Community Council Minutes November 7, 2011

Community Council Minutes November 7, 2011

Community Council Minutes – November 7, 2011

Attending: Robert Flemming, Eric Ferrin, Nicole Seegmiller, Mark Bake, James Hubbard, Gaylynn Parker, Georgette Rowley, Lisa Draper

Eric Ferrin – read minutes

Robert Fleming – thanks to the council and PTA for the LED lanterns –

-Blackout after two weeks of obtaining the lanterns

-Hanging the lantern in the room – especially the middle – allowed all students to see – except around the perimeter

-Teachers talking about possibilities of purchasing the second lantern for their classrooms

-Suggested –

  • Additional lanterns for Gym
  • Additional copies of schedules? – used two iPads to find students
  • Handbells for office, teachers to know when to change classes
  • Extra Lanterns for the restrooms

-Noticed – not chaotic situation

-Needed to have a land line for phones

-Can we create a protocol for students and teachers with cell phones

-Needed to send out a message to everyone that even if there is a blackout, school carries on as usual

-Concern with students leaving without being checked out

-Be careful of the holding pattern that occurred while waiting for decisions to be made about what to do

-Talk with PE department and decide what to do when a situation like that occurs

  • Maybe additional lanterns
  • Where would we get the funds from?
  • What would be additionally necessary?
  • Bathroom
  • Gyms

Board meetings for Community Councils

-Parents and Principals invited – Wed. Dec 7th for Salem Hills, Jan 25th for Spanish Fork High

Salem Junior High

-Opens next year – Suzanne Kimball Principal

-Community Council needs to be elected for the new Junior High

-Boundaries are all online

-We will be a straight feeder to Spanish Fork High

-Still at 1050 students

-Salem will open at about 800 students

Nicole and Robert will finish up last year’s plan from 2010-2011

-Will discuss money spent from each area of the plan

-Will discuss data

-Will show how money spent accomplished the academic goals

-All information public

  • Will give copies to each member for next time

Discussion of Math Help class

-All students in skills class passed their regular math class

-We have some students that were moved out of the class and brought in others for help

Writing curriculum

-Some writing a novel

-All writing has been kicked up a notch

-Can we look at progress over a series of years

-Looking at struggling students that are not in special ed.

  • Catch them in 7th grade
  • 37 students
  • Get some information on those students to see where they are struggling

-Challenge to read a book a week in other schools

-Can we implement English tutors as well?

Other items of business

-Track looking better – meets will be held here

--new school improvement plan for the building
*upgrades to the locker room
*new entrance
*new science classrooms

Next meeting Dec. 5, 2011