS:There are 20 units (career sites) in this course. Assignments should be submitted as complete units, not as individual documents. Assignments are graded primarily on submission. This means that if you complete and turn in assignments per the outline, you will receive 100% credit, providing errors are not excessive. If accuracy is an issue, the documents will need to be resubmitted. For each week assignments are turned in late, 10 percent will be deducted.

Each Career Site begins with a Word Mastery List and Language Skills Review with self-check exercises. These are for your study purposes only. Chapter assignments that are to be turned in each week are Transcription Exercises – transcribe all 4 documents from your data CD.

Since this is a self-paced class, we do not utilize the Collaborative Research section in each chapter.

Assignments should be turned in to the class specific file located on the top of the instructor’s file cabinet in the ASC. Each time you come in for tutoring, or to work in the Academic Success Center, you must log in on Tutor Trac.

Assignments will be returned for your review to your file located at the front desk/reception area. Please do not remove assignments until semester end.

Learner Outcomes / Measurements/Assessment
Increased keyboarding accuracy and efficiency, 40+ words or better / Error analysis assignments.
Strong competency in spelling, punctuation and grammatical skills / Evidenced in transcription of letters, memos and specific business forms
Utilize a word processor to transcribe dictation in various fields of employment / Instructor observation of skill development throughout the numerous career sites
General knowledge of many career fields, to include related business vocabulary, spelling and definitions / Satisfactory completion of weekly vocabulary quizzes and written assignments
Possess strong clerical and transcription skills necessary to efficiently transcribe dictation from cassettes or CDs / Successful completion of Career Sites 1 – 20, as well as the Comprehensive Final Exam – written and keyboarding components.

TESTS: There are four tests for this course. Each of the first three tests will include one document transcribed from a CD and a written quiz. The final will be a written review test.All tests and quizzes are available from the instructor. See the attached course outline to see when each exam is to be taken.

Tests are available from the instructor. Tests may be taken during any of the instructor’s scheduled hours on campus. If necessary, due to work schedules etc., arrangements may be made to take an exam at an alternate time. Tests will be graded and logged, then placed in your personal student file for review. The tests may not be removed from the college premises.

GRADING:Test 115% of total grade

Test 215% of total grade

Test 315% of total grade

Final Review Test15% of total grade

Weekly Assignments30% of total grade

Attendance10% of total grade

GRADING SCALE: To determine the final course grade, all course requirements as listed directly above will be calculated on a percentage scale and then recorded as the corresponding letter grade as follows:


90- 93%=A-












Incomplete=I (see requirements)


DROPPING THE COURSE: If you decide to drop the course, you must officially withdraw by

April 29, 2011. Withdrawal forms are available at the front desk.

INCOMPLETE GRADE: An "I" (Incomplete) grade can be given to students who have completed at least three quarters of the course work and who maintain a “C” or better in the course. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor and request an "I" grade. Students must contact me prior to the last week of the semester, otherwise the letter grade earned will be the grade assigned.

PROGRESS: This is a self-paced class and you are responsible to schedule your study sessions to complete all assignments and tests, including the final, per course outline. It is best to maintain regular study times to ensure progress, and enhance successful course completion.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students are required to observe all rules and regulations as stipulated by Great Basin College when visiting and utilizing resources available at the college center.

INSTRUCTOR HOURS: Will be established following completion of student orientation and determination of schedules to best facilitate students. Instructor hours will be posted in the Academic Success Center within the first week of the semester.

Qualified students with physical or documented learning disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at Great Basin College. For assistance, contact the Disabled Student Services Office at (775) 753-2271.

Attachment: Course Outline


COT 111–Machine Transcription & Dictation
SPRING 2011Course Outline
Class / Assignment
Week 1, 1/24 / Introduction to Course and Training Session
Week 2, 1/31 / Chapter 1 and 2
Week 3, 2/7 / Chapter 3 and 4
Week 4, 2/14 / Chapter 5 & 6Proofreading Assignment 1, Pg 93
Week 5, 2/21 / Part 1 Transcription Test 1A & Written Test 1A
Document 1, Template TE 2-1
Week 6,2/28 / Chapter 7 and 8
Week 7, 3/7 / Chapter 9 and 10
Week 8, 3/14 / Chapter 11 & 12Proofreading Assgmt 2, Pg 181
Spring Break 3/21 –3/25
Week 9, 3/28 / Part 2 –Transcription Test 2B & Written Test 2B
Document 2, Template TE 7-1
Week 10,4/4 / Chapter 13 and 14
Week 11, 4/11 / Chapter 15 and 16
Week 12, 4/18 / Chapter 17 and 18
Week 13, 4/25 / Chapter 19 & 20 Proofreading Assgmt 3, Pg 297
Week 14 –5/2 / Part 3 Transcription Test 3C & Written Test 3C
Document 3, No template –use blank sheet
Week 15, 5/9 / Complete Written Review Test, Proofreading and Word Exercises
Week 16, 5/16 / Ensure all Assignments/Tests are completed and submitted.

Please note:All tests must be completed and turned in byWednesday, May 18, 2011.