A Summary of the Paper S Criteria

A Summary of the Paper S Criteria

This project requires you to investigate an economic research question of your choice. The assignment for this session is to submit an abstract, outline and working bibliography. Note, per the guidelines below, the bibliography must have a minimum of 10 quality references.

The full assignment is a 12-page, double-spaced research paper that will be developed in three stages (Abstract with Working Bibliography for Session 8; Draft of full paper for Session 12; Final Paper and Presentation for Session 14) over the balance of the term. In addition to obtaining and applying economic research, this project will help you improve your academic writing because I will provide you with current research methods and critical writing techniques.

A summary of the paper’s criteria

  • A research question and central argument—the main theme of the paper
  • Application of a least one major microeconomic principle/model

The paper must accomplish the following:

  • Follow my organizational guidelines (I will provide these).
  • Reference and develop a key economic principle or model.
  • Have a minimum of 10 quality references.
  • Be submitted on time throughVericitevia our Sakai course.
  • Describe and explain the major microeconomic principle/model applied.
  • Provide a brief summary of the paper’s main theme.
  • Describe and explain the major microeconomic principle/model applied.

An "A" paper

  • Clearly and completely responds to the question, demonstrating sophisticated critical analysis
  • Contains a clear and specific thesis statement (located at the end of the introduction)
  • Reflects a strong correspondence between the thesis statement and topic sentences
  • Uses clear focused arguments, supported by evidence, with appropriate citations
  • May offer unique arguments or analysis that others missed
  • Is well organized with few errors in sentence structure, spelling, and mechanics
  • Incorporates complex sentences and smooth transitions, moderate to high thought-per-sentence and -paragraph counts, and specific arguments from the applicable reading assignments
  • Contains a complete and informative reference page
  • Always cite work that you paraphrase or quote (include page numbers or web addresses). Use APA format.
  • Never “cut and paste” or directly copy a phrase with three or more words from an internet or electronic source without using quotations and citing the source.
  • Paraphrasing and using a citation to credit the original author is preferable to using direct quotes when you are not trying to make a specific point about the quote itself.
  • As a general rule, you should have at least one source cited in each supporting paragraph in the body of your essay. (The number and breadth of specific citations is a solid indication of whether you have brought sufficient evidence to bear on your analysis—more is better.)