Campus Community User Group Meeting

Campus Community User Group Meeting

Campus Community User Group Meeting


February 27, 2014

9:00 a.m.

701-777-5900 – Conf 138189#


Admissions –Charlene Stenson – VCSU; Karon Erickson and Tess Gierke, BSC

Student Records – Sandy Fried – BSC; Rhonda Kitch - NDSU

Financial Aid - Katie Nettell – LRSC; Betty Kuss Schumacher – VSCU

Student Finance –Chelsea Larson- UND; Becky Lang, LRSC

Finance – Allison Peyton – UND

HR-Ann McGray - NDSCS

Campus Solution – Mary Bergstrom, Sheri Gilbertson, Tom McNaughton, Sue Klava, Ralph Tinjum, Brad Holcomb, Janie Adam, Angela O’Leary, Heather Hoyt


HR: Ann McGray - NDSCS

Minutes: January minutes – change made to indicate that CS is moving from Letter Gen to Comm Gen – then approved

Additional Agenda items: None added.

Old Business

  • Veterans Data Tracking using Peoplesoft – Rhonda Kitch
  • Rhonda: Would like to see some things in place for fall.
  • Angela from SF: Kim Larson will be heading workgroup – will identify individuals to represent on the workgroup. Once GSF project is in place, this will be next on the list.
  • Group will identify functionality. Keep group small while identifying functionality first and then will expand to campuses and users for setup and implementation.
  • Campus Community Status Report – Mary Bergstrom
  • Mary will send out updated document later today. Document is now merged with Admissions report.
  • GSF will be in place this Saturday.
  • Changes moved to Collaborative report that were requested by Collaborative contacts.
  • Moved indicator that shows what environment you are in to Prod so users can tell if in Prod or in Stage.
  • WUE report added Northern Mariana Islands to report
  • Working on MHEC report changes
  • Other items are in process that wererequested by Admissions and NDUS office related to Pathways.
  • Social Security Number Masking – Mary Bergstrom
  • SF User group provided whitepaper on background for request.
  • SR group discussed last week at their meeting. There is nothing to indicate to students where they would click to see and verify that information.
  • SR group asked that this go out to students for their feedback.
  • NDSU will be taking to their student government group. Will gather information and bring back for discussion. Will use SF doc as starting point for background and information. March/April work with stdt gov.
  • LRSC will take to student government as well.
  • Records will bring back student response to their meeting in May. Discuss again in CC group in May.
  • Reorganization of developments under the NDU Applications – NDU Campus Community menu – Mary Bergstrom
  • Several requests sent to users to review – check organization and functionality of reports
  • Only reports have been organized – Use and Process functions have not been moved yet
  • Will start moving changes to Prod Monday afternoon – will move in steps
  • UND asked if some headings could be changed to be more descriptive
  • “Core” – is for CTS reports – Mary B. will look at other naming options
  • “Use” – delivered PS terminology - contains Collaborative student page – not a report, so it has not been moved – Mary B. indicated that Collaborative users will know that this information is still under “Use”
  • CS move from Letter Gen to Comm Gen – Mary Bergstrom
  • No date for when they will move all letters to CommGen
  • Collecting letters right now from Admissions offices
  • Some campuses use Hobsons instead, so they would not have anything moving to CommGen
  • DR approval – Pop-up to alert student to review new communications on Campus Connection
  • FA Group requested
  • SF Group approved
  • Admissions and Records groups have not met yet to consider – Sandy will add to the SR group agenda – Tess will add to Admissions group agenda

New Business

  • Access to new reports – Chelsea Larson
  • SF group asked if when new reports are created if they could just be added to existing roles so that users do not have to keep requesting additional security roles
  • Mary B: National ID audit report is cross-module – SF, FA, Records needs – could not add to just 1 role, so it had to have its own security role
  • SSN masking is based on permission lists, but reports cannot be created like that
  • CC permission lists are created and added to certain SF or FA roles, etc., but this cannot be done for reports that contain sensitive data - they require their own security roles
  • Proposed changes to the NDUS SRVC Ind Report – Chelsea Larson
  • NDSU and SF group are requesting some changes to this report
  • Indicate if service indicator is active or inactive – if date passed and impacts no longer in place, report either needs to show that field or not include that indicator at all
  • Add prompts for SI and also reason code
  • Chelsea will provide more details once NDSU submits their requests
  • Send to all modules for adding to their agendas
  • Have all modules provide input so all changes made at one time
  • SR group meets end of May

Minutes submitted by Chelsea Larson, UND

Future Meeting Dates: Meetings will be held 4th Thursday of each month from 9-10:30.

February 27th

March 27th

April 24th

May 22th

June 26th