1800 Windsor Mobile Home Park Newton Kansas

1800 Windsor Mobile Home Park Newton Kansas

Due Diligence Questions:

1800 Windsor mobile Home Park Newton Kansas


Number of spaces 12

Number of spaces serviceable for mobile homes 12, but we are currently using 9 for mobile homes, and 3 for RV’s.

Mobile home lot rent $210

RV lot rates are $28 per day, less if long term.

Park owned rent $350

Who pays water? City bills us, we meter water to each home and bill back tenants monthly.

Who pays trash? It’s included in the lot rent which was just raised from $195 to $210. We have one 4 yard dumpster that’s picked up 1 time weekly, and two carts for recycle. thebill is around $109 monthly.

Underground water lines: Brand new 2” and 1” black poly with fused fittingsApril 2015

Electric: some new/updated service. Some on wooden posts. Some on pedestals. No current issues/problems. RV sites just had new service installed.

Average size of homes 12x60-65

Possible to pull in larger units? :Yes

There are many line items that are 1 time expenses. We made a lot of improvements in 2015 on both parks in preparation for running them from out of state. Since we are moving, we decided to offer them for sale as well because we don’t plan to return to Kansas, and my wife has MS.If we can’t get a fair price for the parks we will probably just have a management company handle running them for us long term.

Rent roll available once under contract.

Who pays all utilities including water, sewer, gas, electric, trash, cable, etc...Mobile home tenants pay all bills except trashRV lots include utilities. We have thought about capping the electric and water usage at the normal monthly rates and billing back for overages.

Current staffing list including position, wages, job descriptions.

Husband and wife owners, and one camp host living on site. $100 per month rent credit for reading meters, mowing lawns, leasing RV lots etc.

Dates and amounts of the last 3 rent increases: January 01, 2016 raised to $210, it had never been raised before that. We had never raised lot rents because we used to own all the trailers. Once we sold the homes we began charging $195 which is competitive with other parks in town.

Signed rules and leases for each resident once under contract.

Type of Sewer system: City Sewer

Type of Water system: City Water

Electric: Westar energy

Natural gas: Kansas Gas

Any pending litigation? No

Any surveys available? No.

Check Citydata.com for more info/demographics/information on the area.Location is North Newton which has the lowest crime rates in the city

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