Conquistadors: All the World Is Human

Conquistadors: All the World Is Human

Conquistadors: All the World is Human


______1. In Florida, the Narváez expedition was attacked by the Cherokee Indians.

______2. Narváez couldn’t find the fleet that was supposed to rendezvous with him.

______3. Narváez built 3boats and attempted to sail to Cuba.

______4. On the sea, Narváez tried to keep the boats together and save everyone.

______5. The boat captained by Cabeza de Vaca landed on GalvestonIsland.

______6. GalvestonIsland was inhabited by the Karankawa Indians year round.

______7. When the Indians saw the Spaniards’ misery, they just laughed.

______8. Among the Karankawa, Cabeza de Vaca survived on oysters and roots.

______9. In spring, Cabeza de Vaca went to the mainland as the Karankawa’s chief.

_____ 10. Whenever Cabeza de Vaca tried to escape from the Coahultecans, they

would weep and beg him not to try again.

_____ 11. With 3 other Spaniards who had survived, Cabeza de Vaca planned to walk

to Mexico City or the Pacific.

_____ 12. Cabeza de Vaca probably crossed the Rio Grande andthen traveled west


_____ 13. Wood sees a mountain range about 7 leagues long that was probably described

by Cabeza de Vaca.

_____ 14. Wood finds the paper-shelled Piñon Pine that may be Cabeza de Vaca’s


_____ 15. Wood also finds a “mountain of iron” similar to Cabeza de Vaca’s.

_____ 16. The Indians probably used a black powder made from manganese as poison

for arrows.

_____ 17. During his travels, Cabeza de Vaca ate worms and spiders.

_____ 18. He describes “grinding holes” in which the Indians ground up mesquite beans.

_____ 19. The Indians boiled water by putting hot stones in it.

_____ 20. We know for a fact that Cabeza de Vaca took an Indian wife.

_____ 21. Cabeza de Vaca and his companions spoke 12 different Indian languages.

_____ 22. According to Cabeza de Vaca, Indian healers would blow on a person and use

their hands to cast out an illness.

_____ 23. Cabeza de Vaca became known as a healer and thousands of Indians began

following him as he traveled.

_____ 24. Cabeza de Vaca probably didn’t travel on the Indians’ “shell trail.”

_____ 25. He did probably travel through the CopperCanyon and the country of the

Tarahumara Indians.

_____ 26. The Tarahumara have taken the violin from the European but nothing else.

_____ 27. The Tarahumara call themselves “the people who walk straight.”

_____ 28. Cabeza de Vaca and his companions were rescued by Spanish slave hunters.

_____ 29. Cabeza de Vaca did not try to stop the enslavement of his Indian companions.

_____ 30. Back in Spain, Cabeza de Vaca died in poverty.

_____ 31. In 1550 Las Casas and Sepúlveda debated the question of Indian rights

before the King’s Council.

_____ 32. Las Casas said that the Indians were subhumans fit only for slavery.

_____ 33. No true conquistador is known to have publicly repented of his deeds.