This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge, or very limited knowledge, of the Spanish language. Strong emphasis will be placed on acquiring conversational and comprehension skills, using practical and interesting situational materials that will stress both language and culture. Grammatical patterns and syntax will be introduced with the aim that students read and write what they have learned to say and understand. (This course is not open to native Spanish speakers or to students with more than two years of Spanish in high school, except by instructor approval.)


Credits: 4 Lecture Credits: 4Lab Credits:

Lab Hours:

This course is the first of a two-course elementary Spanish sequence which is the first part of a seven-course Spanish program.

Required Materials:

REQUIRED TEXTS: Dos Mundos: A Communicative Approach

(Terrell, et al.) 5TH EDITION

This book comes packaged with a Listening Comprehension CD or cassette tape which contains the reading passages marked with an “earphone” icon, starting in Capítulo 1 of the text.

Cuaderno de Trabajo (Dos Mundos)

Workbook 5TH EDITION) Paso A-Chap. 4

(whiteand red insert)

Many of the exercises in the Cuaderno de Trabajo require the use of the STUDENT AUDIO PROGRAM. This program can be accessed via CD’s, Audio Cassettes – available at the BCC bookstore or on the WEB at . (Your computer will need a media player e.g., Windows Media Player.) Cassettes are also available at the Media Desk in the library (PCTC 1).

VIDEO TO ACCOMPANY DOS MUNDOS – Please note that in order to view the Videoteca segments on the Web you must use a computer with a cable modem or DSL in order to run the Real Player 8 application.

To view the Videoteca segments in the BCC Library, go to the Medial Distribution Desk, first floor in Bankier Library, ask for the Dos Mundos Video Program – the DVD is under call number DVD 11; The videotape is PCVT 6.

Additional Time Requirements:

Oral Tests (with instructor) and Written Tests (in the TestingCenter) taken outside class time.


There are 2 required hours per week of unscheduled lab activities. They are to be fulfilled in the following ways:

1. Listening to cassettes or CD’s and completion of written exercises in the Dos Mundos Workbook is required.

2. Individual or small-group tutoring sessions are available by appointment in the Modern Language Department.


1. Listening to cassettes or CD’s and completion of written exercises in the Dos

Mundos Workbook is required.

2. There is a scheduled 3-hours lab session which is required unless the student

maintains an average of “A” on tests and quizzes.

Intended Course Learning Outcomes/Course Goals:

A successful SPANISH 101 student will be able to understand, speak and write Spanish at the elementary level and will understand basic elements of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Core Competencies:

This course satisfies the following core competencies:

- Community and Workplace

- Critical Thinking

Intended Unit Outcome [Unit Objectives]:



TOPICS: Classroom commands; names of your classmates; identifying and describing people; colors; clothing; greeting and leave-talking; numbers 0 – 39.

GRAMMAR:“Ser” and personal pronouns; sentence negation; grammatical gender; plural forms; verbs “llamar” and “llevar;” commands.

MATERIALS:DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 1-16 CUADERNO DE TRABAJO DOS MUNDOS Pages 1-11 Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #1 – Side A or CD for Paso A Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 – Side A or CD.


TOPICS: Talking with others; things in the classroom; more describing people; numbers 40-69; parts of the body.

GRAMMAR: Addressing others: Formal and Informal (tú/usted); culturally appropriate manners in addressing people; Gender and indefinite article; Specifying things: Definite Articles Describing; Gender and Number Agreement; Plural Forms; Verb “hay”. In Paso B you will continue to develop your listening skills in Spanish and will begin to speak the language. You will get to know your classmates better as you work with them in pairs and small groups. You will learn more vocabulary with which to describe your immediate environment.

MATERIALS:DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 17-33 DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 13-22 Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #1 – Side B or CD for Paso B Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 Side A or CD.


TOPICS: Family and how it functions in contrast to the typical American family; expressing possession; countries, languages and nationalities; numbers 70-100 and age.

GRAMMAR:Possession: tener, de (1);

Possession: Possessive Adjectives; Adjectives of Nationality; Present Tense of Regular “ar” verbs; Expressing age with “tener”.

MATERIALS: DOS MUNDOS TEXT 34-51 DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 23-34 Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #2 – Side A or CD for Paso C Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 - Side A or CD Video to accompany Dos Mundos (available on reserve in the multi-media section of the BCC Library).


TOPICS: Culturally significant dates; birthdays; phone numbers and addresses; telling time; favorite activities and sports in Hispanic cultures vs. American culture.

GRAMMAR:Numbers 100-1000 and dates, The Spanish Alphabet; Habitual Actions: Present Tense of Regular “-er” and “-ir” Verbs; Telling Time Expressing Like and Dislikes.

MATERIALS: DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 52-81 DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 35 –53 FOR 3 EXTRA POINTS – –Videoteca pg. 49-50 and all 4 sections of “Ahora . . . usted” and “Un paso más” pg 51-52 Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #2 – Side B or CD for Capítulo 1 Textbook Vocabulary Tape # 10 – Side A or CD Listening Comprehension cassette or CD for Capítulo 1 textbook readings marked with an “earphone” icon.


TOPICS: Plans, Preferences and Desires, Weather & Climate & their effect on activities and culture; classes; the educational system and how it functions in contrast to the American system.

GRAMMAR:Informal future: ir + a + Infinitive; Ordinal adjectives; Preferir and Querer + Infinitive; Weather.

MATERIALS: DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 82-109 DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 55-72 FOR 4 EXTRA POINTS – add Videoteca pg. 68-69 and all sections of “Ahora . . . Usted” and “Un paso más” pg. 70, 71 and 72; Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #3 – Side A or CD; Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 – Side B or CD for Capítulo 2 Listening Comprehension Cassette or CD (Text readings).


TOPICS: Where is the …? Daily activities in Hispanic culture vs. the American Culture; origins; actions in progress.

GRAMMAR:Location of People and Objects: “estar”; Habitual Actions: Present Tense of Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs: hacer, salir, jugar; Origin & Location: “ser de” / “estar en” Actions in Progress; Present Progressive.

MATERIALS:DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 110-143 DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 73-90 FOR 3 EXTRA POINTS – add Videoteca Pg. 86-87 and all sections of “Ahora . . . Usted” and “Un paso más” pg. 88-90, Dos Mundos Audio Program Tape #3 – Side B or CD for Capítulo 3; Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 – Side B or CD Listening Comprehension cassette or CD (Text readings).


TOPICS: Places, holidays and celebrations and their cultural significance; daily routine; physical and mental states.

GRAMMAR:Verbs with Stem-Vowel Changes
(ie, ue) in the Present Tense

Habitual Actions: Irregular Verbs

Daily Routine: Reflexives

Describing States; estar + Adjective

Describing States; tener + Noun

Ordering events: Infinitives after prepositions

MATERIALS:DOS MUNDOS TEXT Pages 144-174, DOS MUNDOS CUADERNO DE TRABAJO Pages 91-107, FOR 4 EXTRA POINTS – add Videoteca pg. 103-104 and all sections of “Ahora . . . Usted” and “Un paso más” pg. 105 & 107; Dos Mundos AudioProgram Tape #4 – Side A or CD for Capitulo 4; Textbook Vocabulary – Tape #10 –Side B or CD Listening Comprehension cassette or CD (Textbook readings).


You must complete a series of workbook assignments in the “Cuaderno de Trabajo” (workbook) for each Paso, A, B, and C and each chapter, 1 through 4. Some of these assignments require that you listen to exercises on your “Student Audio Program”cassette tapes or CD’s, then answer questions about them in your workbook. Listening comprehension is a very important element of the entire course, and indeed of learning any language. The more you listen, the better your comprehension.

You canbuy your own student audiocassette program or the equivalent CD program which accompanies the workbook exercises and the text book vocabulary. The tapes or CD’s are available at Brookdale’s College Store. These sets of cassettes

or CD’s are sold separately from the textbook. There will also be copies of the cassette tapes on reserve at the BCC Library (PCTC 1 – Part A). Alternatively, the audio program can be downloaded for the web at

Finally, you will note that there is an answer key to SOME parts of the Cuaderno de Trabajo at the rear of the book. Please use this answer key WISELY, as a way of checking your work. The sections of the workbook which involve original answers will be corrected by department staff. You are expected to correct all of the Actividades de Comprensión and the Actividades Escritas which do not require original answers yourself. Please see your semester plan for more complete instructions.

Grading Standard:

EVALUATION In this class, testing serves two purposes: to help determine grades and to evaluate the progress of students. The oral and written tests evaluate your ability to understand and communicate messages in Spanish.

There are four traditionally identified communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will be tested on these skills as well as on vocabulary and structure (grammar) which are basic tools for the acquisition of linguistic competency.

Written tests and quizzes are taken at the BrookdaleTesting Center, on the second floor of the NAS building, or for off-campus classes, in some cases, at the off-campus site. You will need a college ID to take them. Due dates are listed on your semester plan.


● Vocabulary Quiz on Paso A 25 pts

● Oral test on Pasos A and B 30 pts

● Written Test on Pasos A, B and C 70 pts

● Written Vocabulary Quiz on Capitulo 1 25 pts

● Oral and Written Test on Paso C,

Capitulos 1 and 2 100 pts

● Written Vocabulary Quiz on Capitulo 3 25 pts

● Oral and Written Test on

Capitulos 3 and 4 100 pts



If you are absent you may obtain credit for the missed class by attending another section of the same course.

Being latetwice counts as one absence.

CLASS PARTICIPATION Based on willingness to participate in group and individual interactions in class; may include completion of a Special Project to be agreed upon with the instructor. 36 pts

HOMEWORK – completed and handed in in a TIMELYmanner.

● “Blue Pages” - 6 assignments – 4 pts each

● Workbook Chapters – 7 assignments – 5 pts each

59 pts

Students will receive extra pts for each of the workbook chapters for which they hand in the Videoteca section and all the “Ahora . . . Usted” and “Un paso más” sections, from Paso C through Capítulo 4.

TOTAL …………. 500 POINTS

Oral testing is scheduled with your instructor 3 times during the semester. The oral interview tests are taken outside of class time, and require approximately 10 minutes each.

Vocabulary quizzes cover the vocabulary of one chapter. The longer tests consist of questions on listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, culture and an oral interview.

All written tests and quizzes for on-campus classes are to be taken at the TestingCenter, in the NASBuilding. (Classes at extension sites may take written tests and quizzes at the extension site). Tests and quizzes must be taken within prescribed time. (See semester plan) If you take tests/quizzes late, you will lose points.


If you do not pass an oral or written test/quiz the first time you take it, you may re-takeit one more time. The procedure for re-taking is as follows:

Work with a tutor on the test you failed.

Obtain a re-test permission slip from your instructor. Go to the testing center, present the slip, and make sureyou are given there-test version of the test or quiz you are re-taking.

PLEASE NOTE: that re-testing is principally designed to help those who fail a test or a quiz. The maximum grade that can be achieved on a re-test is 79%. (Students with grades lower that 79% on the first version of the test or quiz who would like to raise their grade to a maximum of 79% are also eligible for a re-test if desired.)

Your final grade will be based on the number of points you have received on the above criteria. However, you must have accumulated 262 points on the tests and quizzes (equivalent to 70%) before any homework, attendance, or participation pts are added to your grade.

Any student who averages 65%-69% on tests and quizzes (that is, 243 to 261 pts) will receive a “D” grade for the course. Homework, attendance and participation pts will not raise the “D” grade.

Department Policies:



In this course you may achieve:

A = 90% - 100% = 450 to 500 pts

B+ = 85% - 89% = 425 to 449 pts

B = 80% - 84% = 400 to 424 pts

C+ = 75% - 79% = 375 to 399 pts

C =70% - 74% = 350 to 374 pts

D = 65% - 69% = 325 to 349 pts

F = Less than 65% = 324 pts or lower

During the last 2 weeks of the semester, or the last week in Summer semesters, testing on Chapters 3 and 4 ONLY will be allowed. All other tests, oral and written, MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THIS DATE.

If you have NOT completed the course requirements by the end of the semester, but have successfully completed at least through chapter 2, you may apply for an “Incomplete.” Your instructor will explain this procedure during the last 2 weeks of the semester.

Individual or small-group tutoring is available free of charge in the Language Department. Your instructor will provide you with the names and schedules of the Spanish Learning Assistant/tutors.

College Policies:

For information regarding:

Brookdale’s Academic Integrity Code

Student Conduct Code

Student Grade Appeal Process

Please refer to the Student Handbook and BCC Catalog.

Notification for Students with Disabilities:

BrookdaleCommunity College offers reasonable accommodations and/or services to persons with disabilities. Students with disabilities who wish to self-identify, must contact the Disabilities Services Office at 732-224-2730 or 732-842-4211 (TTY), provide appropriate documentation of the disability, and request specific accommodations or services. If a student qualifies, reasonable accommodations and/or services, which are appropriate for the college level and are recommended in the documentation, can be approved.

Additional Support/Labs:

Individual or small group tutoring is available at no charge in the Language Department. Your instructor will provide you with the name and schedule of the Spanish tutors.


September 2004