5 Lists for Your Thetahealing Session

5 Lists for Your Thetahealing Session

5 Lists for your ThetaHealing Session:

To get the most from your full ThetaHealing session, I request all clients create 5 lists. These lists will be cleared energetically, and all the free floating memories of these events will also be cleared. I will not be seeing these lists, so I ask that you pour out all the events in your life for the most effective experience.
List 1) Repeating Patterns List
Make a list of all your patterns that have been repeating in your life. Things that happen again and again in your life. Procrastination, being late, not being able to say "No", etc

List 2) Forgiveness List
This is a 2 part list,
First make a list of all the events in your life that YOU deserve to forgive yourself for now. Anything that you have put yourself through and now needs to be resolved.
begin each line with "I forgive myself for....."
2nd, make a list of all the people in your life that have done you wrong and the events that corresponded with that person...
begin each line with" I forgive______for...."

List 3) Regrets List
Make a list of all your life's regrets. Go back to your childhood and think of things that you wished you had done in a different way. Be honest with yourself.

List 4) Trauma List
Make a list of your traumas in your life. From your actual birth, to life events that caused you emotional pain. A Divorce, broken relationships, arguments,
Then add any physical events that caused you trauma, car accidents, surgeries, child birth etc.

List 5) Anything Else List
Make a list of things going on in your life that haven't been listed yet and/or things you wish to address in detail during your session. We will have time to dive deeply into some things that really effect you daily.

Yes creating these lists will take you hours, if not days. But I can assure you, your session will be life changing and like nothing you have tried in the past.
Please create a .doc file on your computer for each list, Create a folder with your 5 lists in them. Print them out and bring them to your session. If we are doing a phone session, I will ask you to hold each list as we clear it.
Again, I will NOT be seeing these lists. No one will know what you have written, this is between you and Creator.
Feel free to ask me questions as you make your list. Some people have very short lists while others have pages and pages of events to clear. This is YOUR session, make it count.
I want to thank you for your commitment to yourself for having this session. Many of the issues on your list are way overdue for clearing. Lets make this session your best ever!