Arts Award Silver Portfolio

Arts Award Silver Portfolio

Arts Award Silver Portfolio

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Contents Page

Page No. / Content
Page / Cover for Arts Challenge
Page / What is your Challenge
Page / Challenge Action Plan
Page / Evidence of Challenge
Page / Friend Review of Challenge
Page / Your Challenge Review
Page / Cover for Arts Practice and Pathways
Page / Find out about Arts Activities
Page / Activity/event/workshop I took part in
Page / Meet the Artist
Page / Evidence of Artist work
Page / Meet an Arts Organisation
Page / Summary of Future careers
Page / Review of Arts Events/Exhibition/Show 1
Page / Review of Arts Events/Exhibition/Show 2
Page / Evidence of Event/Exhibition/Show
Page / Sharing my Event/Exhibition/Show
Page / Cover for Arts Leadership
Page / Leadership Project Planning
Page / Photos/Evidence of the Project
Page / Leadership Project Review

* If you need any other space just add it in the right order in your portfolio and number it and include it in your contents box.

Cover page for your Arts Challenge….

What is my challenge :

What am I going to do?

What am I already good at?

What do I want to get better at?

I chose my challenge because…..

Challenge Action Plan:

Use this space to create your own timetable of your challenge:(eg, what jobs needs to be done and when will you do them)

Challenge Action Plan (cont):

What resources/equipment do I need?

Will I need anyone to help me? Who are they?

Photos or Evidence of my challenge…

Friend Review of your Arts Challenge

Friends Name…………………………………..

What did they do?

What you liked?

Was there any thing you didn’t like and why?

What could they improve?

Your signature………………………… Date…………….

Challenge Review

What I did for my challenge? Describe in detail?

What went well and why?

Challenge Review (cont)

What didn’t go well and why?

What would you do differently next time?

Cover page for your Arts Practice and Pathways….

Find out about arts activities for young people in this area:

What is it? / Where is it? / When is it?
Regular or one off? / How much is it?

Pick one of these activities and go visit them to take part in and find out more…

Use the next page to tell us about it

Activity/event/workshop I took part in:

Tell us about the activity/event/workshop you went to:Eg, What was it? Where was it?

What did you learn from it?

Tell us a bit about the person or organisation who ran the activity/event/ workshop

Meet the Artist

Who was it:

What art do they do? (Describe their work)

What equipment/materials do they use in their art work?

What interesting things did you find out about them?

What do think stands out most about thier art work?

What inspired them?

Example of the work of the artist you met

Use a photo if possible and tell us about it..

Meet an Arts Organisation

Who are they?

How long have they existed?

What do they do?

How are they funded?

How many staff do they have? And what kind of jobs do they do? Are they volunteers or paid?

Summary of Future careers/training Opportunities

Find out about how you get involved in an art career you are interested in. eg, what you would have to do to get a job in…

Review of Event:

Date of event………………………………………..

What was the event.. describe what you did/saw

What was the best bit of the event and WHY?

Were there any parts of the event that you did not like and WHY?

What have you learnt from the event?

Would you do it/see it again?

Review of Exhibition:

Date of exhibition ………………………………………..

What was the exhibition.. describe what was there.

What was your favorite piece in the exhibition and WHY?

Were there any parts of the exhibition that you did not like and WHY?

What have you learnt from the exhibition?

Would you recommend it?

Review of Show:

Date of show………………………………………..

What was the show about?

What was the best bit of the show and WHY?

Which character did you like best and WHY?

What did you think of the set and the costumes for the show and WHY? (the set can include the lighting, scenery and any props)

Were there any parts of the show

that you did not like and WHY?

Evidence of the show/event/ exhibition you went to.

(Stick your tickets or photos here)

How I shared my reviews

Evidence of me sharing my review.. use a photo or witness comment..

Who did I share my reviews with?

Cover page for your Arts Leadership……

Leadership Project Plan….

What is the Project?(describe in detail what you hope to do)

Leadership Project Plan (cont)….


Where and when will it happen?

What resources do you need for the project and where will you get them from?

How will we evaluate the project? How will I know if the project has been successful?

Leadership Project Plan (cont)….


What things could go wrong and do you have any back up plans?

What health and safety issues do you need to think about?

What else do you need to find out about or do?

How will you lead and motivate and encourage everyone to take part in the project?

Leadership Project Plan (cont)….


Who is your project for and what do you know about them?

Who is part of the team and what are your different roles and responsibilities?

What is your role and what specifically will you be doing?

Will anyone else help you and in what way and when?

Photos and Evidence of you doing the Leadership project….

Leadership Project Review….

What happened on the project?

What was produced?

What did you enjoy most?

Leadership Project Review (Cont)

What did you find difficult?

Did everything go according to your plan? If not, why?

What feedback did you receive?

What did you think of your feedback?

From your feedback is there anything you would do differently next time?

Leadership Project Review (Cont)

What have you learnt about leadership?

What have you learnt communication?

What have you learnt about planning?

What have you learnt about your art form?