1. Main Purpose of the Job

1. Main Purpose of the Job


Job Title:


Fundraising Manager

Job holder: / Vacant
1. Main Purpose of the Job
The purpose of this post is to manage fundraising activities from individuals, trusts and foundations, corporate engagement and community based activities (including our schools programme). The postholder will be expected to actively support the Business Development Director in the development of future income generating strategy for Beatbullying and will bring in new income for the organisation. The role will be expected to line manage the Fundraising Officer and any other junior fundraising staff who join the team.
2. Position in the Organisation
Reports to: / Director of Business Development
Responsible for: / Fundraising Officer
Main Relationships: / Director of Business Development, Fundraising Officer, New Media Team, Director of Communications, Head of Marketing, key funders and key corporate partner organisations
3. Organisation/Department
Beatbullying is a young, output driven, rapidly expanding children’s charity. Named Charity of the Year twice, the heart of our mission is our absolute commitment to keeping children and young people safe from violence, bullying and harassment. In doing so, we support some of the most vulnerable and at risk young people in the UK.
This post is located in the Business Development Department. This is one of five departments at Beatbullying each headed by a Director. There are seven members of staff in the department including the Director of Business Development, Business Development Manager, Fundraising Manager (this post), Fundraising Officer, Senior Volunteering Officer, Volunteering Officerand Volunteering Administrator. The department’s objective is to drive and coordinate Beatbullying’s expansion by harnessing creative thinking both within the organisation and amongst those who work with us to deliver this growth through strategic partnerships and income generating activities. This includes fundraising, sales and commissioning and leading our award winning digital volunteering team.
The four other departments at Beatbullying are Communications, New Media, Finance and Practice - which houses Beatbullying’s core services.
The organisation employs approximately 100 staff and all activities are located at Beatbullying’s offices in Crystal Palace, London.
4. Scope of the Job
  • Lead on fundraising activities from individuals, trusts and foundations, corporate engagement and community based activites
  • Take an active role in support of the Business Development Director in the development of future income generating strategy for Beatbullying
  • Work with the Business Development Director on annual fundraising plans
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge of developments within the charitable sector, attending events and building external networks
  • Be responsible for the identification of funding and income generating opportunities within this defined area of expertise so that Beatbullying becomes a leader in the Voluntary sector in developing services for the benefit of young people affected by bullying and other issues in relation to their wellbeing
  • Work with other senior managers to match donor interests to organisational priorities in the development of funding proposals
  • Assist in the delivery of the mission & vision of the charity
  • At all times seek to act as an exemplar

5. Duties and key responsibilities


  1. Has responsibility for fundraising for Beatbullying, working with the Business Development Director to ensure KPIs and fundraising targets are achieved or exceeded
  1. To line manage the fundraising officer, ensuring that through supervision and regular appraisal, the fundraising function is being delivered appropriately and that the organisation is strategically placed for income generating activities
  1. To take responsibility for the individual giving programme at Beatbullying, working with an outsourced agency where appropriate, bringing in new donors, cultivating donors and ensuring we have a sustainable supporter base delivering income in the long term
  1. To take responsibility for the trust and foundation programme within Beatbullying, working with the Business Development Director to ensure plans are aligned appropriately and we are applying strategically for funding and that targets are achieved
  1. To work with the Business Development Director on corporate engagement. Building partnerships with potential new businesses, researching new partnerships and taking an active role in proposal development and pitching
  1. To lead on community based fundraising, ensuring we are participating in appropriate challenge events, that they are marketed effectively to our target client group and that we are active in schools and university based fundraising activities
  1. To take a lead on securing new high net worth donors for the Charity
  1. To actively work in new fundraising areas for the Charity such as legacy based fundraising
  1. To work with the Business Development Manager on commissioning for services and contracts, working in partnership where necessary, ensuring we lead generate all commissioned opportunities at an early stage and systems are in place for effective tender writing, including coordinating tender writing groups
  1. To provide assistance where necessary cross department on sales, commissioned services or volunteering based activities.
  1. Ensuring that all developments have been agreed within the operational management structure and team, together with arrangements for the management and development of all staff within the services and contracts, recognising the requirements and expectations of organisational development, staff development and future service requirements in conjunction with the Director of Business Development
  1. Ensuring that all developments have a comprehensive service or contract performance management framework, consistent with the developing corporate framework, to ensure that all aspects of service performance are appropriately monitored and managed including the use of service outcomes, SROI and other indicators of successful service delivery
  1. Ensuring that all developments support the implementation and monitoring of service plans to deliver (or contribute to) a range of strategic objectives, including user involvement, service integration and co-location, workforce planning and skill development, service development priority areas and others as determined locally and strategically.
  1. Ensuring that all service developments are costed to allow effective service delivery and that all services are able to operate within the agreed budgets
  1. Ensuring in all development activity that robust service risk management arrangements are in place and working effectively, reflecting corporate and local priorities
  1. Active participation in service improvement initiatives, including the implementation of changes in practice/services to improve the user’s experience and operational efficiency
  1. Development of effective partnership working with other stakeholders
  1. Ensuring that all development activity has appropriate user involvement in setting and assessing service quality and developing plans for improvement
  1. Ensuring that new service designs comply with all policies and procedures, contributing to their review and formulation as appropriate
  1. Ensuring that each service development is committed to equality, diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of its activities, both in relation to service provision and employment
  2. Participate in, organisation wide projects in relation to service development



  1. To ensure that within this defined area of responsibility, operational policies, procedures and statutory regulations are implemented and observed at all times, such as confidentiality and health & safety
  1. To participate in the development of new systems, programmes and initiatives
  1. To develop and maintain all information systems necessary for the efficient operation of the new projects
  1. To implement and monitor systems of quality assurance, performance indicators and output targets
  1. To ensure that new service development is continuously integrated with other organisational departments
  1. Raise awareness of the Charity’s services with relevant external agencies and in the community
  1. Assist in the recruitment and induction of new staff and volunteers
  1. To promote effective service user involvement in the Charity’s activities wherever possible and appropriate
  1. Ensure that all staff receive support and supervision sessions, at least every six weeks in accordance with the Charity’s policies and procedures
  1. To ensure that the recruitment service operates in line with all relevant legislation i.e. Data Protection, etc
  1. To keep accurate and up to date records for all parts of your work
  1. In conjunction with senior management, to seek supplementary sources of funding to secure the financial future of the service and to expand on existing service delivery
  1. Deal with complaints in accordance with agreed procedures
  1. Ensure service meets the quality agenda as set out by funding bodies and P3 and continually strive to improve service delivery



  1. Participate in, and coordinate, staff meetings, supervision meetings, training, team development sessions and other meetings as required, reporting back to the Business Development Director as appropriate
  1. Foster the equality, diversity and rights of others by ensuring people are respected and valued as individuals
  1. Promote the rights and needs of people who use the Charity’s services in the community

d.) OTHER /


  1. Undertake such other duties as may be required from time to time to maintain or enhance the Charity’s services
  1. All job descriptions are subject to periodic review
  1. This job description covers the range of duties required. It is Beatbullying’s and CyberMentors’ policy to, wherever possible, reach agreement on changes. However if this is not possible, Beatbullying and CyberMentors reserves the right to change the job description in line with the needs of the organisation

  • Line manages the fundraising officer
  • Has responsibility for any outsourced fundraising relationship
  • Has responsibility for KPIs and fundraising targets within defined area of expertise



  • Educated to degree level or equivalent experience that demonstrates ability to build key strategic partnerships
/ Application form/interview/presentation
  • Must be able to establish and develop high level, productive external relationships
/ Application form/ interview
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the youth sector in the UK
/ Application form/ interview/ presentation
  • Understanding of a range of IT systems including Microsoft office
/ Application form/ interview


Must have substantial experience of working in children’s and/or youth services / Application form/ interview/presentation
Must have substantial experience of working with statutory and voluntary partners / Application form/ interview
Experience of successful contract negotiation to meet key organisational targets and objectives / Application form/ interview

Skills and Attributes

Commitment to maximising the income generation potential of the organisation by ensuring the effective strategic development of Beatbullying and CyberMentors / Application form/ interview
Excellent communication skills – verbal and written, including presentation skills / Application form/ interview/ presentation
Numeracy and ability to interpret data / Application form/ interview
Excellent project management skills / Application form/ interview/ presentation
Proven commitment to equal opportunities practices and management of diversity issues / Application form/ interview