Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education

Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education

Atlanta Institute for Advanced Education

2007 Schedule

(The dates below are firm; however, sequence of subject may vary slightly)

March 2-5(Augusta Maxi-Course) Drs. Mills, Sharawy, and Cthirka

Thursday evening, Reception and welcome Dinner, Augusta Marriott Hotel and Suites (March 1) Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck on Cadavers; Assignment of Literature Review Project and Study Guide Preparation; Introduction to Internet Resources; Dental Implant Terminology.

March 19-21(Atlanta) ToddRees

Kodak NSP Training

April 9-17(Atlanta) Todd Rees

Kodak NSP Training

April 19-22(Atlanta Maxi-Course)

Drs. Mills, Rutkowski, Wataha, Gane, Volkmann, Plummer, and Sharawy

Implant Components Lecture Workshop; Pharmacology and Infectious Disease Control; Inflammation and Wound Healing; Physiology of Bone Healing; Biocompatibility, Digital Photography, and Imaging; Powerpoint & Acrobat Reader.

May 17-20(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Krauser, Mills, Kochman, Salama, Russo, and Silverstein

Soft Tissue Micro Surgery Workshop; The Ideology of Periodontal Disease; Periodontal Index of Natural Teeth and Implants; Introduction to Reparative Surgery and Site Development; Introduction and Demonstration of Computer Assisted Surgery; Utilization of Mini-Implants for Provisional Restorations.

June 11-15(Atlanta) Todd Rees

Kodak NSP Training

June 21-24(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Mills, Whitesides, Cibirka, and Pruett

Medical Evaluation of the Dental Implant Patient; Diagnosis and Treatment Planning; Three-dimensional Evaluation of Bone and Bone Manipulation; Radiographic Imaging; Interactive Computer/Tomography Laboratory; Introduction to Advanced Life Support; Office Emergencies; Workshop on Venipunctures, Utilization of Monitors and Defibrillators.

July 19-22(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Mills, Lozada, Meyer, Londono, Bagheti, and Mr. White

Lab Tech’s Perspective; History of Dental Implants; Live Implant Prosthetic Demonstration; Root Form Implants; Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations; Nerve Injury Repair; Surgical Prosthetic Demonstration; Mandibular Subperiosteal Implants; Mock Exam.

August 6-10(Atlanta) Todd Rees

Kodak NSP Training

August 16-19 (Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Garber, Salama, Mills, and Nunn

Advanced Implant Prosthetic Principle; Dental Implant Supported Hybrid; Prosthetics and Implant Supported Overdentures; Mock Exam; Esthetics and the Dental Implant Patient; All Ceramic Restorative Options; Addressing Challenges in the Esthetic Zone; Overview of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

September 20-23*(Atlanta Maxi-Course)

Drs. Bass, Mills, Bankston, Cibirka, Meeks, Gane, Recker, Londono, and Ms. Mills.

Risk Management/ Malpractice Prevention, Surviving a Malpractice Case; Patient Communication; Platelet Rich Plasma Lecture; Phlebotomy and PRP Workshop; Team Involvement in Risk Management; The Team Approach to Excellence in Implant Dentistry; Getting Paid for Implant Dentistry; Live Surgery for the Dentist; Overview of Dental Implant Treatment: Rational, Terminology, Treatment Options, Components, Prognosis/Risks/Benefits; Case Presentations; Photographic Workshop; Venipuncture PRP for the Auxiliary.

*Auxiliaries from our office may attend all lectures during September for $ 350 per auxiliary.

October 12-15(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Tatum, Ewers, Mills, and Pikos.

Osseous Manipulation; Subantral Augmentation (sinus lift); Ramus Frame; Advanced Bone Grafting and Regeneration; Intra Oral Bone Grafting

Oct 22-26 (Atlanta) Todd Rees

Kodak NSP Training

November 16-18(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Mills, Whiteside, Londono and Cibirka

Live Surgical Demonstration, Participants will be allowed to Observe and Interact with Experienced Clinicians during Three Days of Extensive Implant Surgery.

December 7-9(Atlanta Maxi-Course) Drs. Mills, Whiteside, Londono and Cibirka

Literature Review, Participants Presentations; Program Review, AAID Written Exam; Dinner for enrollees, faculty, spouses/guests; Live Surgical and Prosthetic Demonstration; Participation Workshop.

December 17-21(Atlanta) Todd Rees

Kodak NSP Training