Zombie Wide Game

Zombie Wide Game

Zombie Wide Game

Basic Rules

The aim of the game is for the team of humans to complete specific tasks or missions within the specified time of the game. The game is over when either a) all the missions are completed or b) all the humans are turned to zombies.

Required Equipment

All players

  • Headband of any bright colour
  • Clothes with a pocket
  • Rolled up socks that may get trashed (as many pairs as you can carry comfortably)
  • Index card


  • Loud whistle
  • A watch or stopwatch
  • Mobile phone
  • Flash light


The number of players will determine the number of index cards handed out. The following card is mandatory

Original Zombie

This is not a mission; you are the original zombie. If you are asked about your mission you must lie.

Following this card any of the following may be given out


Your mission is to make a small to scale map of the game area. Note down major landmarks, paths and features. Make the map on a piece of paper separate from this card and turn in to the moderators.

Quarter Master

Your mission is to find the three ammo drops and weapons caches around the game area. When they are found you may take them to the moderators’ camp for re-distribution to your team mates.

Census Director

Your mission is to collect the name and telephone number of each human participant in the game. Record these on a piece of paper separate from this card and turn in to the moderators.


Your mission is to find a safe place for the moderators of the game to set up camp. No other player may report to the moderators until they are placed in this camp. A special ability will be granted once camp is set up.

War Photographer

Your mission is to successfully photograph three zombies and display this information to the moderators.


Your mission is to find the three required elements for a possible cure to the zombie virus. These are represented by a small laminated card with the name of the element written on. Return these to the moderators’ camp laboratory.


Your mission is to successfully recover tissue samples from at least three stunned zombies to help find the cure. To do this you must place your hand on a zombie for 15 seconds uninterrupted whilst it is stunned. A moderator will be close by you for verification for this mission.


Your mission is to locate the potential second Human Safe Zone marked used string on the ground. Once located you must remain inside it and stop any zombie setting foot in to it for five minutes. You may use other humans to help you once it is found.A moderator will remain close by for verification.


Your mission is survive at all costs. To complete your mission you must be the only human at the end of the game. There are other survivors too. If you shoot them they become zombies. If you are shot by a survivor you become a zombie.

Once the game is started the humans may create squads of up to four persons for safety in numbers. After two minutes a whistle will blow. This is the indication for the Original Zombie (OZ) to transform and begin infecting humans.

Humans are infected by being tagged. Tagging involves a zombie player placing a flat hand on any part of a human player’s body directly and deliberately. Once a human is tagged they begin to transform (see below) before becoming stunned (see below) and turning. If a human is tagged and turns into a zombie, they must drop their weapons and ammunition and turn their index card in to the nearest moderator.

Transformation takes place over a minute or so and requires the human player to begin to drop their equipment where they are. A zombie may not carry any ammunition or weaponry. During the transformation period a human player must move their headband from around their arm to over their head and allow it to sit around their neck. A human player transforming may not be stunned and may not tag another human player.

To be stunned requires a player to crouch, sit or kneel on the floor for a period of not less than 30 – 90 seconds (number of players dependent) before returning to the game. Both humans and zombies can stunned. Only Survivor human players who are stunned by other Survivor human players turn into zombie players afterwards; all other human players who are stunned return as human players. Human players can be tagged whilst stunned. This will begin the process of transformation immediately.

Physical contact is not permitted expect to tag as described above. Players who pose a threat to themselves or other players can be removed from the game and placed in Base Camp under supervision of another moderator.

Telling the Difference